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Scariest Haunted Hotels In California (Local Approved)

Scariest Haunted Hotels In California (Local Approved)

Whether you are residing in Los Angeles or someone who is taking a trip out to other parts of California, it’s essential to know where the hidden gems are.

Some will look at the top discount theaters in Los Angeles, while others are going to be on the hunt for the best bridges in Los Angeles.

However, there is one element that you might not thought of and that’s going to come in the form of your accommodations. What types of hotels are there in California? What about some of the best haunted hotels in the state?

We have taken the time to ask locals and pinpoint what the best haunted hotels in California are and what makes them scary.

Top Haunted Hotels In California

Napa River Inn

The Napa River Inn is one of the most haunted hotels in California.

It has to do with the overall vibe of the location and how it is set up. You are going to be in awe of the hotel and all that it has to offer when you are walking around. This is a unique hotel because it has been around for decades and continues to haunt people.

There are stories of people from the past who used to spend time here still being present in the form of ghosts.

Union Hotel

Union Hotel is set up in Benicia and it is a riveting site.

It has been around since the late-1800s and that helps set up its historic nature. This is not only one of the oldest hotels in the state but also one that is associated with horror stories.

It is commonly reported some sounds tend to pop up inside the hotel. This includes sounds of people whining and talking in the background.

Glen Tavern Inn

There was a time when Glen Tavern Inn was frequented by people from all over California.

What was the reason?

It was one of the premier entertainment hotels in the region and it had a lot to do with the brothel that had been set up inside. Of course, those were the earlier days.

When the stories started to pop up, this is when people got scared. It was reported there were ghosts in Glen Tavern Inn that would make noises and would terrify people that were inside.

Queen Mary Hotel

The name itself is associated with horror as people will often assume something that has “Mary” in it is going to have some horror to it.

The same applies to the Queen Mary Hotel in Los Angeles.

This particular hotel is set up in Long Beach and comes in the form of a ship. Yes, it has been reported to be haunted, which has to do with people who used to work on the ship in the past. Their ghosts now roam around inside the ship including the cabins and engine rooms.

Queen Anne Hotel

The overall vibe of the Queen Anne Hotel is going to put you on edge.

This is a hotel that has been around for a while and it has been designed with those architectural details. It is fascinating for those who want to make sure they are getting to see a hotel in a way that is different from the others in California.

It is commonly stated there is a ghost of the headmistress here from a boarding school nearby. This is the ghost that continues to haunt ghosts on-site.

Zaballa House

Whether it is the odd sounds at night or the various reports that have been filed by guests over the years, there is something off about Zaballa House.

This is one of the more famous haunted hotels in the region and it has to do with the history of the hotel based on these sightings.

Guests often state they hear odd sounds and it can become disturbing after a while. This includes the sound of someone moving the door or playing with the windows.

This illustrates that Zaballa House might have ghosts roaming around.

Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel

Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel is a fascinatingly scary gem when it comes to haunted hotels in LA.

It has long been regarded as giving off a scary vibe that is going to cause you to get nervous as soon as you begin to look around. The reason has to do with the stories that have been passed around over the ages about this particular hotel.

One of the stories has to do with Montgomery Clift spending time in room 928 and continuing to haunt the room for a long time. This is just one of many stories associated with the hotel and why it continues to be on the list of haunted hotels in Los Angeles.

Chateau Marmont

When it comes to some of the premier hotels in Los Angeles, most people are going to talk about top-tier locations such as the Chateau Marmont.

This is a world-class hotel that is set up in West Hollywood, but that does not mean it is not haunted. There are stories out there of people stating it is haunted and one of the main reasons has to do with Belushi roaming around.

Why does Belushi come up in all of this?

He passed away due to a drug overdose on-site. People state his spirit has been around ever since he passed away.

Amargosa Opera House & Hotel

This was set up during the early 1900s and it has been around ever since.

The location was often listed as being one of the bright spots of the region it was in at the time. Some people would spend time here and have a blast.

Those days are still here as people do tend to visit the hotel and spend time on the premises. Howevertherere are constant reports of it being haunted.

This includes various spirits that are noticed as being on-site at the location.

Final Thoughts

These are the scariest hotels in California and will give you goosebumps instantly.

These spine-tingling locations are a must-see for those who are looking for paranormal activity in California.

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