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15+ Best Beach Clubs In Tulum (Local Advice)

15+ Best Beach Clubs In Tulum (Local Advice)

The cost of Tulum and traveling to Tulum are important topics but it’s essential to start by focusing on where you’re going to have the most fun.

We took an airline in Mexico from Cancun To Tulum recently.

We knew this was one place where we wanted to go for a bit of relaxation time on the beach. While we were roaming around, we realized it was important to find a good beach club in Tulum.

With so many options, we became confused as to where to go.

When taking the time to speak to expats and other tourists in the area, we came up with a list of the best beach clubs in Tulum right now.

Best Beach Clubs In Tulum

Coco Tulum

When it comes to good food in Mexico, you are going to find Coco Tulum appealing.

The ambiance of this beach club is spectacular and it starts with the elegant design. Everything you see here is going to be white and it’s going to allow you to get into the mood of tranquility.

We had a great time just sitting by the beach at this beautiful beach club.

It allowed us to soak up the sun, sit on the sand, and just enjoy our time here.

Beach Club Bar

If you are particular about setting a budget then you will want to take the time to focus on the Beach Club Bar in Tulum.

This is a top-tier beach club in Tulum.

This is a fascinating spot that is designed with a high level of care. We were able to have a great time on the beach, explore the beach club, and also eat great Mexican tacos.

Vagalume Tulum Beach Club

We are particular about having a good experience at a beach club.

It’s not just about lounging on the sand with a towel underneath us. It is more about getting to immerse ourselves in the local culture and vibe with the general festivities of the area.

This is what you are going to get at Vagalume in Tulum.

They have done a wonderful job of balancing things and hosting great DJ parties on-site. This allows you to jive to the music, enjoy the live entertainment, and just have a great time while you are here.

Nomade Beach Club

Certain beach clubs in Mexico are renowned for their food options and this is one of them.

The Nomade Beach Club is fantastic.

It is neat, well-serviced, and the beach access is great too. You are going to have a wonderful time enjoying the sun here and the hotel is going to allow you to have a great time too.

We loved being able to enjoy quality seafood while we were here. It was also full customized as they were willing to make adjustments to what we were eating on-site.

Cinco Tulum Beach Club

The general essence of the Cinco Tulum Beach Club is to focus on relaxation.

The moment you walk on-site, you are going to be greeted with a friendly face and you will know you’re in heaven. Yes, it is that good here!

They have some of the best beach spots available for you and they put in the effort to make it as cozy as possible. We were able to settle on a bean bag near the beach and just watch as the waves came in. It was an enthralling moment for us.

Not only is the beach great but it is quiet too.

This allows you to have some “me-time” without having to worry about a thing.


For those who want it all, you are going to have to start with RosaNegra.

This is a world-class luxury beach club in Tulum.

This means you are going to be pampered every step of the way. Whether this has to do with the beach access points, the quality of the view, or the general service, everything about this beach club is exemplary.

They go above and beyond to make sure you are getting the best food on-site.

Raw Love Beach Club

This is a hidden gem for those who want to make sure they are getting to immerse themselves in the local culture, eat good Mexican food, and remain relaxed.

We adored some of the food options they had on offer.

These were unique food options and fully varied. This is essential for those who are picky eaters but still want to have fun.

You are going to like how relaxed this place is. No one is in a rush here.

Mistico Beach Club

Being able to go to a Tulum beach club that’s well-designed and focused on comfort is always a pleasant experience.

the Mistico Beach Club is one of those locations.

We were in awe of how comfortable the experience was. It was comfortable, cozy, and right in line with what we wanted from a comfort perspective. We loved being able to make the most of our time here.

Papaya Playa Project Tulum

For those who want a place that’s friendly, charming, and clean then you are going to like what the Papaya Playa Project Tulum has to offer.

This is one of the more endearing qualities of the beach club in Tulum.

We found it relaxing to be in this part of Tulum because everything was crisp and neater. They took care of everything at the hotel and it was tailored to our needs.

It was also a great spot to entertain ourselves due to the parties that were hosted on-site.

Selina Beach Club

There aren’t too many spots that are as picturesque as this in Tulum.

The Selina Beach Club is outstanding for those who want to find a relaxing place to sit by the beach, have access to quality hotel amenities, and still enjoy the vibe.

This is what the beach club is all about here.

They also have a top-tier food setup where you are going to get to eat quality seafood throughout the day. We loved being able to look out at the beach while we were eating great Mexican cuisine.


This is one spot where you are going to have to focus on the comfort of the seating area near the beach because that’s what they concentrate on.

When we took the time to walk in, we realized the seating was unlike anything else.

It was comfortable and spacious.

This allowed us to spread out and have a spot to ourselves that was simply outstanding. Not only was the view great, but the menu was also well-rounded.

Mía Restaurant and Beach Club 

Some spots are more popular than others in Tulum and this is right near the top of the list for Tulum beach clubs.

The Mia Restaurant and Beach Club is a noteworthy option for those who want to find a comfortable spot that’s all about quality seating near the beach.

Not only were the seats great, but the views were outstanding too.

We took a lot of photos here, which goes to show that’s the reason it’s popular. The views allow people to take more photos and post them online helping spread the word about this great beach club in Tulum.

Dune Tulum Beach Restaurant

The Dune Tulum Beach Restaurant is all about coming in, socializing, and having a good time.

You will often see couples and friends coming here for a few hours. It’s a comfortable spot that is friendly, charming, and is going to allow you to have a good view of the water.

We found the menu to be world-class too.

The food was consistent and varied enough for us to find what we wanted.

Le Zebra

Le Zebra welcomes you with an open view of the beach and it’s a fascinating beach club for the average person.

We loved it here because of the chairs and the way everything was set up. You could tell they had tailored it based on getting the best view and making sure you could have a chance to recalibrate your mental batteries under the sun.

This is what we adored about their setup. They cared about these little details.


Taboo is often appreciated for being one of the main beach clubs in Tulum.

We like this spot because it’s classy, easy on the eyes, and the menu is exceptional. This means you are going to have great cocktails to choose from and the food is going to be fulfilling too.

We love the daybeds that are set up on the beach because they are comfortable and welcoming. You can tell they are focused on cleanliness whether it is the daybeds or the layout of the beach club.

Final Thoughts

These are the best Tulum beach clubs for tourists.

We also recommend checking out the Pyramids of Cholula and cenote tours in Mexico for those who are in Mexico.