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Chinese Consulates In USA (Updated)

Chinese Consulates In USA (Updated)

When it comes to the Chinese consulate in America, it’s important to be aware of the legal standing of these consulates in the US.

For example, there have been concerns surrounding the Houston location, which has led to it having to shut down. It’s important to contact the closest Chinese consulate in your area to see whether or not they are still up and running.

This will provide peace of mind and allow you to contact them further. They might also redirect you to another location if necessary.

We have taken the time to compile all of the Chinese consulates in the USA. We recommend taking the time to go through these details and then reach out to them as soon as possible.

This will make sure you can move forward with the process as soon as you need to.

Chinese Consulates In The USA

Chinese Consulate In Chicago

Address – 100 WEST EIRIE STREET, CHICAGO, IL 60610
Phone – 312-803-0095
Email Address –

Chinese Consulate in Los Angeles

Address – 443 SHATTO PLACE, LOS ANGELES, CA 90020
Phone – 213-807-8088
Website –

Chinese Consulate in New York

Address – 520 12TH AVENUE, NEW YORK NY 10036
Phone – 212-244-9456
Email Address –

Chinese Consulate in San Francisco

Address – 1450 LAGUNA ST. SAN FRANCISCO,CA 94115
Phone – 415-852-5900
Email Address –

Final Thoughts

These are the details you are going to want to keep in mind when it comes to contacting Chinese consulates in America.

We recommend taking the time to find the closest Chinese consulate in the US to your place of residence. This will ensure the process goes ahead as smoothly as you need it to and you can move forward with the steps you are looking to complete.

We have also compiled lists for Spanish consulates, consulates for France, consulates for Mexico, and consulates for Italy.