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13+ Best Night Clubs In Dubai (Expat Advice)

13+ Best Night Clubs In Dubai (Expat Advice)

Whether you want to go drinking in Dubai or just want to be indoors when it’s hot in Dubai, it’s normal to consider a good night club.

The beauty of Dubai involves the number of night clubs that are present throughout the region. It’s designed for tourists and locals to have fun and you are going to find it easy to locate a location that works for you.

We have experienced various good night clubs in Dubai and it is one of the better party cities for those who do want to have a good time.

Here are the best night clubs in Dubai.

Best Night Clubs In Dubai

Soho Garden DXB

If you are looking for something that’s relaxed and does not only revolve around the riches of Dubai then it’s time to consider Soho Garden DXB.

We find this to be one of the top night clubs in Dubai right now. It’s elegant, easy on the eyes, and just has a free-flowing spirit that’s going to make you smile. We know it has elements that are luxurious but it is also down to earth in other ways.

This is due to how welcoming the overall ambiance is of Soho Garden DXB and how clean everything is. You are going to find it to be a great place that allows you to dance freely.

Iris Dubai

When it comes to rooftop night clubs in Dubai, this is one of the premier locations in the region. You are going to be mesmerized by Iris Dubai and all that it has to offer.

This is one of those locations that has it all and is going to impress you. The design is calming, beautiful, and does have a crisp decor that is pleasant to look at. The reason we rate this night club has to do with its overall vibrance and how fun its music is.

The DJs have a great time here and you are going to enjoy dancing the night away in this night club.


If you are looking for a place where people from the celebrity world are going to be present then it’s best to consider 1OAK. This is one particular night club that is truly one of a kind as its name suggests. You are going to be getting an experience that is enthralling.

We love how loud the music is, the way people communicate, and just the overall atmosphere inside this night club.

When it comes to the best Dubai night clubs right now, 1OAK has to be right near the top of the list.

Billionaire Dubai

The name often sets the tone for how a night club is going to be and that is as obvious as it gets here. Billionaire Dubai is an extravagant location that has it all when it comes to being able to eat great food, have a good time, and just socialize.

Whether it’s the luxurious ambiance or the great quality food, you are going to be thoroughly impressed by Billionaire Dubai as a night club. It’s one of the better locations in Dubai and you are going to commonly see celebrities walking around here.

People By Crystal Nightclub

If you are looking to have fun at the right cost in Dubai then it’s time to consider People By Crystal.

This is an exemplary night club in Dubai that has been around for a while and is easy on the eyes. We often note people of different ages at this night club because it’s open and welcoming. This makes it appealing for those who want to dip their toes into the world of night clubs and want to still relax inside.

You are going to get a little bit of everything here and it can be a lot of fun.

Buddha Bar

For those who wish to live in Dubai, you are often going to hear about the Buddha Bar as a representation of what night life is like in this part of the world.

Buddha Bar is the real deal and it’s an exemplary showcase of luxury, charm, and fun. You are going to get a full dose of fun when you are here and that’s going to include some of the finest cuisine in the city. It is designed with an Asian-centric theme but has been done with a lot of care to make sure it’s opulent.

We love the atmosphere in this night club as it is calming but fun at the same time.

Zero Gravity Dubai

Zero Gravity Dubai is a unique night club in Dubai.

This is due to where it’s situated. You are going to be looking at a night club that is near the beach area, which means you are going to hear the water in the background and it’s going to add to the allure of this location along the coast.

It is always fascinating to enjoy time at the beach while also being able to vibe with the music. This is what makes it a pleasant experience as the weather is always good in Dubai and you are going to enjoy your evenings at Zero Gravity Dubai.

Club Boudoir

Club Boudoir is a riveting place and one that is often noted for being a luxurious night club.

It is a night club that does not hold back when it comes to bringing in the upper class from around Dubai and that adds to the fun. You are going to see people that are fun, well-dressed, and are more than willing to have a good time.

The one thing we appreciated about Club Boudoir had to do with the alcohol. You are going to find the drinks to be varied and great-tasting. This adds to the appeal of coming here. They know how to care for you and will pay attention to the finer details.

AER Lounge

This is a rooftop lounge that has been around for a long time and is now one of the prominent night clubs in all of Dubai.

AER Lounge is the real deal for those who want to take in gorgeous views while also being able to dance the night away. You are going to get to hear quality EDM music pump through the speakers while you are having a good time.

We highly recommend this location for those who care about the setting and the atmosphere. You are going to enjoy it here and it’s going to be riveting instantly.

Barasti Beach

The Barasti Beach is a top-tier night club on the beach in Dubai.

It’s not just the beach that’s going to appeal to you but the overall quality of the night club. It has been designed with care meaning you are going to enjoy the time with the staff and they are going to provide ample entertainment while you are there.

What more do you want when it comes to going to a night club in Dubai? You get to enjoy the beach and great food while you are here.

Plus, the themed nights can be a lot of fun too depending on the time of year.

Bliss Lounge

Bliss Lounge is an exceptional night club that is set on the beach and offers a selection of views that are going to blow you away.

We were mesmerized during our time at Bliss Lounge because it was truly blissful.

You are going to love the relaxed atmosphere in the evenings and the music is also exceptional. This makes it easy to just relax and have a good time.

The Penthouse Dubai

This is situated at the Five Palm Jumeirah and is one of the premier rooftop lounges in the region.

It is welcoming, luxurious, and just has the type of vibe you are going for when it comes to having a great time in Dubai. You are going to like going up to the 16th floor, taking a look around, and just spending the evening dancing the night away.

This is a pulsating location that brings people in and is going to allow you to have fun dancing with top-tier music in the background.

BLU Dubai

BLU Dubai is a unique night club because the lighting is going to captivate you instantly.

This is due to how the LED lights sparkle in the background. You are going to be looking at a nightclub that’s fun, unique, and offers access to a setting a person would want to be in for long periods.

We also enjoyed dancing here because the music is great and you can also have fun with the drinks that are on offer.

Final Thoughts

These are the top Dubai night clubs right now.

Please note you should always be aware of the rules and regulations in Dubai. This will make sure you have a good time and still get to go to a night club that’s worth it.

With so many options, you can’t go wrong and you are going to have a great time while you are here.