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11+ Cool Bars in NYC (Local Approved)

11+ Cool Bars in NYC (Local Approved)

Once you have put on your outfit for New York, it’s time to start looking for the best NYC bars in town.

When we took the time to visit this beautiful city, we explored the main icons of New York City and then wanted to go bar hopping.

This included spending time in West Village, Hell’s Kitchen, and Washington Heights.

During our experience, we went to a long list of top bars in New York City and each one helped create memories that we are not going to forget easily.

Let’s take a look at the top bars in NYC right now.

Best Bars In NYC

Motel No Tell

When it comes to the classics and being able to appreciate a throwback to the 70s, it’s essential to head straight to Motel No Tell.

This is a fascinating establishment because it has a unique theme that resonates throughout your time there. It is designed like a motel, which includes the use of vibrant colors and it does feel like you have stepped straight into a 70s movie when you are here.

We loved this vibe because it was cozy, charming, and different from other bars in NYC.

This is one of those bars where the menu is great and the music is always playing. We had a good time here.

Upstairs at Public Records

Public Records is one of the newer bars in New York City and we found it to be quite engaging because it was well-designed and the customer service was fabulous.

You could tell they cared about creating the perfect environment including offering a wide array of drinks. Anyone who is of drinking age in New York is going to want to give this establishment a try as soon as possible.

It’s a lot of fun to come here and we had a good time!

The one thing we loved the most had to do with the charming music that was playing in the background. It felt quite comfortable to drink here.

Agency of Record

Agency of Record is a robust bar because it’s spread across a large space and you are going to be welcomed by a burst of music as soon as you walk in.

We were impressed by the ambiance of this bar because it was not only the drinks that were good but also the bar food. Everything has been designed with a person’s needs in mind, which makes it a breeze to stay here.

Whether you are coming on your own or with buddies, you are going to like the ambiance of this bar. It’s a fascinating spot that has comfortable spots to sit in throughout the bar.

Outer Heaven

This is one of the more unique bars in NYC and we loved it.

We do love a bit of Japanese-themed establishments and this is one of those locations in the form of a bar. Outer Heaven has been designed with different themes in mind including anime and manga. This means you are going to feel like there is a bit of a Japanese theme to where you are.

We loved this element because it’s different from the rest on this list.

Anyone who wants to enjoy good music, drinks, and also a bit of that anime vibe is going to want to come here first.

Paradise Lost

This is one of those bars where you are going to start to notice everything that’s happening around you as soon as you walk in.

It’s meant to be this way at Paradise Lost.

They have crafted a bar in the East Village that is supposed to offer a more horror-based experience and it’s going to be noticeable with the black touches throughout the location along with the type of ambiance they have inside.

It’s done on purpose and you are going to also appreciate their details with the type of music being played.

If you want something scary, dark, and unique then Paradise Lost is a good bar.


Lullaby is world-class and cozy even though it tends to bring a lot of people in.

Depending on when you are going to Lullaby, you are going to be dealing with a location that is buzzing. It is designed to be comfortable with the couches and it does play great music that allows you to get up and have fun dancing.

We loved doing this and the bar was great as a whole.

Lullaby is a good option for those who are coming with their buddies and just want to have good cocktails on-site.

Danger Danger

The first thing you are going to notice will be the carpeting at Danger Danger.

It’s zebra print, which means it’s going to stand out instantly and that’s one of its intricate features people appreciate because it elevates the theme. Danger Danger is situated in Bushwick and is a wonderful establishment in NYC.

We liked how new everything was, which made sure it was spacious and had the type of music we liked to hear.

If you want something clean, unique, and fun then Danger Danger is a good bet.

Good Judy

Good Judy is one of the bigger bars on this list and it has a presence.

We loved the idea of being able to sit at one of the tables, enjoy various cocktails, and chat with our friends in one spot. The beauty of coming to Good Judy is knowing you are going to have ample space to walk around because it is spread across two floors.

This allows you to check out various things that are happening on-site and never get bored.

We loved the dance floor and it’s common for them to also have performances going on in the background.

The Last Call

The Last Call is all about dancing the night away and that’s noticeable with the disco ball hovering above you in the middle.

We felt this was one of those bars where you are going to notice the music playing and it’s going to be dark inside. This creates a natural vibe associated with getting down and having a good time while drinking.

We were able to also get good Japanese food on-site because that’s the theme they are going for at The Last Call.


Discolo is a smaller bar but it’s also one of the more entertaining places to be in NYC.

We loved going to Discolo because there is a room where there’s a bar and you can end up choosing from a wide array of drinks based on what you prefer. We liked this about the bar and felt it was right in line with what we wanted.

It was also ideal for those who loved dancing.

We saw people going to the dance room and just dancing the night away. They love their house music here and that elevates the experience once you are dancing.

Please Tell Me

This is a compact bar but one that is full of life.

Please Tell Me is situated in Williamsburg and is a lot of fun for those who are used to being in cramped spaces dancing with people around. If that is you, Please Tell Me is not going to let you down.

The music tends to keep playing with the DJ and you are going to have a great time drinking on-site. We loved the music and it was a lot of fun to be here.

Final Thoughts

These are the top NYC bars right now.

You are going to have a lovely time at one of these bars based on your preferences. We highly recommend choosing from this list and gaining access to an establishment that has your best interests at heart.