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How To Dry Clothes In Hotel Room (Tourist Guide)

How To Dry Clothes In Hotel Room (Tourist Guide)

We have explored how to find a hidden camera in a hotel room and hotel deposits, but now it’s time to look at drying clothes in a hotel room.

When you are in a hotel room, you are going to want to understand the amenities available to you. We have seen hotels offer good laundry services to their guests and it is common for people to take advantage of them.

We have used those services too.

However, what if you just want to wash your clothes in the hotel room and then dry them? Is it possible to dry your clothes in a hotel room?

We are going to take a look at this and how we have done it in the past while traveling.

Steps To Dry Laundry In A Hotel Room

Use Dry Towel

The first step is to take out a dry towel.

You are going to want to make sure this towel is clean to avoid the smell getting into the clothing. Once you have the dry towel, it’s time to place the towel on a flat surface.

You are now going to take the wet clothing, put it on top of the dry towel, and then wrap the towel around the wet clothing. Make sure it’s secure to allow for the moisture to be removed from the clothing.

You can now begin to squeeze the towel to get the water out.

This is going to take a bit of time but it works well based on our experience.

Towel Warmer

This method is going to focus on using what’s available to you inside the hotel room.

You are going to dry the clothes with a towel warmer.

To do this, you are going to turn on the towel warmer, place the clothing, and then let the warmer run. This is going to do a good job of drying the clothing but it will depend on what you are drying.

We were able to do this with things such as shirts.

Shower Rail

This method is a simpler one and most people are going to try this in the hotel room.

The idea here is to use the shower rail to dry your clothes in the hotel room.

To do this, you are going to place the clothing on top of the shower rail. Spread out the clothes and make sure the shower rail is clean (wipe it!) and then place the clothing on top. This can work but it will take a bit of time to complete.

Hair Dryer

This is an obvious solution as you are going to take advantage of a known heat source such as a hair dryer.

The hair dryer is going to be readily available in the hotel room.

Take it out and begin to run the hair dryer over the wet clothing. This should help get rid of the moisture in the wet clothes but it will take a bit of time. We found this to be challenging when you have so many items to work through.

If you have a few then this is going to work well.

Ironing board

Ironing boards are a good option too.

In this case, you are going to put the wet clothes on the ironing board and then begin to use the iron on them one by one. This will work well because the heat is going to get rid of the moisture from the clothing.

Be methodical while doing this to avoid burning the clothes.

We often take the time to work quickly over the clothing to make sure burning isn’t an issue.


If you are looking to tap into the heat source in the hotel room, why not go to the nearby radiator?

This is going to work well for you.

You can manage the settings on the radiator making it easier to control the amount of heat coming out. At this point, just place the clothing on top of the radiator or close to it to get rid of the moisture. This will work well and quickly.


Some hotel rooms are going to have a fan in them.

This is another way to increase the airflow near the clothing. You can begin to dry the clothes in the hotel room using a fan. It is going to take a bit of time, but if you increase the fan’s speed, this will generate a good amount of heat.

Final Thoughts

This is how to dry clothes in a hotel room.

We hope these solutions make it easier for you to get the clothing in the condition you want. It is all about being patient and making sure you are adjusting on the go.

If nothing else works, just use the hotel laundry service.

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