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2 Days In Madrid Itinerary (Expat Advice)

2 Days In Madrid Itinerary (Expat Advice)

The essence of going to Spain and just soaking in a majestic city like Madrid is impossible to beat.

We find Madrid to be one of the most charming and beautiful cities on the planet. It’s common for digital nomads to come to Madrid because it offers loads of entertainment, history, and a welcoming population.

If you are only going to Madrid for a few days, it’s time to come up with a plan that is optimal for your needs.

This includes seeing all of the major attractions and eating at the best places.

Here is a breakdown of what we feel is a good two-day itinerary when visiting Madrid.

Day 1

Plaza Mayor

We recommend starting at the nearest location to your Madrid hotel.

After all, this is going to play a role in your itinerary and how things are planned out. Regardless, assuming you are going to be close to Plaza Mayor, it’s essential to look at this attraction as a starting point.

Plaza Mayor is a famous plaza that has been around for centuries.

It is a historic place and the architecture around the area is going to illuminate this reality for you. We find this to be a charming spot to just stroll around and people-watch. It is fun to soak in the weather on a hot summer day while you are here.

Depod Temple

This is a unique attraction in Madrid.

Most people don’t know but the Depod Temple is an ode to the Egyptians. What is it doing in Madrid, Spain?

The shrine was set up as an ode to goddess Isis and it has been around ever since. This is a fascinating temple that has been around for a long time and it has a rich history associated with Ancient Egypt.

At this point, it is a fascinating tourist attraction that is going to be different from the rest of Madrid.

El Retiro Park

The next stop is going to be the gorgeous El Retiro Park.

El Retiro Park in Spain is an exceptional park and is one of the most beautiful areas in the city. Just the overall vibe of the park and how breathtaking it is is going to blow you away.

You are going to be mesmerized whether it is the wildlife in the area or just the aesthetic views in front of you.

Mercado San Miguel

At this point, it’s time to start looking for something to eat.

What are you going to want to eat?

You will want to head to one of the most popular food markets in Madrid. This is a top-tier food market that is always thriving with locals and tourists. We recommend walking around and grabbing lunch at one of the many stalls that are set up.

You are going to have a wonderful time here.

Monastery Of Corpus Christi

The Monastery of Corpus Christi is a nice attraction to check out.

We find this to be a welcoming place that is easy on the eyes and is going to have that old European aesthetic that you are in search of when in Spain.

We also like the idea of being able to walk around the area just soaking in the beautiful sights. It’s enthralling to be in the area and you are going to have loads to do when you are here.

Royal Palace Of Madrid/La Almudena Cathedral

It’s also important to think about the Royal Palace of Madrid when it comes to the overall beauty of the region and all that it has to offer.

We like the Royal Palace of Madrid because it’s an intricate look at local architecture and how it all comes together.

Walk around the area, look at the palace from different angles, and learn more about its history. After this, you will want to head over to the La Almudena Cathedral, which is next door.

This is a top-tier cathedral that you can walk in without paying a penny.

The aesthetic of this cathedral and the views are going to impress instantly.

Plaza De Espana

The last stop for the day is going to be the gorgeous Plaza De Espana.

This is a celebration square that is set up in Madrid for those who are looking to move closer to the center of the city.

It’s a nice, vibrant part of Madrid.

We like it because you are going to have restaurants nearby and coffee spots too. Pick one and have a good time with local delicacies.

Day 2

Museo Del Prado

For the next day, you are going to want to start at Museo del Prado.

Museo del Prado is a common spot people are going to want to go and rightly so. It is dripping with history and it’s a place that is going to allow you to have a lot of fun too.

You are going to get to learn a lot about some of the world’s finest people here and it’s going to be a unique experience just based on its aesthetic too.

It’s a great art museum and one of the best in Madrid.

Shop At El Rastro

If you are looking to do a bit of shopping in Madrid, it’s essential to consider the joys of spending time at El Rastro.

What is El Rastro in Madrid?

El Rastro is a market that is set up with multiple stalls. People from all over the region set up stalls here for shoppers to enjoy. You will want to head over to this on the weekend and get some of the best deals in the city.

It is well worth the trip because you are going to find something to your liking here.

Visit Thyssen Museum

Learning more about the region’s history is always a must when you are traveling.

This is how you are going to immerse yourself.

As a result, the Thyssen Museum is the real deal. This is a premium art museum that is going to be just as good as any other in Madrid including the Museo del Prado.

We like this gorgeous museum because it offers ample history from around the continent.

Stroll Through The Malasan District

This is a gorgeous part of Madrid.

Just the experience of walking through the Malasan District can be quite a bit of fun. You are going to have a lovely time here whether you buy something or not.

There are so many things on offer including top-tier eateries and cafes.

Final Thoughts

This is the best 2-day itinerary in Madrid for travelers.

We highly recommend enjoying the city of Madrid because it’s unlike other parts of this beautiful nation. We have mentioned the experiences of a black person in Spain and also how to get a car in Spain, which is why we believe you are going to have a great time in Madrid as long as you follow this particular guide.

We also recommend learning more about translators in Spain for those who want to get their documents checked.