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11+ Best Germanic Castles In Germany (Local Approved)

11+ Best Germanic Castles In Germany (Local Approved)

A trip to Germany is always an exciting one.

The nation is dripping with history and it has gone through several developments over the years. However, it’s the ancient history that continues to amaze us when it comes to this delightful European nation.

One thing we always wanted to check out was the castles in Germany.

It’s common for people to mention them and state these are the castles that are going to take your breath away.

Let’s take a look at the best castles in Germany and why they stand out.

Top Castles In Germany

Cochem Castle

Cochem Castle is a wonderful place because it has a unique aesthetic.

Everything is elegant and there is a sense of tranquility to the castle that’s hard to match. It is set on a hill close to the Moselle River helping elevate its grandeur. You can tell this is a proper castle due to how it has been set up as it illustrates a sense of power.

Cochem Castle is situated in Cochem and is a gorgeous sight. It’s also a beautiful town to check out whenever you are here.

Moritzburg Castle

When it comes to beautiful elements such as the unique murals and ornaments, it’s essential to look at the magnificence of the Moritzburg Castle. This is a refined castle that was set up in the 16th century and continues to be heralded for its beauty.

We were impressed with the various domes and how intricate the detailing was. You could tell a lot of effort was put into designing and building this gorgeous castle in Germany.

When looking at the top Germanic castles, this is right up there among the best.

It’s not only the castle but also the forest nearby. Everything is natural, pleasing, and just worth checking out.

Schwerin Castle

The Schwerin Castle is one of those architectural delights that is going to bring a smile to your face. It’s situated in the heart of Schwerin and continues to signify the natural charm of the region because you are going to adore the lakes in the area.

With the castle, you are going to be looking at a picturesque location.

The ornaments are intricate and something you are not going to forget. We adored the way everything was set up and this includes the designs of the walls. They have thought of everything in this humongous German castle.

Eltz Castle

This is a castle that has been around for a long time and came to fruition in the 13th century making it one of the oldest castle in Germany.

It is situated in the Moselle Valley and is quite a beautiful sight. We took the time to explore the grounds and also check out the views that it is known for. When you get to the castle, you are going to see the gorgeous Eltsbach River, which is going to showcase how naturally beautiful this setting is.

It is one of those settings that you are not going to forget easily.

Burghausen Castle

Set on top of a hill, the Burghausen Castle is the real deal.

It’s one of the most popular castles in Germany and whenever you speak to locals, you are going to hear about this masterpiece. It’s the elegance of the setting and the way it has been designed, which is going to woo people including tourists.

We adored the way it was set up.

When you are walking around, you are going to get to see the gorgeous Salzach River and it’s also going to have architectural details that are unique to it. For example, the Gothic temple is a unique element, and then the various apexes.

We felt it was a charming design that was easy on the eyes.

Braunfels Castle

This is a fascinating historic castle in Germany.

The Braunfels Castle is a masterpiece because of its beautiful domes. You are going to adore this gorgeous attraction because of the surrounding town too. We took the time to spend a few days in Braunfels because the town itself is intoxicating.

You are not going to want to leave.

As far as the Braunfels Castle, it is a wonderful place with ample history dripping from every wall. As you walk around, you are going to notice the intricate walls and how everything has been designed. It is a true masterpiece.

Neuschwanstein Castle

This is a castle that is situated in the Bavarian Alps and is noted for being a beautiful sight.

We took the time to see what it was all about and this is one of those charming castles that is full of history and value. You are going to get to see the different images that are set up throughout the castle along with the pristine walls.

This is one of those castles where the design was managed with a lot of care and you can feel it as soon as you take a look around.

Marienburg Castle

The Marienburg Castle was set up by King George V and it was designed to be a romantic gesture in the form of a birthday present.

This makes it quite appealing as people want to see how this was customized for the Queen and whether or not there are customized details that can be picked out as you are walking around. When we took the time to go through this beautiful castle, it was clear it was massive.

This is a huge castle with many rooms and the color choices are delicate too.

It can easily be seen as a beautiful gift worthy of a queen.

Heidelberg Castle

This is situated in the heart of Heidelberg and is one of the most charming castles on the list.

We like this castle because it has been designed with a purpose and offers various parts. This includes a unique set of elements that have been intricately put together to make sure the castle stands out from all angles.

We were thoroughly impressed by this and there are various stories associated with the castle when it comes to fires and what has been done to it.

Hohenzollern Castle

The Hohenzollern Castle is a wonderful castle that is situated in Swabia.

We found this to be a unique castle because it is close to the mountain range and has ample history associated with it. This is a castle that has been around since the 1000s. Yes, it is that old!

This makes it quite historic as you are going to learn a lot about the people who lived here and how the area was set up. For those who are going to Stuttgart, you are going to want to have this on your itinerary because it’s worth checking out!

Marksburg Castle

The last castle on the list is going to be the beautiful Marksburg Castle.

This is a fascinating castle that is set up on a cliff and is close to the Rhine River. You are going to adore the sight because it has been designed with a high level of care with the use of different shades.

We noticed this with the different elements inside and outside the castle.

It has been around for over eight centuries and is a remarkable sight.

Final Thoughts

These are the best Germanic castles that we have visited over the years.

If you are in Germany, it’s a must to go around seeing at least some of these beautiful castles.

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