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Is Los Angeles A Walkable City? (Local Opinion)

Is Los Angeles A Walkable City? (Local Opinion)

We have talked about the waterfalls of Los Angeles and going to different comedy clubs in Los Angeles, but what about the walkability of LA?

A lot of people don’t want to take the bus or rideshare in LA all the time.

You might want to mix things up and just go for a walk around Los Angeles. Is this something you can do as a local or tourist?

We have lived in Los Angeles and this should help us illustrate how walkable LA is.

Let’s take a look at walkability in Los Angeles and how it plays out for those who want to walk around the city.

Walking In Los Angeles

When it comes to walking around LA, you are going to have to focus on how the city is laid out.

It’s a bustling city that has pockets of neighborhoods. Most people are going to associate the city with what they see in pop culture and indeed those are integral parts of the region too, but there’s a lot more on offer here.

The city itself is large and there are multiple municipalities spread throughout the region. This means some areas are going to be walkable and others are not.

To give a basic answer, yes Los Angeles is a walkable city. However, this does not mean it’s the same as other cities including London or other regions that are far more well-versed for this type of experience as a local or tourist.

We are going to shed light on what we mean further in this article.

Walking Is Easier Within Neighborhoods

This is one of the most important points we want you to take away from this article.

In general, Los Angeles is a city split into neighborhoods. For example, let’s assume you are going to Chinatown in Los Angeles. This is a neighborhood that is well-designed and full of life, which means you should be able to walk around without worry.

The same applies to other neighborhoods.

However, it gets much harder when you want to go from one neighborhood in Los Angeles to the next. At that point, you are not going to find it as easy to get to where you want to go and the hurdles associated with walking in LA are going to rear their ugly head.

If you stay within the neighborhood, you are going to have a great time and it should be relatively easy to walk around. Most people do this and it’s common to find whatever you are looking for within walking distance.

Tourist Attractions Are Far Away

What if you are someone who wants to walk to attractions in Los Angeles?

This is not going to be as easy. Los Angeles is not a walking city if you are looking to hop around tourist attractions because they are so spread out. You are not going to be able to do this and you will require a mode of transportation to get to where you want to go within a reasonable time.

Locals don’t think about these things because they remain within their neighborhoods. The same does not apply to tourists who do want to take the time to go to the main tourist attractions in Los Angeles. As a result, you will need to rent a car or use the transit system.

Lack Of Crosswalks

When we took the time to walk in Los Angeles, we realized the crosswalks are not as common as they would be in other major cities.

This is a major issue.

You are not going to want to walk on the side of a road when there is no crosswalk. It’s dangerous and it’s not easy to get to the other side without getting hurt or putting yourself at risk.

As you can imagine, this is a no-no for most people including those with children to walk with. The lack of crosswalks starts to become a real concern when you are walking longer distances and it is something we have noticed.

Lots Of Walking

It’s one thing to be able to walk and another to want to do it across long distances.

As we have mentioned, a lot of things are spread apart including tourist attractions. Even if you don’t want to go see the attractions, the general walking distance is going to be extensive for the average person and that’s taxing.

You are going to be out of breath because Los Angeles is not flat. it is hilly and that means going uphill is going to do a number on you!

Final Thoughts

This is what you need to know if you want to walk in LA.

We do recommend renting a car in Los Angeles to keep things simple. This is the right option for a tourist. Of course, if you are planning on staying in one spot and don’t mind using the transit system, you can get away with walking within a neighborhood.

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