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11+ Best Cities To See In Thailand (Expat Guide)

11+ Best Cities To See In Thailand (Expat Guide)

Thailand is one of the most cherished tourist destinations in Asia and continues to be visited by millions of people every year.

It’s not just the vibe but also the great weather and of course the natural beauty.

You are going to have so much to experience as soon as you land in Thailand but that also means taking the time to build a proper itinerary.

You are going to want to visit the best cities in Thailand for tourists and that only happens after learning about the main tourist cities in Thailand.

Since we have taken the time to go to Thailand’s top tourist cities, it’s time for us to break down what each one is all about.

Top Cities To See In Thailand

Chiang Mai

Let’s begin with one of the most prominent tourist cities in Thailand and one that we found to be quite easy on the eyes.

Chiang Mai is a wonderful city because of its mountain range in the background along with the religious history spread throughout the region. You are going to get to explore the various religious temples in Chiang Mai while also being able to hike near the mountains or enjoy the various vantage points of the natural beauty in Chiang Mai.

The people are also quite welcoming here and it’s common for people to head out at night to enjoy the local markets.

It can be a fascinating experience when you are in Chiang Mai as a tourist.

Railay Beach

Are you someone who just wants to sit by the beach and soak up the sun?

We have moments like these and that is when we took the time to head to Railay Beach. This is a top-tier tourist destination because the beaches in this part of Thailand are exemplary. They are almost unforgettable once you are at one of the resorts here.

The experience is relaxing, charming, and unique.

This is the real charm of being able to make the most of the beautiful sand, clean water, and warm weather.

Plus, the nightlife is world-class in Bailay Beach and you can have quite the celebration while you are in town.


Phuket is a popular tourist island and it’s one of those places where people come to relax.

We have seen a wide array of tourists setting up shop in Phuket because it’s affordable, cozy, and has all of the amenities they require to have fun. We loved this element of the island and it was indeed quite cost-friendly throughout the trip.

Phuket is also packed with gorgeous beaches and the palm trees are often going to add to the aesthetic of the island.

We loved it here and it was also easy to get to the mainland whenever we wanted to.


Lampang is an interesting place because it is more of a traditional Thai city compared to some of the others on this list.

Do you want to experience more of what life used to be in Thailand before? Want to meet with the locals who are leading this type of life?

You are going to want to head to Lampang.

The food here is impressive and you are going to get to try local dishes that are not as easy to find in other regions of Thailand. We loved that part of being in Lampang because it felt more authentic and it was easy to find quality food in town.


Trang is one of those tranquil cities in Thailand that are going to be perfect for relaxing.

We loved being able to find a spot on the beach where no one was sitting and just enjoy the water splashing around in front of us. This is not to mention the jungles and greenery that were noticeable across Trang.

It is an ambient place and it is one of those cities where you are going to always find hidden gems when it comes to natural attractions.


This is an entire province and it’s one of those places in Thailand where you are going to be mesmerized by the natural elegance of the attractions.

This includes some of the most beautiful waterfalls as you hike around.

We often recommend Kanchanaburi to those who love being outdoors and want to go on a real adventure. If that is something you can relate to then this is the ultimate place for you to be. It has a little bit of everything.

This includes being able to go into the water with your raft or going for a swim in one of the various bodies of water in the region.

We loved the general history of the province too because the locals were always happy to mingle and it allowed us to learn a lot about Thailand too.


Yes, any list without Bangkok is just not a list at all!

This is a given.

It is the first city you are going to think of and rightly so. Bangkok is an international city and it is full of life as soon as you land here. Millions of tourists come here along with the expats that are already in Bangkok.

We adore this place because it’s charming, there are so many food options, and you can always find a party when you want to enjoy one.

Phang Nga

Phang Na is a unique city because it is renowned for having gorgeous natural features including the heralded Mu Ko Surin National Park.

We wanted to come here after partying in Bangkok and it was a lot of fun to relax in Phang Nga.

It’s a place that is charming and also offers some of the most beautiful hiking trails in Asia. You are going to enjoy the gorgeous greenery along with the wildlife in this part of Thailand. If you go at the right time of the year, the weather is great and that makes it a lot easier to settle in.

Chiang Rai

For those who are passionate about architecture and learning about the religious growth of Thailand over the years, you are going to want to head to Chiang Rai.

This is a religious city where numerous temples are spread throughout the region and it’s common for people to come here to enjoy these temples along with the wide array of religious buildings in the area.

We felt it to be calming along with the night markets that were set up. It was great to mingle with the locals and shop at affordable prices whenever we were here.

Ko Samui

Ko Samui has become one of those places where you are going to want to find a luxury resort close to the beach and just relax under the sun.

The natural beauty is exceptional in Ko Samui.

This is the ultimate place to relax in Thailand and it has a nightlife that’s excellent too. We had a great time when we were here because the soft sand was easy on the toes while the water was warm too. It’s just a luxurious tourist-friendly city.

You are going to enjoy being able to experience the vibes of this beautiful place as soon as you are here.

Ko Phi Phi

We often mention the gorgeous beaches of Ko Phi Phi and there’s a reason it’s one of the most popular tourist destinations in Asia.

This is a remarkable place with beautiful beaches, soft sand, welcoming people, and a nightlife that’s quite vibrant. We took the time to go swimming here and just the experience of being in the crystal clear water was remarkable.

We think this is a great place for those who want to relax and just enjoy the good views.

Final Thoughts

These are the best cities to visit in Thailand.

Thailand is a riveting country and is a tourist haven for a reason. Take the time to choose one or more of these Thai cities to see what the region has to offer.

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