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Best Countries To Live In 2023 (Expat Advice)

Best Countries To Live In 2023 (Expat Advice)

The world is full of livable countries and some stand out more than others.

Expats are everywhere but there are a few nations that offer all of the amenities a person desires when moving to a new country.

We have spent time in a wide array of countries over the years and have done our research into which nations are worth your time and which ones are not.

It’s essential to look at the pros and cons of each country as an expat to figure out which one is going to suit your needs before moving. In this guide, we have taken the time to list the best countries to live in right now and what makes them a great fit for you.

Top Countries To Live In


When it comes to countries that are friendly, beautiful, and well-regarded for their people-centric policies then Denmark is right near the top of the list.

It is seen in all walks of life when you move to Denmark.

We believe this is one of those nations that offers a respectable setup across the board including the schools, policing, hospitals, and governmental agencies. The attention to detail is impressive and they do take care of their people every step of the way.

When you live in Denmark as an expat, you will realize most of the key amenities are free. This allows you to concentrate on other things rather than worrying about how you are going to pay your medical bills.

We also find Copenhagen to be a world-class city that is home to welcoming people and all of the amenities you are going to desire when moving.


If you are thinking about living in Iceland, we do recognize this to be one of the premier nations on the planet with all of the perks a person would ever want.

It starts with the healthcare setup and how well-designed it is.

You are going to enjoy the healthcare system here and they also have some of the most beautiful natural sights on the planet.

It’s a peaceful place to live and you are going to enjoy how quaint everything is as soon as you settle in.


When looking at a European country that is designed to offer ample amenities, beautiful sights, and friendly people, you are going to want to consider moving to the Netherlands.

Amsterdam is one of the premier cities in Europe and a place people come from all over to visit.

We also find it to be a friendly place where you are going to have a lot of fun. It’s common for younger people to move here because there’s a lot to do and it’s all close together making it easy to get to where you want to.


Sweden is another top-tier country that we believe is worth considering.

Expats will often state the welfare system here is robust and they take care of everyone. This has to do with having a top-grade healthcare system and great educational options for students going through the setup.

Sweden is a safe place to live and you are going to feel confident in how things are as soon as you settle in.

Whether it is workplace rights, general freedom, or growth opportunities, Sweden is not going to let you down. They have one of the most beautiful countries on the planet and things are quite easy to adjust to once you’re living here.


When you are going through the best cities to live in Europe, you are going to see German cities pop up too.

We believe this is a place that is clean, well-designed, and ideal for those who like traveling due to how close you’re going to be to the rest of the continent.

You are going to enjoy the education system because it is well-regarded for emphasizing education during a child’s development years. This makes it easier to raise a family here and you are going to feel confident in gaining access to the tuition-free universities too.


Ireland is one of those nations that you will realize is managed with a high level of care.

It has a low crime rate across the country, offers a strong democracy, and is also one of the freer societies on the planet. This is appealing to those who want to go to Ireland and settle in as an expat.

We find this to be a charming nation with a strong culture that will allow you to feel at home as soon as you are here.

Moving to a peaceful nation such as this one is never a bad idea and you are going to appreciate all that it has to offer.


Whether you are thinking of going to Montreal or living in Vancouver, you are going to understand that Canada is one of the premier countries right now for people who want a better life.

It is going to come down to where you are going in Canada but there are so many things to do here. The natural beauty is off the charts, the people are friendly, and you are going to have a great time. The healthcare system is free, education is free up to university, and you are going to enjoy the multicultural nature of Canada in the major cities.

It is a place that is quite robust and the quality of living is great across the country.


Finland has long been regarded as one of the happiest places on the planet.

Is this true?

Indeed, Finland offers a high quality of life and this is due to its refined setup. This includes how safe it is to live in Finland, the robust public education system, and how easy it is to raise a family here.

This is a nation that takes pride in caring for its people and you are going to enjoy being here as soon as you move to Finland. Everything is focused on making people happy and that appeals to those who want to make sure they are protected when living here.


Norway is a fascinating country with loads of greenery and natural beauty.

We do believe this is a charming nation that has all of the appealing elements you seek when moving as an expat to a new place.

When it comes to the best nations to live in right now, you are going to enjoy the security in Norway along with the refined public education system. It is a nation that has it all and it prides itself on having a literate society.

It’s the type of living you are going to crave when moving to a new country.


Switzerland is all about its beautiful scenery.

It doesn’t matter where you are, there is always something to look at and feel mesmerized about. This is the charming nature of anything Swiss.

As a result, you are going to adore your time here as an outdoor enthusiast that seeks tranquility. We also find it to be a welcoming society that has a robust economy and public education system.

It is also easy to find a job here and it’s a place that has a low crime rate too.

Final Thoughts

These are the best countries to live in right now.

We find these nations to be the standard setters when it comes to quality of life, education, healthcare, and just overall beauty.

These nations have it all and you can’t go wrong with choosing one of them when it’s time to move to a new place as an expat.