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11+ Coffee Shops In Scottsdale (Local Approved)

11+ Coffee Shops In Scottsdale (Local Approved)

Having driven from San Diego to Arizona, we have had the chance to stop by Scottsdale.

This is an experience that brings along with it a lot of perks and can be a boatload of fun for those who do get to enjoy it.

However, there is one thing we are always on the lookout for and that is good coffee.

The best coffee in Scottsdale was important to us as coffee lovers and we did find great cafes in Scottsdale that stood out to us.

Here are the best cafes in Scottsdale based on our experience in the region.

Best Coffee Shops In Scottsdale

Mythical Coffee

It’s best to start with one that stood out to us instantly.

This was the first coffee shop we went to in the region and it was near the top of the list. It’s a great option because it’s welcoming and the coffee is out of this world. It’s rich, aromatic, and just offers the type of taste you are going for as a coffee enthusiast.

Mythical Coffee offers some of the best lattes in the region.

Echo Coffee

This was a fascinating coffee shop in Scottsdale.

We enjoyed Echo Coffee because it offered great coffee to go along with the top-tier muffins that were available.

We took in the time to settle in and just experience the serene nature of the coffee shop. It was one of the better experiences we had in Scottsdale and it had a lot to do with the overall charm of the coffee here.

Whether it was the sandwiches or the coffee, everything was perfect here.

Sip Coffee And Beer House

This is a unique combination because most people are not going to associate beer with coffee.

However, Sip Coffee and Beer House mix things up a bit.

This is a good coffee shop in Scottsdale because you are going to get top-tier coffee while also having access to beer if that is what you want later in the day. Each person is different and there is something for everyone here.

Cartel Roasting Co.

Most people in Scottsdale are going to mention Cartel Roasting Co. as a premier coffee shop in Scottsdale.

Looking at Scottsdale coffee shops, we would have to declare this one as being one with the most unique design.

It’s welcoming, quaint, and has the modern vibe you are going for all in one place. We also adored the treats they had to offer along with the coffee, which made it that much better.

Yellow Spruce

Yellow Spruce is a great coffee shop in Scottsdale.

The reason we recommend this particular option has to do with their great coffee and desserts. It’s not easy to find something like this because you are not just getting a hot cup of coffee here.

You are also going to be welcomed by some of the best desserts in the region. We were in love with the gelato here as it was tasty and had the right creaminess to win you over.

Anyone who has a sweet tooth and wants to mix things up will want to come to Yellow Spruce in Scottsdale.

Street Brew Coffee

Street Brew Coffee is one of those passionate cafes in the region that will always offer premier coffee when you walk through the front door.

We felt the roasted coffee beans used here were some of the best in the city.

Just the quality of the work and even the goodies that were available with the coffee were amazing. We were thoroughly impressed by this coffee shop and felt it had the type of ambiance that a cafe should have in this day and age.


This is one of the more commonly referred names by locals.

Fourtillfour has a unique name but it is the coffee that is going to win you over instantly. It is rich, unique, and has the type of consistency you desire as a coffee lover.

We were thrilled to try their lattes and felt the quality was amazing. The taste impressed us and it was also a unique experience because it was busy and a popular spot.


Schmooze is one of those locations where you are going to see people of all ages grabbing a cup of coffee and having a good time.

We took the time to settle in and just soak up the good weather.

It was a nice experience and the coffee shop was clean, quiet, and fun. People were working along the sides and the coffee was great.

Regroup Coffee And Bicycles

Most people are not going to think about bicycles and coffee in the same breath.

Yes, Regroup Coffee and Bicycles looks to mix things up with the help of bringing cyclists to one place and offer something readily available for those who are on their wheels.

We liked this spot because it was quiet and the coffee was robust. This made it enjoyable for us as we do love coffee which has a bit of a kick to it.


Berdana’s is a world-class coffee shop in Scottsdale and has long been listed as one of the best cafes in the region.

What makes it special?

It is a quaint shop that is going to be consistent, fun, and also offer a wide array of goodies. Of course, it’s a popular joint, so you are going to have to be prepared for this during the day.

However, we adore how it looks and the staff is great at the location. We find the goodies to be great to go along with a hot cup of coffee.

Press Coffee And Roasters

Press Coffee and Roasters is one of the more fascinating options because it’s simple, clean, and welcoming.

What more do you want from a modern coffee shop?

With coffee shops in Scottsdale, you are going to desire something fun and that’s what you are going to get here. It will impress instantly.

Final Thoughts

For coffee lovers, these are the best coffee shops in Scottsdale and it’s essential to take a look at which one is going to suit your vibe.

Each one is great and offers the type of crisp quality you are looking for.

We adore what it has to offer and it provides the type of consistency a person desires in Scottsdale.