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Best Cities Of Canada To Live (Expat Advice)

Best Cities Of Canada To Live (Expat Advice)

When comparing cities around the world, it’s common to see Canadian cities right up there in terms of quality of life.

Canada is a well-developed nation that’s welcoming, fun, and offers some of the most picturesque sights on the planet. You are going to be in awe of this beautiful nation as soon as you begin to explore it from one end to the other.

Whether it’s visiting Canada in October or checking out a Canadian national park, there is so much on offer around the clock in this delightful country.

Here is our take on the best cities in Canada to live in.

The Best Cities Of Canada To Live In


The joy of being in Vancouver is hard to beat.

We have scoured numerous cities around the world and the beauty in Vancouver is impossible to beat. It is one of the most remarkable places on the planet and you are going to fall in love with its natural elegance throughout the year when you live here.

Most people will compare living in Vancouver to Victoria, but we find Vancouver to be a world-class city with everything to offer.

We have also compared Vancouver to Toronto, but Vancouver is unique in its qualities.

It starts with the mesmerizing natural beauty throughout the region. You are also looking at a multi-cultural city that has loads of opportunities for everyone. All of the major companies are here and you also gain access to premier universities including the University of British Columbia.

The advantages of living in Vancouver are too long to count.


Having compared Montreal to Toronto, there is a sense of charm with both cities but Toronto does stand out as a cultural hub for being a top-tier major city.

It is multicultural and is often cited as being one of the most multicultural cities on the planet. You are going to meet people from all over the world wherever you turn and that’s what makes it special.

Toronto is the economic heartbeat of the nation. All of the major companies are here and a significant amount of money flows through the city. It is a city that’s great for its nightlife, vibrant culture, and educational opportunities.

Toronto is also a few hours away from one of the most beautiful wonders of the world – Niagara Falls.

You are going to enjoy the natural beauty around Toronto and everything is going to be a few hours away for those who want to go camping, have fun, or just be outdoors. This is what we enjoy about the city of Toronto.

Quebec City

Quebec City is a marvelous place and offers a unique experience compared to other Canadian cities due to its Francophone population and French-inspired architecture.

There is a sense of culture in this beautiful city that is going to inspire anyone that spends time here.

It is a city full of beautiful sights, sounds, and of course people.

You are going to often see people visit Quebec City to explore a different version of Canada. Whether it’s the great food, wonderful residents, or the overall scenery, you are going to have a great time in Quebec City.


Calgary is often one of the first cities a person is going to want to live in when they arrive in Alberta.

The province is renowned for its mountainous areas, gorgeous national parks, and impressive infrastructure. There is ample space in this beautiful city and Calgary continues to stand out as a must-see Canadian city.

For those who are going to be working in the oil and gas sector, you are going to want to come here. There are numerous jobs available and the pay is great.

Even those who are not going to be working in these segments of the market, you are still going to find good-value homes in Calgary along with great educational opportunities.

When you are looking to do something outdoorsy, you can always drive over to Banff and check out Lake Louise and the surrounding areas too.


Montreal is a premier tourist destination but it’s also an exceptional place to live in.

Moving to Montreal is a wonderful experience and it is often cited for being lively, welcoming, and diverse. Immigrants will often appreciate being able to live in such a multicultural city with a unique culture of its own.

It’s also a breathtaking city with its French-inspired architecture, great eateries, and wonderful people. We find spending time here to be inspirational and motivating in a way that is not seen in other parts of Canada.


Halifax deserves a spot on this list.

Moving to Halifax is one of the best things a person can do when it’s time to head to the East Coast. You are going to be enamored by the friendly nature of the people in this city including the quaint qualities of its architecture.

Those who love seafood are going to be right at home as the quality eateries are innumerable here.

Nova Scotia is a charming province and it starts with Halifax.


Ottawa is the capital city of Canada.

While it might not have the draw of other cities, it is still one of the more fascinating places to live in for those who want to stay safe, have access to quality outdoor spots, and have a welcoming community.

Ottawa is a common spot for those who want to make sure they are getting to stay in a safe city that has great educational opportunities along with several types of job opportunities.


Living in Edmonton is a lovely experience and it’s a city that’s often underrated.

It is a multicultural city that is friendly, charming, and also has loads to do during the year. Having spent time in Edmonton, we find it to be a gorgeous place with lots of high-grade outdoor spots including offering access to the University of Alberta.

It’s normal to see students in the city having a great time and we also appreciate how it does offer enough opportunities for people from all walks of life.

Final Thoughts

We have found these to be the best cities of Canada to live in.

Living in Canada is a great option and it offers all of the amenities you are going to want from a country. It is welcoming, offers loads of space, and you are also going to be walking into a beautiful location that has natural beauty in abundance.

Take the time to compare the different Canadian cities to see which one is ideal for you.