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8+ Best Greek Party Islands (Expat Advice)

8+ Best Greek Party Islands (Expat Advice)

We have mentioned Greece as one of the best affordable countries to visit and it can be fascinating to experience.

We have explored various parts of Greece and find it to be a charming nation with great ambiance.

One thing people often come here to enjoy is the party life. The islands are wonderful and there is loads to do for those who want to have a bit of fun.

We wanted to do this and took the time to check out the Greek party islands.

Here is our take on the top party islands in Greece and what makes them special in our eyes.

Best Party Islands In Greece


This is a hidden gem.

Most people are going to talk about the world-class party islands such as Santorini and Mykonos, which we agree are wonderful.

However, Skiathos is a premier party island in Greece.

When looking at the best Greek islands for partying, you will need to have Skiathos on your list right away. It is not just the types of parties you are going to get to enjoy here but also the picturesque views. It’s a charming, vibrant island that’s ideal for those who want to sit by the water and have a great time.

The beaches here are stunning.

Skiathos is one of those islands in Greece that will draw you in and offer the type of quality you want when you are out there.


Paros is another world-class party island in Greece.

The first thing that’s going to attract you to this party island will be the beach life. It’s exquisite to experience because the water is magical, the people are great, and the sand under your toes is going to warm your heart.

We loved getting the beach towel out and just resting with the waves rustling in the background when we were in Paros.

Along with the beautiful views that you are going to get to experience, the party life of Paros is also wonderful. They tend to have world-class parties here and you are going to have the time of your life when you are in Paros.

The reason has to do with the assortment of establishments set out here.

Everything is designed for partying, so you are going to have loads of spots to choose from.


When choosing a party island in Greece, you are going to be focusing on a place where partying is the main part of the itinerary.

Rhodes does this well, but there’s a lot more to this beautiful part of Greece.

We were in awe of how gorgeous the sights were on this island. This includes the beaches as the water was pristine and the sand was excellent under our toes. We had a great time on the beach when the sun was out.

The nightlife is also excellent here, which adds to the appeal of coming out when the lights are on. Rhodes is the real deal as a party island and has everything you are going to want whether it’s day or night.


The ancient ruins of Crete are often heralded as a major part of the appeal of this island.

However, Crete is also one of the most popular tourist destinations for partygoers. You are going to fall in love with the ambiance on this island because there are loads of bars and restaurants for you to choose from all in one place.

This allows you to have a great time at night or sit by the beach during the day.

Everything about this island is magical because it has a little bit of everything. This includes the beautiful hills along the sides of the island when you are not on the beach.


Let’s be honest, when you think of having fun in Greece, you are going to think of Mykonos.

We can easily state, this is the best party island in Greece. It’s simply outstanding because it is buzzing throughout the day and night with people from all walks of life.

You are going to be mesmerized by how the island is designed. It is one of the finest tourist destinations on the planet for good reason. The nightlife is world-class and you are never going to get bored when you are here.

One thing we were impressed with was the quality of the bars.

It is not just about being busy but also how much attention they pay to the finer details on the island. They want to make your stay a great one and there is always a party available for you to join.


The natural beauty of Corfu is stunning.

We were walking along one of the beaches and the blue water took our breath away. It’s easy to get lost in its beauty when you are here and that’s what adds to Corfu’s appeal.

As for partying, you are going to get everything you could ever want here.

Corfu brings a lot of tourists to its shores, which is something you are going to enjoy when you want to have fun.


Santorini is the real deal.

When it comes to the top party islands in Greece, Santorini is often heralded for its appeal. Not only do we love Santorini for its partying options, but also as a general tourist destination. The all-white landscape is outstanding and picturesque.

The types of pictures you can get out here will blow you away.

We wanted to stay here for a long time because the partying was fun and you could do something new every day. It was a brilliant experience from start to finish.


The final island on the list is going to have to be Zakynthos.

Zakynthos is a charming Greek island because it is well-rounded. This is something that caught us by surprise as we assumed it would only have beachgoers and partygoers spread throughout the island. However, there were plenty of people interested in general sightseeing.

This is due to the charming views available throughout Zakynthos.

The scenery is out of this world and something you should take the time to experience whether you want to party or not.

Final Thoughts

These are the best party islands in Greece.

Whether you want to go to Mykonos or Crete, there is a party island for you to enjoy. The variety and quality are going to impress once it’s time to choose.