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Is Cancun Safe? (Expat Advice)

Is Cancun Safe? (Expat Advice)

When you land at the Cancun airport, you’re going to have an eye toward understanding the language, knowing where to go, and having a plan in mind.

We have been in this situation as Cancun is a fascinating place but one you are going to want to do your research about.

We were planning a cenote tour in Cancun and wanted to ensure things were done correctly. During our stay, we also heard people mention the safety of Cancun compared to the rest of Mexico.

Whether you want to go to a Mexican coffee shop or eat quality fast food in Mexico, it’s essential to keep your safety in mind.

Cancun is just like any other part of the world. There is crime around.

Does this mean it’s unsafe and impossible to walk around? No, and we are going to shed light on what we mean by this.

Here is a look at how safe Cancun is for tourists and locals.

Is Cancun Safe To Visit?

Yes, Cancun is one of the safest cities in Mexico and is known for being tourist-friendly. The region has a specified “hotel zone,” which is jam-packed with various resorts and hotels catering to visitors.

These are well-protected and it’s uncommon for a person to deal with unsafe conditions.

Yes, you might have pickpocketing outside this region but you should be safe for the most part. Those who stay at the resort or in their hotel can feel confident in how safe they are in Cancun.

We had a great time when it came to staying at a resort in Cancun and even when we explored the rest of the region.

When we take a detailed look at the crime rate in Cancun, it’s easy to appreciate the crime rate isn’t that high compared to other cities in Mexico. It is just like any other major city where there are small crimes taking place and you should be careful in specific areas of the city.

Otherwise, you are going to be good to go just like you would be in any other major international city.

We know there is a narrative out there about safety in Cancun or Mexico in general. This is incorrect and the city is quite safe for tourists and locals.

Just take the time to be well-prepared when you are stepping out and you will be good to go.

How To Stay Safe In Cancun

Let’s assume you want to stay safe in Cancun.

What should you be doing?

If you are stepping out to buy a taco in Mexico, you are going to be heading out into town. This means it’s essential not to flash your valuables while walking around and also to be aware of potential scammers that are walking in the area.

It is not common for these scammers to be around, but you still need to be aware.

It’s also essential to not walk around too much at night unless you are in the hotel zone. This includes walking around with valuables or using the ATM. We would keep all our valuables in the hotel room or where we stayed.

In general, the food is going to be safe in Cancun.

They are rigorous when it comes to food standards within hotels and/or resorts. This means anyone staying at one of these locations in the hotel zone will be safe. They are going to make sure the right type of water is being used and the food is safe to consume.

You do not have to hesitate when it comes to this.

The Cancun resorts are quite meticulous when it comes to the use of filtered water and are going to care for you.

When we were staying at a Cancun resort, we would often try a wide array of foods. This includes local dishes that were prepared on-site. It was remarkably safe and the taste was great too!

For those who want to stay completely safe, you can always drink bottled water and fruit juices.

General Safety In Cancun

It’s important to be aware of potential conditions a person can develop in Cancun.

This includes being exposed to mosquito bites that will spread dengue. It’s essential to wear mosquito repellent and also ensure you are well aware of what’s being done to keep the mosquitoes out of your room.

It’s essential to be aware of this whenever you step outside.

Otherwise, you could develop Dengue fever and that’s not an easy condition to face on a trip to a foreign country.

Can You Solo Travel In Cancun Safely?

If you are a solo traveler in Cancun, you are going to be extra cautious about safety standards.

We are aware of this and have seen several solo travelers come to Cancun over the years. After all, this is one of the premier tourist destinations in the world and people come from all over the planet to this charming city.

It’s still important to follow the recommendations we have made when it comes to safety in Cancun. As long as you apply those standards, you are going to be good to go. We always recommend letting someone know where you are as this will ensure you are kept track of by a loved one.

The same applies to solo female travel in Cancun.

Do not put yourself in dangerous situations and this applies to any international city the size of Cancun. You can end up getting targeted as a weaker target whether you are in a US city or Cancun. We always apply these safety standards while walking outside the hotel zone in Cancun.

This includes not using an ATM at night or walking with our valuables alone.

It is not worth it.

You are also going to want to be careful about where you are going including potential nightclubs/bars. You don’t want to go somewhere that is going to expose you to risk or is not highly rated.

In our case, we prefer to stay in the hotel zone as it is already secure and tends to offer all of the things we could ever need in Cancun.

Final Thoughts

Is Cancun safe to visit?

Yes, Cancun is safe to visit and is one of the premier tourist destinations in the world. It has a “hotel zone” designed to keep people safe and offers everything you are going to need within the allotted zone.

Even if you venture outside this zone, you are going to be relatively safe.

Just make sure you are not using an ATM at night or walking into areas that are not known to you.

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