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11+ Best Restaurants In Sacramento (Local Approved)

11+ Best Restaurants In Sacramento (Local Approved)

We have explored the top cafes in Sacramento and the best restaurants in Sausalito, it’s now time to look at the top eateries in Sacramento.

Sacramento is a diverse, world-class place that is jam-packed with great restaurants.

We were quite impressed with the wide array of options and it all came down to our taste buds. We had so many to choose from and that allowed us to explore a bit.

We are foodies, so we love good food whenever we are on the go. This includes when we spend time in Sacramento.

Let’s take a look at the top places to eat in Sacramento and why they are so good.

Top Restaurants In Sacramento

The Coconut On T

This is a top-tier restaurant for those who are looking at Thai cuisine.

This is easily the best Thai food in Sacramento and you are not going to be disappointed with their quality. The food is tasty, spicy, and hits all the right notes. We were quite impressed by how delightful the restaurant’s food was.

We also liked how spacious it was and that made it easier to hear each other while we were speaking. Of course, it might not be like that on a busier day.


Localis is a wonderful restaurant and it’s all about premier dining here.

You are going to be amazed at how good the food is as soon as you are here. They have taken the time to deliver a premium-styled experience and that includes it being a Michelin Star restaurant. This means you are going to a restaurant that does it all.

We loved eating here because the food was crisp and tasty.

Happy Takeout

Chinese takeout food is always going to be a trusted option for those who want to eat quick and easy food.

We were not disappointed when it came to Happy Takeout.

The name says it all, you are going to be happy with your takeout and they do deliver on their promise. We loved the orange chicken at this location. It was amazing. You are not going to find anything as good as this when it comes to Chinese takeout food.

Hawk’s Public House

Hawk’s Public House is all about traditional dishes that are known to Americans.

You are going to get to eat from a wide array of American dishes and it’s going to taste awesome. We loved the ambiance at this location and went in the middle of the day making it a lot of fun to eat here together.

This is a charming spot and it offers great customer service too.


Pangea is known for its sandwiches and you are going to want to grab one as soon as you get the chance to do so.

They are well-known for offering great sandwiches and their menu continues to be tailored to match those needs. The fried chicken is beautifully tender and also hits all the right notes when it comes to the spices.

It is just an outstanding option for those who want to enjoy sitting and having a good sandwich or two.

Tower Cafe

Tower Cafe is a premier cafe in the city that is known for offering good food too.

We loved this location because it’s easy to access and the quality of the food is not going to let you down. We were greeted by friendly staff who were on top of things and also took the time to personalize the meal based on what we wanted earlier in the day.

We found this to be a neat part of the experience.


Canon is one of the more cherished eateries in the city and is one option you are going to know will get the job done.

You are going to adore the menu and it’s well-rounded enough to ensure you are getting what you want. Not only is the food good, but the ambiance is welcoming too. We loved this tavern and felt it was homely.

It doesn’t matter when you go, it is going to be busy but that also means the food is fresh and great.

Kru Sushi

Sushi is something the average person is going to want in Sacramento, so you are going to want to find the best sushi in the city.

If that’s what you want, we would look at Kru Sushi.

This is easily the best sushi in Sacramento and it starts with the quality of the ingredients. They are fresh and up to par with international standards. We were also impressed by the luxury elements within the location as that made it easier to settle in and eat.

We would recommend eating the food on-site because of this element.

Magpie Cafe

Magpie Cafe has been around for a long time and is now noted for being the best at what it does.

You are going to get to enjoy a menu that is appropriate, affordable, and simply works. The meals are great here and it is easy to eat the food.

We love the vibe at the location because it’s clean, ambient, and you are going to have a good time.

Masullo Pizza

Anyone who is looking at eating good pizza in Sacramento is going to have one eye on Masullo.

Masullo Pizza is the real deal in Land Park and is appreciated for its piping hot pizza. You are going to enjoy the ingredients and how textured the pizza is. We loved munching on our order and it was filling too.

You can’t go wrong with this pizza and it’s affordable too.

The Kitchen

This is one of the best restaurants in Sacramento for a reason.

The Kitchen is a Michelin Star restaurant, so you know they are going to bring their A-game as soon as you walk through the front door. The menu is exemplary because they fine-tune everything making it an enjoyable experience for the customer.

We would highly recommend this for a date as it is a comfortable and confident eatery.

Final Thoughts

These are the top Sacramento restaurants for those who are picky eaters.

We have considered everything including the quality of the food, the ambiance, and of course the staff.

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