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Are There Sharks In Greece? (Expat Advice)

Are There Sharks In Greece? (Expat Advice)

Greece is one of the most fascinating countries on the planet.

It is commonly known for its natural beauty but the wildlife is also intriguing.

We have explored various islands in Greece and also compared Santorini to Mykonos, but what fascinated us the most were the animals of Greece.

This is why people often talk about sharks in Greece. You might be interested in the idea of going into the water in the sea with sharks around.

We will share some information about potential sharks in Greece and how common it is to spot one in the water.

Sharks In Greece

Let’s get straight into the question

Yes, there are a few sharks in the Aegean Sea according to experts. However, it is rare to spot them and the idea of passing away due to a shark attack is quite rare as they don’t come that close to the shore.

What type of sharks are in Greece?

If you spot a type of shark in Greece, it’s going to be one of three types.

The most common type of shark you’re going to see in Greece would be the Thresher. This is a type of shark that is compact and tends to have a set of small teeth that help distinguish it from others. However, the idea of human interaction with this type of shark is rare as they stay away.

Another type of shark would be the Dogfish shark.

This shark is a common shark around the planet and is compact. It doesn’t take up much space and it will tend to stay deeper in the ocean compared to other sharks in Greece.

The final type of shark species in Greece would be the Basking shark. This shark is a massive one and it will take up quite a bit of space in the water! However, they don’t bite and just swallow their prey. This means it’s unlikely to get attacked by one in the water.

How To Swim In Greek Waters

Let’s assume you are interested in going for a swim in Greece.

If so, sharks are likely not going to be a major concern. It is quite rare to spot sharks in Greece and you should be fine as long as you remain close to the shore.

However, when we were there, it was the other animals that took us by surprise.

For example, we spotted stingrays in the water, which is not an ideal sight for those who want to avoid getting hurt. You have to be aware of stingrays as you can end up activating their defence mechanism and that’s when you get stung.

Another animal that we spotted was the eel. This is an animal that is known for shocking people but it is not common for you to come in contact with them. Eels are not known for coming out into the open, so you should be fine in Greek waters with eels around.

Of course, if you attempt to go after an eel, you are going to be in a lot of trouble.

We also spotted scorpions while we were walking around the beach.

This is a common animal in Greece and it doesn’t matter where you are. They can harm you but that doesn’t mean they will come after you. It is more about their defence mechanism and it will hurt if they get a hold of you.

Things To Know About Sharks In Greece

We know a lot of people are still going to want to swim in Greece and rightly so. We were the same during our trip!

As a result, we do recommend taking a few precautions and ensuring you are staying as safe as possible.

For example, you will want to pay attention to what is happening in the water when you are swimming. Don’t assume you are going to be safe as you swim around.

The main thing is to ensure you are not alone while swimming. You will want to make sure there are other people around as that is also going to help stay safe while you swim around in the ocean.

We also recommend making sure you are calm if you do come across a shark. Too much movement does the opposite of what you think it will do. You can cause the shark to get defensive and want to come after you.

We also believe it’s best to take the time to speak to the locals including lifeguards at the beach. They will often have more information to share with you about sharks including what their safety response is with a shark nearby.

Keep this information in mind to make sure you are on the right track and it will be a lot easier to swim in Greece.

Final Thoughts

Are there sharks in Greece?

Yes, there are sharks in Greece but it’s rare to spot them.

As long as you are taking all of the necessary precautions and being attentive while swimming, you should be fine.

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