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Is Santa Monica Safe At Night? (Tourist Guide)

Is Santa Monica Safe At Night? (Tourist Guide)

Santa Monica is one of the more intriguing spots in California.

Tourists will often spend time here because of the famous Santa Monica Pier. We love this attraction because it reminds us of our childhood where you are having fun, there are lots of activities, and the weather is good.

Santa Monica is the real deal as a place.

However, we know you are going to want to consider the safety if you are going out at night. Some people like staying here at night, so you are going to want to look into the safety of Santa Monica in California.

Is it a safe place?

We would say it is one of the safer places in California and it is a great tourist attraction. Of course, we do recommend sticking to the tourist spots but it is a nice area.

You are not going to feel out of place here or in danger.

Let’s take a look at how to stay safe in Santa Monica and how safe it is.

How To Stay Safe In Santa Monica At Night

Stay Close To The Pier

The most common spot people are going to go to will be the Santa Monica Pier.

We often do this when we are in the area because it’s the heartbeat of Santa Monica. When you are here, you are going to have a lovely time.

There is so much to do and it’s common for tourists to show up to the area for a bit of fun. We loved being here and it’s a spot we always want to check out when in LA.

The one thing we would recommend is to stay close to the Santa Monica Pier. We say this because of the safety in place for this tourist attraction. It’s going to have the most police and you are going to feel safe when you are out here at night.

Go To The Tourist Spots

You will want to take the time to go to the tourist spots at night.

The reason we say this is simple.

When you go to the major tourist spots in Santa Monica, you are going to see more foot traffic in these areas. This makes it a lot safer and is not going to make you a target if someone were to think of assault or theft.

While this rarely happens, it is still something you are going to want to think about.

You are going to want to go to the main tourist spots and ensure you are reducing the chances of getting caught in a bad situation.

Don’t Go To Venice Beach

We have gone from Santa Monica Pier to Venice Beach in the past.

This includes us writing about safety in Venice Beach.

Venice Beach is not as safe as Santa Monica. This is something you are going to want to account for. Don’t put yourself in a situation where things could go wrong. It’s easy to assume it is all one area, but there are differences between the two.

You are more likely to deal with crime in Venice Beach at night than in Santa Monica.

If you are thinking about going to Venice Beach then we would make sure to go during the day. This is going to allow you to see what is on offer without taking a risk.

Protect Your Valuables

We would also look into protecting your valuables in Santa Monica.

While we haven’t seen theft and/or pickpocketing, this is natural in most areas such as these. You are going to be exposed to all sorts of people including locals that might be thinking of pickpocketing.

It’s essential to take precautions as a tourist.

The one thing we always do is make sure to store those items in our hotel room. We don’t take them out with us everywhere we go.

Just keep a bit of cash, your phone, and your cards. This is all you are going to need when you are out and about in Santa Monica.

Final Thoughts

Santa Monica is a safe place and a tourist place.

Santa Monica is one area where you are going to want to go as a tourist. We adore this spot because it’s charming, vibrant, and there is lots to do throughout the day. This includes going out in Santa Monica at night.

Tourists are always awake here.

This is why it’s a nice, safe place to be. However, we would still follow the tips that have been mentioned in this guide.

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