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How Hot Is It In Dubai? (Local Advice)

How Hot Is It In Dubai? (Local Advice)

The heat in Dubai can become overwhelming and most people are aware of this when traveling to the region.

Whether you are going to a water park in Dubai or considering moving to Dubai, it’s important to be aware of how hot it gets in Dubai.

We have spent a few months in Dubai and have a good understanding of how the summers can be in this part of the world. For those who don’t like the heat, it’s essential to be prepared and make sure you know how hot it’s going to get when you are here.

Let’s take a look at how hot it is in Dubai.

How Hot Does It Get In Dubai?

If you are going to Dubai in July, you are going to be looking at temperatures that can touch 50°C. Research shows the day temperature can be an average of 48°C during the summer here.

As you can imagine, this is the type of heat that is going to make you notice.

Most people are not going to be heading outdoors when it is this hot in Dubai and rightly so. You are going to be dealing with issues such as sunburn and heat stroke if you are standing outside for too long. We do not recommend stepping outside in the summer for too long.

The only time you should be going outside is in the evenings or if you are going to be staying indoors.

What’s The Hottest Month In Dubai?

The hottest month in Dubai is August. This is when it’s going to be 50°C for multiple days during the month.

It’s important to note that it is also considerably hot during July.

This is a period where the heat is going to be consistent and it’s not going to rain. In general, it does not rain a lot in Dubai and this is one time in the year where it’s going to be clear skies and the heat is going to be exhausting.

For the most part, you are going to be dealing with the peak of summer.

This is challenging but it is still possible to have a good time in Dubai as long as you are staying indoors or heading to a local pool to cool off.

Most people are going to be going outdoors in the evenings. It’s important to note that Dubai is designed with this in mind, so you are not going to have too much trouble having fun in the evenings here. There is always something to do at night.

Plus, you are going to feel safe here too.

Tips For Handling The Heat In Dubai

Don’t Go Out In The Afternoon

You are going to have to be careful when it comes to going out in the summer months.

Most people will think about the cost of staying in Dubai but not the experience itself. In general, it’s going to be hot in the summer, so you need to stay indoors.

Your best bet is to wait for the evenings as that is when it’s going to be at least ten degrees cooler and the sun is going to be gone.

Go To A Water Park Or Pool

Is there a water park nearby?

This is one of the best activities in Dubai during the summer months. You can take the family or go on your own because the water is going to be chilled here.

This feels great when you are dealing with the outside heat.

Look For Indoor Activities

We would also recommend general indoor activities.

This includes going to the shopping mall as there are quite a few in the region. You can do a bit of shopping and it is going to be air-conditioned.

This is what matters to those who want to have fun in Dubai during the summer.

Wear Sunscreen

You will want to put on sunscreen.

This is one of the biggest challenges for people who want to ensure they are staying safe. You don’t want a situation where you are not putting on sunscreen.

It is going to be sunny and you are going to be risking your skin getting sunburned.

Don’t let this happen and be prepared with good-quality sunscreen in Dubai.

Don’t Walk On The Sand Without Sandles

Are you going to be heading to the beach during your time in Dubai?

If so, it is not ideal to be out there in the afternoon. It is simply too hot. The water is going to be hot too. This makes it difficult to have a cooling experience.

In general, the sand is going to be burning hot too. This means sandals are a must.

Wear Lighter Clothes

You will want to wear lighter clothing in Dubai.

One of the laws of staying in Dubai is being modest. Yes, you can wear bikinis and other similar clothing around the beaches, but you should not be wearing such clothing in other public areas.

This is seen as immodest and is not going to work with the culture even if it is hot outdoors. As a result, we recommend wearing lighter clothes that are breathable. This is going to allow you to be modest and still have a good time as you are outdoors.

Cover Your Head From the Sun

How are you protecting your head in the summer?

The sun is going to be beating down, so we would recommend wearing some type of head covering in Dubai. This is going to ensure you feel comfortable as you are walking in the sun.

Most people are going to put on a hat and that will work.

Final Thoughts

These are the main things to think about when it comes to how hot it gets in Dubai.

Yes, the summer months are going to be tough but there is still lots to do. Plus, the tickets and hotels are going to be cheaper during this time of the year.

Focus on this when it comes to staying comfortable in Dubai.