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How To Send Money From Dubai To USA (Expat Advice)

How To Send Money From Dubai To USA (Expat Advice)

If you are looking to send money from Dubai to the USA, it’s essential to be aware of what the process is going to include.

We know the cost of living in Dubai remains high, which is why it’s important to have everything in order. This includes keeping the transfer fees as low as possible.

We have sent money from Dubai to America, which gives us insight into what works and which direction to go in. As an expat, it’s important to be aware of what it takes to transfer money from Dubai to the US as cheaply as possible.

Here are the things we feel are important for you to be aware of.

Steps On How To Send Money From Dubai To USA

Know The Fees

When you are living in Dubai, it’s normal to realize it’s an expensive city.

This means you are going to want to save as many dirhams as possible during the transfer process! To do this, you are going to have to start with the basics.

This includes knowing what the transfer fees are.

For the most part, some fees are unavoidable.

For example, there are transfer fees that are going to be attached to any foreign transfer. This is going to be a set percentage that will vary based on what the transfer provider is willing to set.

There are other issues that you are also going to want to account for such as the exchange rate. This exchange rate is going to be listed by the transfer money provider in Dubai and they are going to let you know what it is at that time.

You can always wait things out if you think the rate will be better later.

It is also possible for commissions to be tacked out by the transfer money provider. Read into this before sending money.

Select A Transfer Provider

Now you are going to have to choose a transfer provider.

Who are you going to work with when it comes to selecting a transfer provider to send funds from Dubai to America?

We feel it’s best to shop around.

There is no one right answer when it comes to a situation such as this. It is going to depend on their transfer fees at the time and whether or not they are charging a high commission on each transfer. Your goal has to be to go with a trusted option as that is going to matter the most.

Some will prefer to go with TransferWise and others are going to look at a service provider such as Western Union. We are not going to recommend one particular option because it will come down to what you want at that moment.

Always look to go with those who are offering a good exchange rate and not tacking on high hidden fees that are going to bother you later.

Be patient and thorough.

You are going to want to see what each money transfer provider is offering. Some are also going to offer discounts to new customers, so this can also be to your advantage in Dubai.

Create An Online Account With The Provider

Let’s assume you have done your homework and it’s time to create an online account.

Your goal is to make sure you are creating an online account with the transfer provider. This is going to ensure things go ahead as smoothly as you want.

We would start with key information.

This includes key details such as important banking information. This has to be accurate including your address, name, and where the funds are coming from.

This is going to be a key step and you are then going to begin the transfer through their website/app. The leading service providers offer both solutions.

You are then going to want the recipient’s information. This includes their name, address, routing number, bank account number, and account type.

Always double-check this information to make sure there are no mistakes. Otherwise, the transfer is not going to go through, and/or you are going to have to answer additional questions, which will slow things down tremendously.

Complete The Transfer

The last step is going to be to complete the money transfer to the US from Dubai.

You are going to have the funds taken out of the account that you have linked and then it is going to be sent to the recipient’s account. This process should be instant for the most part, but there are some situations where there will be a slight delay.

This is why we recommend making sure the details are accurate.

Let The Recipient Know

The last step is to let the recipient know that the funds have been sent to their account.

This is going to make sure the funds get to them and they can access them instantly. We also find it important to keep the receipt on hand to make sure things work out as required and you can answer any questions if the funds are delayed.

Final Thoughts

These are the steps on how to send money from Dubai to the USA.

Be patient and always compare money transfer providers in Dubai. Do not get stuck with one and always choose those who are willing to offer a good deal.

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