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11+ Best European Cities For Partying (Expat Guide)

11+ Best European Cities For Partying (Expat Guide)

Partying in Europe is one of those experiences you’re going to remember for the rest of your life. We have celebrated across the planet but there’s a certain charm to partying in a European city that’s hard to beat.

If you are going to be heading to Europe, it is important to know where to go and how your experience is going to turn out once you are here.

Whenever we are in a European city, it’s common for us to want to have a good time. This includes enjoying the nightlife in Europe.

As a result, we have a great understanding of how to party in Europe and which European cities are the best for partying.

Let’s take a look at the top party cities in Europe right now.

Best Party Cities In Europe

Barcelona (Spain)

When we were staying in Spain, we spent a few months in Barcelona.

Barcelona is a vibrant city and has an aura to it that’s impossible to shake. You are going to be in awe of the natural attractions, colorful architecture, and bustling nature of the city. While all of this is wonderful, it is the party scene that has to be pointed out.

We took the time to enjoy the nightlife in Barcelona and it was great.

Partying in Barcelona is a lot of fun because there are so many different nightclubs and bars spread throughout the region. You can pick and choose what type of experience you’re looking for and what your vibe is.

This is something you are only going to get to enjoy in a place such as Barcelona.

Berlin (Germany)

Most people don’t associate Germany with partying but you are wrong!

Berlin is a world-class city for partying and you are going to be missing out by not heading over here for a bit of fun.

When we were in Berlin, we heard a lot about the quality nightclubs that are set up in the downtown core. It’s fascinating to be able to enjoy hardcore music with other people and dance the night away in Berlin. The atmosphere is wonderful in most clubs and you are going to find it to be quite authentic too.

This is something we adore about being in Berlin.

Amsterdam (Netherlands)

We have mentioned staying in Amsterdam and how wonderful it can be as a tourist city.

Along with it being a place full of quality landmarks and things to do, you are also going to want to party in Amsterdam. Partying in Amsterdam is a lot of fun because you are going to have people of all ages celebrating the night away.

The students tend to come out and have fun and this elevates your experience when you are hoping to dance and enjoy good music. We felt the nightclubs in Amsterdam were world-class.

Budapest (Hungary)

This is another hidden gem when looking at European cities for partying.

Partying in Europe often comes down to making the most of the local nightclubs and being able to mingle with the locals while you are at it. This is where Budapest stands out because it’s not going to be as busy but the nightlife is vibrant.

We loved going to the different bars and clubs just to experience what it meant to party in Budapest. It was a wonderful experience and quite underrated.

Ibiza (Spain)

When you aren’t eating seafood in Spain or enjoying day-to-day life in Spain, it’s essential to head out for a bit of partying too.

This is where Ibiza shines as it is often heralded as the party capital of Europe.

Ibiza is celebrated for its immense party scene and it certainly lives up to the hype. You are missing out if you haven’t been to Ibiza and it has more to do with the bars and clubs on-site along with the beautiful weather.

It’s just perfect and you are going to have the time of your life here as do so many celebrities when they are on the island.

Stockholm (Sweden)

Stockholm is another hidden gem when it comes to partying in Europe.

We fell in love with the nightlife in Stockholm because it hit us by surprise. We were not expecting it to be so lively and vibrant compared to some of the other cities on this list but it did get the job done.

We were able to see top-tier DJs that were performing in Stockholm and it was common for large parties to take place when the weather was good. We went in the summer and it was the type of experience where you are going to get to find a wide array of spots throughout the city when you are looking to have a bit of fun.

London (England)

This is a no-brainer for those who want to party.

The reason we love London as a party city comes down to the wide array of options. It is not just a party scene for students or older individuals. There is something for you and it is all about finding it when you are in this magical European city.

London is diverse and this leads to an array of options for you to enjoy.

Whether you want to go to a bar or head to one of the many nightclubs, the options are endless. People in London like having fun and they know how to do it the right way. Just choose your favorite nightclub and have a great time here.

Munich (Germany)

Most people are going to know about partying in Berlin but we are also going to want to mention another party city in Germany in the form of Munich.

Yes, Munich is great because the DJs tend to come out to the city and perform. You can end up jamming to quality music and have a great time. When we took the time to visit Munich, it was common to get to enjoy quality EDM music at the nightclubs and the locals loved it.

You can often find a great party in Munich when you are on the hunt. It is well worth experiencing the nightlife in Munich because it’s vibrant.

Dubrovnik (Croatia)

When you think of partying, you are likely not going to be mentioning Dubrovnik but that will be your biggest mistake.

Dubrovnik is a world-class party city.

The weather is great in the summer and you are often going to find some of the liveliest parties happening next to the beach at the nightclubs or bars overlooking the water. It is not just the parties that are going to draw you in but also the ambiance around these establishments.

We had a great time in Dubrovnik for partying and it had a lot to do with these beachside locations.

It’s just a lot of fun to be here and the people love partying too.

Prague (Czech Republic)

Prague is a busy city and it tends to act as one of the top-rated tourist destinations in Europe too.

While most people are going to be looking for a good drink when they are in Prague, there is also a great party scene in the city. You are going to find parties happening throughout the region and it is not just on the weekends.

This is what we love about Prague because the people don’t mind having a bit of fun.

We enjoyed the variety of options whether it had to do with bars or nightclubs in Prague. This made it easier to hop around, enjoy different venues, and have a great time. At the end of the day, this is what you are going to want to do and it’s going to be affordable too!

Mykonos (Greece)

The last city on the list is going to have to be Mykonos.

Mykonos is heralded as a premier tourist destination and it is indeed a gorgeous place to relax. However, as a part of your trip, you might want to party in Mykonos too.

If so, you are going to enjoy this beautiful island in Greece.

It’s a real party island and it’s going to allow you to enjoy gorgeous views, beautiful bars, and top-rated nightclubs all in one place.

Final Thoughts

These are the best cities for partying in Europe.

We found these cities to be magical, vibrant, and full of life for those who want to party. You can always find a good spot in one of these European cities whether it’s in the day or night.

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