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Is Downtown Brooklyn Safe? (Local Guide)

Is Downtown Brooklyn Safe? (Local Guide)

Whether you are exploring Brooklyn Bridge Park or enjoying New York in the fall, this is a fascinating place for tourists.

Downtown Brooklyn is one of those areas where tourists are going to spend a bit of time in.

We realized this when we heard people taking the time to head to the area and walking around. Of course, you are going to wonder whether or not it’s safe to go to downtown Brooklyn and that’s what we are going to take a look at too.

Brooklyn is a wonderful place. It’s vibrant and full of life. There is a cultural element to it that adds value to your experience as a tourist.

There is a reason it’s a famous part of New York and one people like coming to.

Is it safe to visit Brooklyn?

Safety Of Brooklyn

Brooklyn is relatively safe but the crime rate is still high. You are going to have to be prepared for this as soon as you head to downtown Brooklyn.

The locals are used to it, but tourists might be in for a surprise.

We would not be going out to downtown Brooklyn at night. It’s better to go during the day as that’s going to allow you to be more alert as you are walking around.

When there are so many people around including the tourists, it’s going to get busy. This also means the crime rate is going to rise too. As a result, it’s common to hear about crimes in Brooklyn and you will have to be vigilant when you are outside.

Safe Areas In Downtown Brooklyn

We would start with a place such as Kensington. It’s known for being safe and it’s ideal for those who want to visit Brooklyn while staying safe.

Kensington is gorgeous and it is diverse.

We adore this place and do find it to be vibrant at the same time. You are going to feel secure whenever you are here.

You can also take a look at a vibrant place such as Prospect Heights. This particular area is affordable and also full of life. We found it to be nice because there were so many eateries in the area, which made it a joy to be in.

You are going to like being able to eat out here.

Another option would be Bay Ridge.

This is a safe place and one locals like to live in. This is safe for Brooklyn and you are going to enjoy the overall community in the area. This is essential for those who are going to be residing in Brooklyn and want to make sure they are safe.

Crimes In Brooklyn

Since we have mentioned the crime rate in Brooklyn, we also have to take the time to focus on the experience of being in downtown Brooklyn.

The crimes you are going to see will often include property crimes.

Violent crimes are noticeable here but often in specific areas of downtown Brooklyn. You are not going to see it all around you.

Tips For Staying Safe In Downtown Brooklyn

For those who want to stay safe in downtown Brooklyn, it’s important to have a plan in mind. This is how you are going to stay safe in most cities around the world and Brooklyn is no different.

The first thing is to make sure you are avoiding known dangerous areas in Brooklyn. It’s also not good to go out at night, especially on your own. This is going to make you a much easier target.

Another recommendation is to ensure you are not carrying valuables with you wherever you go. It is best to keep them back in your hotel room as a tourist. Those valuables are once again going to make you an easier and more exciting target.

It’s also important to make sure you are exploring the region and still willing to check out the various tourist spots around Brooklyn. We know the crime rate and other elements are going to make you scared but that’s a part of life in NYC.

There are so many tourists in the region, so you are going to want to check out these tourist spots as best as you can.

Final Thoughts

Downtown Brooklyn is safe in the day, but less so during the night.

Be prepared for this and make sure to take the necessary precautions as a tourist. We know this is going to be a challenging time for you and it’s essential to adjust along the way. Otherwise, you are going to find it hard to manage and it will create a situation where you don’t want to go out.

Brooklyn is still a lot of fun as long as you have a plan in mind.

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