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9+ Best Coffee Shops In Sacramento (Local Approved)

9+ Best Coffee Shops In Sacramento (Local Approved)

When we aren’t looking for red wine in California, it’s time to head to a local coffee shop.

When we were in Sacramento, it was important to find a good cafe that would meet our needs and allow us to grab a few baked goods too.

The one thing we were surprised with had to do with the number of options in Sacramento. There are quite a few for you to choose and that makes it easier to find a fit that will work.

Since you are likely looking to find a good coffee shop in Sacramento, we are going to pinpoint the ones we like in the city.

Here are the top cafes in Sacramento.

Top Coffee Shops In Sacramento

Identity Coffees

When it comes to a sleek, easy-going coffee shop that meets new-age requirements, we are going to have to go with Identity Coffees.

It has a unique name, a spacious layout, and the coffee is exceptional.

You are going to be happy with the beauty of the coffee shop and it’s well worth sitting here. There is a sense of charm that comes with this coffee shop that will win you over.

Just the ambiance and overall charm are what make this one of the best cafes in Sacramento.

Naked Lounge

Yes, the name is going to make you turn twice but there is a sense of brilliance with how this Sacramento coffee shop has been set up.

It’s exceptional with its world-class interior and the ambiance is perfect.

We went on a pleasant day and decided to sit outside. It was a breathtaking experience because the aroma of the coffee fluttered through the area and it only added to our experience. It was one of the best parts of being in Sacramento.

If you are looking to get a good coffee in the right place, Naked Lounge is a good bet.

Temple Coffee Roasters

Sometimes, the only thing you are going to be craving is good coffee in Sacramento.

We were in the same boat early one morning and that’s when we came across Temple Coffee Roasters. This is one of those premier coffee shops in the city that are not going to disappoint you with the consistency of their coffee.

Whenever you walk in, you will know what you are getting.

Their coffee is world-class and it has the right aroma to it. You are going to adore their customer service, ambiance, and just the overall vibe that comes along with being here.

Tiferat Coffee House

Tiferat Coffee House is a unique location because it’s quiet, comfortable, and offers great coffee throughout the day.

We found this to be one of those charming coffee shops you would assume is common in a smaller town. Instead, you get to see it in the beautiful Sacramento, which makes it a great option for those who don’t want to go to a more modern coffee house.

This is small but the coffee is powerful.

We also liked their baked goods, which were ideal for those who want a consistent cup of coffee with a bit of food too.

Milka Coffee Roasters

Imagine walking into a homely coffee shop and being overwhelmed by the attention to detail of the location.

This is what happened when we walked into Milka Coffee Roasters.

It is unlike any other coffee shop in Sacramento because it is designed like a house. This means you are going to be walking into a home to grab some coffee, which just adds to its appeal. Where else are you going to get this experience?!

Not only is the experience of being inside the house unique, but this is also one of the best Sacramento coffee shops for its coffee. The quality of the coffee is world-class and it has the right type of aroma to it.

You are not going to be disappointed here!

Goodside Coffee

Goodside Coffee is a spacious cafe in Sacramento, so it is a good option for larger groups.

We weren’t a large group but it was obvious there was ample space inside the location. This is ideal for those who want to make sure they are getting to experience a beautiful cafe that is easy on the eyes and is going to offer great coffee.

We are happy with the beauty of the coffee shop and its ambiance is outstanding.

We highly recommend this coffee shop.

Chocolate Fish Coffee Roasters

Chocolate Fish Coffee Roasters is one of those cafes that is going to be unique because everything is as fresh as it should be.

We were impressed by the quality of their baked goods along with their friendly customer service. It is all about professionalism here and that is what stood out to us as customers. They were willing to customize our coffee and that only added to the location’s appeal.

We find Chocolate Fish Coffee Roasters to be the real deal as a cafe in Sacramento.

Insight Coffee Roasters

Insight Coffee Roasters is a no-brainer in our eyes.

The coffee beans used by this location are outstanding and you are going to be impressed by their attention to detail when taking your order. They care about the little things and that always matters to coffee lovers.

A lot of cafes don’t do this but this is one location that gets the job done.

You are going to adore this element of Insight Coffee Roasters.

Old Soul Co.

The last location on our list is going to be Old Soul Co. and it is just as unique as the others.

The one thing we realized was impressive with this coffee shop was the roasting process. You can tell they have an intricately laid-out process that is designed to make things as simple as possible without losing consistency.

It was a strong coffee and it only added to our experience there.

We loved Old Soul Co. and feel this is one of those locations that is not going to disappoint.

Final Thoughts

These are the best cafes in Sacramento.

If you are a coffee lover, you are going to want to look at these Sacramento cafes to find what is best for you. Each one is unique, offers great coffee, and is not going to disappoint.

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