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How To Pronounce Capri In Italian (Tourist Guide)

How To Pronounce Capri In Italian (Tourist Guide)

When you’re going to Rome or visiting an Italian cafe, it’s common to wonder about the pronunciation of specific words.

We were in the same boat and one of the words we wanted to learn was Capri in Italian. We were taking a trip to Italy and wanted to go to Capri in Southern Italy.

This is when we started looking at how to pronounce Capri in Italian.

What is Capri?

It’s a set of islands that are set in the south of Italy and it’s a remarkable place to visit!

A lot of people wander out to this part of the country and simply soak in the sights. We do believe it’s one of the most beautiful, tranquil places in the country and worth visiting at least once.

For this guide, we are going to take a look at the word Capri and how to pronounce it.

Pronounciation Of Capri In Italian

Let’s begin with the basics.

The word Capri is not going to sound the same as it is written. At least not what you would expect it to sound like if you were to read it in one go.

The right pronunciation is “KAH-PREE” similar to the word free.

You are going to hold the first syllable longer than the second. This is where most people go wrong as they will say it with the same flow and emphasize both syllables. Take your time to learn how to say it and you are going to get the hang of it.

Meaning Of The Word Capri

The next thing most people are going to wonder is why is the place called Capri in Italy?

Capri is a specific term that’s used in the region and it’s specific to the area. Of course, locals will often mention different reasons for the name coming about but we are going to take a look at the most popular theories.

Capri is supposed to stand for “Place of Burial” as this was a region where burials used to take place in the past. It comes from an ancient language that was spoken in the region and the term continued as time went on.

There are other locals that disagree and state it simply comes from Latin where a similar word stands for she-goat.

We feel it is likely a play on both of these terms that has been carried over in Italy.

We highly recommend taking the time to visit some of the local buildings in the area to learn more about the history. This is going to give you a proper look into the meaning of Capri and why the islands have developed as they have.

We often do this when we visit a beautiful, historic place such as this one.

It’s important to note that the locals in Capri are going to be speaking Italian. Some will know English, so it’s best to be aware of this when you are taking the time to reach out to them.

Final Thoughts

This is how you pronounce Capri in Italian.

Capri is a beautiful place in Italy and highly recommended for those who are going to the south of Italy. We took the time to head out to these beautiful islands because the weather is warm as you are closer to the equator and it’s a joy to be here.

As you learn how to pronounce the name of the place, you are going to feel more in tune with the locals and how they speak.

It’s not too difficult to learn and you are going to have a great time speaking it as soon as you are here.

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