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Does It Snow In Seattle? (Local Guide)

Does It Snow In Seattle? (Local Guide)

When we were exploring federal parks in Washington state, we spent a bit of time in Seattle.

We love this region of America as it is hearty, unique, and also has some of the most picturesque forests on the planet.

You will often see movies being filmed here due to the region’s natural beauty. However, it’s important to know more about the charming city and its conditions. We have gone in the summer and we’ve been there once in the winter.

We are going to help paint a picture of how winter is in Seattle and what to expect.

Snow In Seattle

Most people are going to be focused on winter in Seattle and that’s going to include potential snowstorms.

Does it snow in Seattle?

Snow is not common in Seattle but that does not mean it’s rare. It happens from time to time and there are certain times of the year in the heart of the winter when a proper snowstorm is going to roll around. However, there are weeks or months when there is barely any snow too.

It comes down to the time of year and how bad the winter is.

Historically, it snows infrequently but it does add up over time. You are going to have spurts of snow in Seattle where it will feel like it’s a proper snowstorm.

Conditions In Seattle During The Winter

What about the cold? Does it get cold in Seattle during the winter?

Yes, it can be quite cold in Seattle during the winter and that’s what promotes the presence of snow in the city. Since it is close to the ocean, this elevates how cold it gets in the region but most of the cold air tends to come from the other side of America.

This is why there are going to be periods when the temperature drops and other times when it is reasonable during the winter.

When it begins to snow, it does get brisk.

We often find there are weeks during the winter when there is snow on the ground and it gets quite cold. This is the perfect recipe for a cold period in Seattle where it’s best to put on a warm jacket and make sure you are prepared for the cold.

This does not last a long time but there are periods when this does happen.

The one good thing about Seattle is the city is ready for snow. This means whenever it does snow, they will clear the roads and make sure everyone is aware of the incoming snowstorm. This is why you should always be paying attention to the alerts that come through.

This does not mean all streets are going to get cleaned. We have seen streets that were left untouched. The protocol is usually to clean the main intersections as these are the areas where most of the traffic flow is going to be.

Tips For Winter In Seattle

Listen To The Weather Forecast

It’s essential to make sure you are listening to the weather forecast and heeding the advice of meteorologists. Yes, the weather is unpredictable in this part of the state but it’s common for the weather forecast to guide you down the right path.

This can make it a lot easier to react if something is awry.

Put On A Warm Jacket

You will want to have warm clothes on when you are in Seattle. It does get cold, especially during the night. This is when you are going to notice the cool air against your face.

We often put on a jacket and a scarf to make sure we are fully covered.

The weather is going to get brisk at different times of the winter, so be prepared for it.

Keep The Car Ready With Winter Tires

If you are going to be driving in Seattle then it’s best to make sure your vehicle is ready for this. Do not go around driving with regular tires on your vehicle!

It’s important to get winter tires fitted onto the vehicle if this is going to be a daily driver. Otherwise, your vehicle is going to either get stuck or slide on the ice.

Final Thoughts

Yes, it snows in Seattle and it’s something you should be prepared for.

Snow in Seattle is not going to occur every day but it’s a part of life in the winter. You are going to notice snow on the ground for weeks at a time depending on the time of the year.

Once you are in the heart of the winter, be ready for it.

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