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Exploring Idyllwild Village In California (Local Guide)

Exploring Idyllwild Village In California (Local Guide)

California is often associated with Los Angeles but this is a fascinating region with small towns such as Idyllwild.

When we were hunting for white wines in California and exploring haunted places in California, we heard about tourists going to the San Jacinto Mountains. In the same area, you are going to get to see the beautiful Idyllwild.

We were fascinated by this beautiful town and wanted to see what this quaint place was all about. It indeed lived up to our expectations.

Idyllwild is one of those places that’s made for people who love being outdoors.

The hiking trails are gorgeous because of the mountain range and then you are going to have access to the town itself. This includes a wide array of fun activities a person can participate in when they are in Idyllwild.

Let’s take a look at what Idyllwild Village is all about and what makes it amazing.

Hiking Trails In Idyllwild

We mentioned earlier how hiking is a big reason for coming to Idyllwild and that’s what we did.

There is nothing better than being in this part of California and just seeing what is out there. You are going to be in awe of the greenery, wildlife, and just the types of hiking trails in Idyllwild.

These are quaint, charming trails that have it all.

We took the time to go to the Tahquitz Peak, which was recommended to us by locals. This is a fascinating hike because it’s going to be an intermediate hike, which will take a bit out of you. However, the view itself is amazing once you are at the peak.

You are going to be on top of the mountain, so the view is going to blow you away.

We knew it was worth it as soon as we completed the hike. Yes, it took a bit of time as it is a steep hike, but you are going to love the result as soon as you are at the lookout point.

It’s important to note that you will want to stay hydrated when you are hiking to the Tahquitz Peak in Idyllwild.

How are you going to get to the trailhead?

It’s easy to access and most people can guide you to it if Google Maps does not. We found it relatively easily and then began prepping for the hike. You are going to notice the elevation gain and that is why it’s essential to have the right hiking shoes on for the hike.

Otherwise, you are going to feel instead on your feet and it will take a toll on your body.

Places To Eat

Town Bakery

We loved this bakery because it’s amazing and has a lot to offer.

You are going to get to mingle with the staff and learn more about them. The food you are going to get here has a traditional element to it that is hard to find elsewhere. We loved this about being able to choose from the various baked goods on show.

We loved the cinnamon rolls and decided to munch on them when we were in town. The sweetness of the buns was hard to beat and they were as good as you would imagine them to be.

Idyll Awhile

Are you someone who is looking for good wine in Idyllwild?

We would take a look at Idyll Awhile.

This is one of the premier wine spots in the region and is going to offer a wonderful selection for you to choose from. We were impressed by their selection and the service was great too. Plus, the ambiance is perfect for a relaxing time out.

Higher Grounds

We were recommended Higher Grounds as the best coffee shop in Idyllwild and we have to agree their coffee beans are the real deal.

The quality of the coffee shop along with the service is what makes it feel homely. Everything about it has that mountain-themed angle that is going to make you feel like you are heading on an adventure while grabbing a cup of coffee.

We felt their customer service was great and it is another way to mingle with the locals. The locals love this coffee and it’s fun to grab what you want when you are here.


Antique Gifts & Collectables

I loved this little shop at the top of Circle Dr. While it is only open Fri, Sat, and Sun it has a room FULL of fun antiques. The old record collection was especially amazing, and I ended up taking home more than I planned.

Ink Used Books & More (possibly closed as well)

I love to read and own old books, so I had a great time browsing this unique bookstore. The best part about it is that they did not stick with the traditional book labelings of nonfiction and fiction and went with areas called “Pure BS” and the best sellers area called “stuff they want you to read.” A fun place to walk around and pick up a book to read.

Final Thoughts

This is what you will want to know about the beautiful Idyllwild Village.

Idyllwild Village is the real deal as one of the top spots in California for being outdoors. You are going to get to enjoy the real ambiance of the outdoorsy elements in this state when you are here. The people are great and the views are even better!

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