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16+ Fun Things To Do In Orlando (Local Favorites)

16+ Fun Things To Do In Orlando (Local Favorites)

We enjoyed our time visiting various Orlando beaches but we wanted to explore more of this beautiful city.

Orlando is renowned for being a spot for people who want to have fun whether it’s by the water or one of the many local attractions involving Disney. We wanted to see it all and took the time to book tickets and begin visiting various attractions around town.

For the most part, we had a lovely time and wanted to recommend a few of these spots to our readers.

Here are the top things to do in Orlando for fun.

Best Things To Do In Orlando


We have talked about the secrets of Disneyland and it can be a fascinating experience for those who are going with kids.

We wanted to enjoy this magnificent attraction because it’s synonymous with what makes Orlando a fun place to come to. Indeed, Disneyland was great and we had a blast when we were here. Whether it had to do with going to the Club 33 restaurant at Disneyland or going to Sesame Street Land, it was a joy to be there.

We recommend this to people of all ages.

Universal CityWalk

Universal CityWalk is an underrated gem because it’s such an entertaining spot.

We loved being able to walk around, meet with the locals, and try out the various eateries in this area. They have taken the time to create this hotspot in Orlando where you are going to get to experience the best spots in one place.

We enjoyed every moment of it including being able to go to the shops that were set up here.

Aquatica Orlando

Aquatica Orlando is a gem of an attraction.

We enjoyed this spot because it’s common for most people to go to SeaWorld Orlando in town. Yes, we are going to recommend that as an option too but this is a hidden option that is going to be quite remarkable too.

We had a lovely time here because there were lots of things to do and it was affordable too.

Crystal River

Are you someone who wants to see a manatee?

We always wanted to see this animal up close and we were able to when we went to Crystal River. Manatees tend to hang out by the river, so you are going to get to see them here and there when you go to Crystal River.

This can create unique photo opportunities depending on what time of the day you are going.

Hollywood Studios

If you are thinking about pop culture and how it is associated with Florida, you are going to want to take a look at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

This is a fascinating spot with good rides and beautiful shows that take place throughout the day.

We would recommend going during the week to avoid some of the weekend rush. However, if you do go on the weekend, it will let you experience the popularity of this spot.

Central Florida Zoo & Botanical Gardens

If you are someone who loves being able to check out different animals then we would recommend going to the Central Florida Zoo & Botanical Gardens.

The reason we love this attraction has to do with it being a beautiful spot.

You are going to get to see various local species and the gardens are also breathtaking.

SeaWorld Orlando

We have talked about our experience at SeaWorld Orlando and how much fun we had.

It’s a beautiful spot with so many wonderful things to do.

Whether you are dining with the orcas or getting close to the dolphins, you are going to enjoy every moment of being at this attraction. Even the shows they put together for visitors can be a joy to behold if you love aquatic animals.

Everglades Tour

The Everglades have long been heralded as a unique part of Florida where all of the rare and unique animals live.

For anyone who’s feeling adventurous or hoping to get a better look at these animals, we would take the time to head to the Everglades. This is a fascinating experience and something you are going to enjoy throughout your time there.

SEA LIFE Aquarium

SEA Life Aquarium is the real deal when it comes to seeing aquatic creatures in one place.

We found this to be a remarkable attraction because it’s beautiful and there are so many different animals to check out. They have a reported 5000 species in one place, which makes it one of the biggest aquariums in the country.

This is a must-see tourist attraction just for that reason!

WonderWorks Orlando

When it comes to visiting a science center in Orlando, it’s time to head to the fascinating WonderWorks Orlando location.

It’s a gorgeous facility.

You are going to be able to walk through this science center and check out the breathtaking exhibits that are set up throughout the location. We enjoyed our time here and there was a lot to learn too!

ICON Park Ferris Wheel

Being able to enjoy the beautiful view of Orlando from high-up is something we are always going to recommend to visitors.

We took the time to head to ICON Park to find a spot on the Ferris wheel here.

It was wonderful because it’s so tall and you are going to get to enjoy the view on a bright day. When we went it was a clear day making it even better.

Bok Tower Gardens

Bok Tower Gardens has been designed with attention to detail and you are going to be mesmerized by the overall view of this attraction.

It’s one of those spots where everything has been prepared with a high level of care.

We adored how beautiful it was.

It was simply outstanding and they also have a tower set up that adds to the scenic nature of this attraction.


Lego has long been a popular name among people of all ages.

Many have grown up playing with Legos, so it makes sense to check out Legoland. This is a massive store and one that has so much happening inside. It is not just about the store but also about the rides they have set up throughout the park area.

We found this to be remarkable because it was great for families.

Lake Louisa State Park

Lake Louisa State Park is the real deal when it’s time to enjoy the natural beauty of Orlando.

The lake area is beautiful and it is a great spot to just sit and watch as the water rustles around. We loved this view and it was a good spot to just relax. It was not too busy when we went and the natural charm of being here was wonderful.

You are not going to regret this spot!

Kennedy Space Center

The Kennedy Space Center has long been regarded as a wonderful attraction for those who want to learn more about outer space and what it means to be an astronaut.

This includes seeing the various exhibits and learning more about the space history of America.

All of this is going to be readily available when you are here and it’s also a beautiful facility for those who just want a new experience.

Universal Studios

The last attraction is going to have to be Universal Studios.

This has long been known as one of the top spots for those who love watching movies. It is not just the rides that are set up here around famous movies or shows but also the general shows that take place throughout the week.

It is a fun place to be and you are going to love it if you are into watching movies.

Final Thoughts

These are the best things to do in Orlando for fun.

Orlando has so much to do and these spots are going to win you over instantly.

We also recommend looking at the top beaches close to Disney World, Celebration Town In Florida, and top vacation spots in Florida.