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Horseshoe Beach In Florida (Local Guide)

Horseshoe Beach In Florida (Local Guide)

We have explored the area of Christmas in Florida and spent time in Cape San Blas Florida, but what about Horseshoe Beach in Florida?

This is a fascinating village situated in a beautiful part of Florida and deserves attention.

We often hear people talk about other famous places in the state but overlook some of the hidden gems that are spread throughout the core of the state. This is going to include the charming Horseshoe Beach.

When we were putting together a list of vacation spots in Florida, we wanted to make sure to get a few hidden gems into the mix too.

This is when we decided to go to Horseshoe Beach in Florida too.

It is close to the Big Bend Coast and it is quite the sight. We love the people here and it is also intriguingly beautiful.

While it does not have a huge population (only 169 people), you are going to enjoy your time here. It is wonderful to get to speak to the locals and just spend a bit of time here while you are driving by.

We are going to take a deeper dive into understanding the beauty of Horseshoe Beach along with how it got its name.

About Horseshoe Beach In Florida

Let’s begin with the name.

Horseshoe Beach is a unique name and you are going to be wondering about how it got this moniker. In essence, the name comes from the wildlife in the region.

When you are here, you are going to notice the horseshoe crabs in the water. These are local crabs that are quite remarkable to look at and they are so prominent that the locals decided to name the region after them.

As a result, you get Horseshoe Beach.

When was the region made?

It was made during the 1800s when there was an increased desire to have workers enter the region. Lumber was seen throughout the area and that meant it was common for companies to want to take up a spot to begin working on the lumber that was present.

It was one of the reasons people started to come to this part of Florida.

Over time, the Florida village was developed and it became a cherished hidden gem.

We have looked at Florida’s old towns and this one also deserves a spot on the list.

Of course, the lumber business was not a long-term proposition and most people started moving further away to carry out their business. This is something we noticed when speaking to the locals as there is no one in that part of the business anymore.

Instead, it is more common for the locals to venture out.

After a while, most of the people that were staying in the region in the 1900s were fishermen. They wanted to work on the crabs and the other fish in the water.

Our Experience In Horseshoe Beach

So, why did we like going to Horseshoe Beach in Florida?

It is not just the quiet vibe of this region but also the beautiful view of the water. It’s a captivating spot and one you are going to fall in love with.

As of right now, it’s common to see people who have vacation places in the region and other houses that are closer to the water.

You can always come to one of the restaurants in the area to have a bit of local food. We liked doing this because it also allowed us to mingle with the locals for a while.

It’s important to note most people are working in the boating sector now. This is essential because of the location of the village. It is close to the water, so you are going to have most water-based businesses including those who are working with boats.

Final Thoughts

This is what you will want to know about Horseshoe Beach in Florida.

If you are looking to visit a calming village in Florida then you are going to want to stop here. Not only are you going to like the people you end up meeting but the food is great too.

It’s a win-win for those who want to have a bit of fun.

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