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15+ Best Beach Towns In Portugal (Our Favorites)

15+ Best Beach Towns In Portugal (Our Favorites)

The charm of retiring in Portugal is one of the more intriguing options for people but it’s also a wonderful nation to visit.

Whether you are moving to Portugal or looking to take a trip out to this beautiful country, it’s best to spend time in the beach towns of Portugal.

We have visited a wide array of regions in Portugal including going to Lisbon. This has allowed us to flourish and see great results when it comes to making the most of our time here.

Let’s take a look at the top beach towns in Portugal.

Best Beach Towns In Portugal


If you’re heading out to Europe, it’s always good to take a look at the charm of Porto.

Matosinhos is a gorgeous beach town with warm water, gorgeous views, and impeccable cleanliness. We enjoyed spending time here because of its authentic vibes that are going to pull you in during the warmer months.

For most people, this is a quaint place that’s going to be easy to get to from Porto. This alone makes it an appealing option for the average person wanting to sit on the sand under the sun.

We also appreciate the local market in the area because it has a lot to offer. This makes it a wonderful place to walk around and just soak in the various seafood options.


A lot of people will mention Peniche when it comes to Portuguese beach towns.

This is a riveting beach town that is situated close to Lisbon and offers a beautiful selection of views that are going to take your breath away.

It is renowned for its clear water and the waves for surfers. You will often see people spending time in the water having a great day under the sun because of the waves.

When you are not lounging on the beach, you are going to want to check out the local eateries. It’s common for people to have a drink at the local bars and also eat dinner at the restaurants with a view of the beach.

It’s important to note that people will come from all over to check out this beach town in Portugal. It is a popular one in the nation.

As a result, you will want to pick and choose when you visit to avoid the rush.


When it comes to enjoying a breathtaking beach town that is going to offer quality food and beautiful sights then it’s time to head to Nazare.

This is one of the premier locations because it offers multiple beaches for you to check out.

We would recommend checking out Praia da Nazare because that’s built for visitors. You are going to gain access to everything a person needs at a beach including premier restaurants.

Otherwise, you are welcome to check out Praia do Norte if that is going to work out for your needs.


Cascais has been developed with a tremendous amount of care and it’s common for people to pop over to the area from Lisbon. It doesn’t take long to get from there to here and it is a lot of fun when you are in Cascais.

What makes it great?

Cascais offers a selection of quality beaches including access to premier resorts. You are going to adore taking the time to admire the beaches but also the nearby cliffs. It is quite the sight because you are going to have a lot to do along with the lighthouse.

Based on our experience, walking around the area is one of the best parts of coming to Cascais.


Sseimbra is noted for offering access to world-class beaches, beautiful sights, and welcoming people for those visiting.

The first thing you are going to notice will be the calmness of the region. It is quiet, humble, and offers a delightful selection of areas for you to rest in.

The clean sand and the overall quality of the beaches will impress instantly. We have also taken the time to check out the Arrabida National Park, which offers a different aesthetic and a unique experience you are going to want to see in greater detail.

Figueira da Foz

Figueira da Foz is a popular beach town in Portugal.

It is going to be close to Lisbon and Porto, which makes it ideal for people in both regions. You are also going to adore the idea of driving around the area because it offers beautiful scenery and experiences that are not easy to find elsewhere.

We also admired the overall charm of Praia da Claridade, which is one of the better beaches in all of Portugal right now.

It’s quiet and there is so much to do here.


When people talk about beach towns in Portugal, they are going to have one eye on Lagos.

This is popular for a good reason.

The coastline is impeccable and you are going to get to enjoy a seaside town that is simply outstanding. This includes the restaurants, golden sand, and the overall cleanliness of the water. It is one of the better options for those who want to get wet when they are there.

We would also recommend heading out into the water with a boat. This is going to let you see the town from another angle, take photos, and perhaps see wildlife in the water too.


When taking the time to reach out to digital nomads in Portugal, we have often heard about Carvoeiro.

It is a premier destination for those who want a place that’s serene, beautiful, and fun.

If that is what you want, this is a good beach town in Portugal. It’s going to have a lot to offer for people of all ages and that includes more than just the beaches themselves. We recommend walking around and checking out the cafes and restaurants in the area too.

Most people are going to head out to Praia do Carvoeiro and it is indeed the best beach in the area. You will often see people here during the warmer months. It’s also good to head out into the water and enjoy the sights around you.


This is a different experience than some of the other beach towns in Portugal.

What makes it different?

You are going to have to take a ferry ride out to Tavira Island if you want to spend time on the beach. Otherwise, you are not going to be able to make the most of this area in Portugal.

Once you are there, it is quite the experience.

You are going to get to check out the beautiful island including its greenery, beautiful sand, and of course the warm water in the summer months.

One of the best coastal towns in Portugal is the quaint and underrated town of Tavira in the eastern Algarve.

Plus, it is not going to be as busy as some of the other beach towns in the country. This is appealing to those who want a bit of peace.


Sagres is not among the first towns a person is going to think about when in Portugal.

However, surfers love this beach town because of the waves in the water. There is ample value for anyone who is looking for a serene and unique place, offers good waves, and is just a lot of fun to be in.

We often take the time to check out the Sagres Fortress when here because it’s an appealing look at the history of the beach town. This includes doing various water activities when at the beach.


Odeceixe is a fascinating beach town.

It is situated on the Vicentina coast and it offers ample value as a premier area in Portugal. This includes not only the beach but also the cliffs, restaurants, and just the charming nature of being there. It is an experience that is unforgettable.

We find this to be a quieter beach town, which is appealing to those who want to settle in and find open spaces on the sand.

When you have a bit of free time, you can also take the Rota Vicentina hike to enjoy some of the beauty that’s all around you in the beach town.


Thinking about having a bit of fun?

Albufeira is the beach town for you.

You are going to get a younger crowd here and they are going to be having a great time. This includes loud music, drinking, and of course, vibing out in the sand. We love this about the beach town because it’s unique compared to others in the nation.

When you are not there, you can always check out the various eateries nearby. This includes spending time at Praia do Tunel or even Praia da Sao Rafael.

Praia da Luz

The first thing you are going to notice in Luz is going to be the white-faced houses. It’s a unique, tropical-style design that is going to stand out as a modern part of the beach town.

It is going to set the tone for the time you are going to spend in Luz.

We admire the cafes and the eateries here because they have set them close to the beach and you also get to experience time on Luz Beach, which is the real deal.


Olhao has long been a top-tier Portuguese beach town and that’s what makes it appealing for those who want a more charming experience.

You are not going to see as many tourists here.

This appeals to those who just want to sit by the water, check out the fishing harbor, and of course, walk through the beach town to enjoy its architectural qualities.

We also feel it’s best to check out Ilha da Culatra because the islands are also an extension of what makes this seaside town great.

Vila do Bispo

When it comes to authentic food, local festivals, and a more traditional Portuguese setup, you are going to want to have Vila do Bispo at the top of your list as a beach town.

Most people are not going to come here compared to some of the other beach towns on the list.

This makes it a lot of fun because you are going to get to walk into the various local shops and converse with the locals while learning more about the region’s history. They also offer some of the best seafood in the nation.


Seixal is a fascinating beach town in Portugal.

We appreciate this beach town because it’s further out, which means you are going to get a more authentic experience as soon as you enter.

We recommend surfing in the water and also taking the time to soak in the beautiful sights. The black sand is going to fascinate you immediately.

Final Thoughts

These are the top beach towns in Portugal for those who want to head out to sit on the golden sand of this beautiful country.

The beach towns here are some of the best in Europe.

You are going to have a lovely time as soon as you settle in.