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9+ Best Cities In Ireland To Visit (Expat Advice)

9+ Best Cities In Ireland To Visit (Expat Advice)

We have compared Scotland to Ireland and talked about Ireland’s wealth, but now it’s time to dig deeper for those who want to visit Ireland.

Which city in Ireland is the best to visit?

Tourists often ask this question and we feel qualified to answer this question. We have spent time in an assortment of Irish cities and appreciate the nuances of each one. This can help pinpoint what you are going to get when you take the time to go to Ireland.

We have even lived in Ireland for a few months.

Here is our take on the top cities in Ireland to visit.

Best Cities In Ireland To Visit


Let’s start with Dublin.

We spent a few months in Dublin and felt it was the heartbeat of Ireland. Just the aura of this magical city is straight out of a story as you are going to feel honored to walk the streets in this gorgeous place.

Dublin has it all and is truly one of the finest international cities in the region.

It starts with the wide array of breweries, great people, and of course the natural sights that are in the city. The amount of greenery you are going to get to see will appeal to you and it’s always nice to walk around the neighborhoods when you are in Dublin.

We loved the charm of this city and how refined it was.

For the average tourist wanting to experience the ins and outs of Irish culture, you are going to want to start with this gorgeous city. It has a little bit of everything and you are not going to be disappointed as soon as you are here.


Waterford is a hidden gem.

This is often associated with Ireland’s history as a place that was a prominent part of its ancient civilizations. This helps create this ambiance when you are strolling through the neighborhoods in Waterford because you will see architectural details that allude to this past.

We took the time to visit the various castles in the area and to further explore the history of the region when we were there.

For history buffs, this is a beautiful place and it has a lot of information to offer.


Cobh is a unique city in Ireland.

We love this city because it is beautiful. You are going to adore the amount of picturesque sights that are spread throughout Cobh as it is a revered port city.

We loved being able to explore the charming destination including its gorgeous streets one by one. Being able to do this in Ireland is always fun when the weather is good and we enjoyed our time here in the summer.

You are not going to be disappointed when you are taking the time to mingle with the locals. They are welcoming, hearty people who are always up for a conversation.


Limerick is a more traditional Irish city.

You are going to see various intricate nuances spread throughout Limerick’s architecture as you walk around. This includes the buildings that have been around for centuries and continue to be well-maintained.

We appreciated how authentic this Irish city was. This adds to its appeal and makes you feel like you are walking through a history book when you are in town. It is situated close to the River Shannon, which adds to its appealing views as soon as you are there.

We had a good time here and it was always nice to explore the various viewpoints that were spread throughout Limerick.


If you are someone who wants to relax and just chill out a bit, you are going to have to consider visiting Sligo in Ireland.

Why is Sligo such a relaxed place

It is a place that does not welcome as many tourists, which means you are going to get a more traditional experience when you are here. We felt it was a beautiful place with ample heritage including being able to walk around the various streets in Sligo.

The people here are kind and you can get to almost anywhere within minutes.

This tight-knit community is great and adds to the vibe of Sligo.


Galway is one of the biggest cities in Ireland.

We found this to be one of the more vibrant cities in Ireland because it was always jumping. By this we mean it was always alive. It did not matter what time of the year we went, Galway was always alive and this allowed us to let our hair down a bit.

This is always fun for those who want to partake in festivals and get a feel for the local culture. Galway is going to do this for you as a major port city in Europe.

We felt the breweries were world-class and they did things the right way. It was not just the quality of the beverages but also the people. The ambiance was top-notch, which added to the appeal of being in Galway as a tourist.


Athlone is a lovely place that has a little bit of everything.

We found the food to be world-class in Athlone and quite underrated when compared to other cities. This allowed us to find world-class restaurants throughout Athlone at affordable prices while also being able to locate quality pubs along the way.

This is one place where you are going to enjoy your vacation including being able to take a look at the local architecture and also learn more about medieval times.


Bango is unique because it’s fresh.

This is due to where it’s located in Ireland. You are going to be close to the water when you are in Bango and this adds to the appeal for residents too.

People often take the time to come here to experience the port city, learn more about its history, and also spend time at one of the local hotels facing the water. It is relaxing to be by the sea whenever you are here and that applies to residents too.

Bango just is a tranquil place and it is one of the premier tourist spots for those who just want to turn off their minds for a bit.


Armagh is a charming place, which has been around for centuries.

The architecture is often an ode to the past as you are going to see various intricate architectural details still alive as you walk through the streets. This includes cathedrals, hotels, and more that have been around for a long time.

We found it charming to be able to walk through the streets and spot these details.

It is also a top-tier location for good food. They are known for offering world-class food throughout the city and you are going to have all of them spread from one end to the other. This means it doesn’t matter where you are, the food is going to be good!

Final Thoughts

In our eyes, these are the best tourist cities in Ireland.

You are going to have a lovely time in any of these cities.

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