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Best Airport In Tulum (Expat Advice)

Best Airport In Tulum (Expat Advice)

Whether you are coming to Tulum for a party or want to explore the city, it’s all going to start with the airport.

It’s important to be aware of the airports in Mexico to get a better read on your options as a tourist. Most people will look at different Mexican airlines without focusing on where they are going to be landing. This is just as essential.

This can often alter your experience while coming to Tulum.

We note this for those who also state Tulum is expensive.

We are going to take a look at the best airport in Tulum and what to consider when you are traveling to this part of Mexico.

Closest Airport To Tulum

The first thing we have to note is that there is no airport in Tulum.

When looking for the best Tulum airport, you are going to have to look further out. There is no landing spot in Tulum, so you have to find the nearest airport to Tulum as a solution.

For the average person, you are going to want to land at Cancun International Airport.

This is the closest airport to Tulum and is also a world-class airport on its own. You are going to enjoy your time here and most airlines will land here.

When you do land here, you are going to have to find transportation out to Tulum.

You will have a few options when it comes to this.

You can rent a car in Cancun, take a cab, or take a bus. The options are there for you and it is likely going to take at least 100 minutes to get to Tulum from the Cancun International Airport.

Cozumel Airport

It’s also possible to land at the Cozumel Airport.

This is an option for those who are going to want to avoid the Cancun International Airport. We don’t recommend this as it is complex, but it is an option nonetheless.

The idea is to land on the island’s airport, which is then going to lead to a shuttle to Tulum. It will take a bit longer than it would from the Cancun International Airport. You are going to have to take the ferry to get off the island and then you are going to get to Tulum.

For the average person, it is not ideal to land at the Cozumel Airport in Mexico.

It is going to add steps to the process and it will not be worth the amount of money you are going to save unless it’s a massive difference. Take the time to look into this as you are going to be dealing with additional stress due to the airport being on an island.

We also realized this takes longer because it is not easy to find a spot on the ferry. So, you end up waiting longer just to get to the spot where you can then take a bus or shuttle.

This is wasted time and not ideal for most tourists.

How To Get To Tulum

Let’s dive deeper into the idea of getting to Tulum from the Cancun International Airport.

Shuttle Bus

The average person is going to want to save a bit of money while traveling to Tulum.

This is a common option and it can be quite affordable. You are going to get on a shuttle bus that will be taking a few people to the same location in Tulum.

It is likely going to drop you in the heart of Tulum but it can vary with each shuttle. You can ask the driver before getting on. You will need to book a spot on the shuttle to get on.


This is a simpler option.

The bus is going to be running from the airport and it’s going to take you to Tulum. Various buses go to Tulum and you will need to grab a spot after checking the schedule.

Private Transfer

Another option is to go ahead and sign up for a private transfer.

A private transfer is going to be designed around the idea of having a driver that will help you get to Tulum from the airport.

The way you do it is going to vary.

Some travelers prefer going on their own with the private transfer while others are going to take a group.

Final Thoughts

This is the top airport in Tulum.

The Cancun International Airport is where you should be landing to get to Tulum. It’s going to make life easier for you to get to where you want to go in Tulum.

Various options will take you to Tulum and that simplifies the process in comparison to any other airport in Mexico.

We also recommend taking a cenote tour in Mexico and seeing the Pyramids of Cholula.