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Exploring Brooklyn Bridge Park (Local Guide)

Exploring Brooklyn Bridge Park (Local Guide)

Brooklyn Bridge Park is a fascinating attraction and we recommend it for those who are visiting or wishing to explore it as a local.

It’s not only charming but also full of life.

Walking around the 85-acre park, enjoying the East River, and just appreciating this gorgeous attraction’s ambiance is hard to beat.

It’s common for locals to mention this as a beautiful park worth checking out when the goal is to appreciate its finer qualities.

Let’s look at what Brooklyn Bridge Park is all about and why we love it.

About Brooklyn Bridge Park

Brooklyn Bridge Park was opened in 2021 after it was completed through sheer hard work and comprehensive planning by the MVVA.

This beautiful park is spread across 1.3 miles and is 85 acres in total space. This illustrates how large and momentous this park is for the city and why it continues to be a good spot for those in Brooklyn wanting to sit by the river.

The premise behind opening this park was to have something nestled along the East River in Brooklyn. This area was the right spot and that’s where the park was slowly developed into what it has become now as a mainstay attraction in the area.

We have spent time here during various seasons.

This includes putting on our winter outfits in New York and popping over for a quick stroll closer to the river. It’s also a lovely place when you’re in New York during the fall.

For the most part, this park has been developed with a keen eye towards people of all ages and making sure there’s enough space for it to be useful throughout the year.

Brooklyn Bridge Park was designed with a lot of care as one of the most important waterfront projects the city has ever initiated. It was integral in helping beautify the region and also making it more accessible to those who want to be outdoors by the water.

In our eyes, this is a charming park and one you should take the time to visit when you are in Brooklyn or the surrounding areas.

Things To Do At Brooklyn Bridge Park

Environmental Education Center

There is a comprehensive environmental education center in the middle of the park.

We often take the time to stop by and just explore what it has to offer. You can walk around, learn more about the region’s history, and also get up-to-date about what it means to be eco-friendly. You will often see families coming out to this center and learning more about the latest elements associated with taking care of the environment.

We found this to be fascinating and it’s a nice part of the park that should not go underrated.


Picnics are integral to being able to enjoy your time when you’re looking to eat good food.

We find it to be fascinating when you are sitting by the East River and just having a good meal. When it gets warm outside, it’s a pleasure to hear the moving water in the background as you are enjoying the weather.

It is not only tranquil but also a great way to get away from the natural hustle of city life.


The team behind designing this park has made sure to put every effort into beautifying it.

This includes using plants and/or other green elements to help add color to the park. This is beautiful because you can walk around looking at the gardens that are present here and just enjoying this natural beauty all around you.

We often take a walk through the gardens when we are here because it’s fascinating and you also get to appreciate how delightful Brooklyn Bridge Park is during this time of the year.


We do love going fishing and it’s hard to find good spots around the area.

This is one of those spots where you can head to the fishing pier and get to take out your fishing rod. It is common for fishing enthusiasts to come to the East River in a bid to catch fish.

We weren’t able to catch any but it is still a fun activity at the park you can partake in.


There is so much going on here when it comes to sports.

This includes tennis, basketball, hockey, soccer, and more. The list is endless because there is so much space and there are recreational facilities that have been made available around the park for those who want to play.

If you are an active person, you are going to want to come here.

Final Thoughts

This is everything you need to know about Brooklyn Bridge Park and why it’s special to locals and tourists in the city.

We believe this is one of the most beautiful parks in the region and a must-see for those who want to have a bit of fun during the year. Whether it’s hot or cold outside, you can always head to the East River and explore this delightful park.

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