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Exploring Jardin Colombia (Local Guide)

Exploring Jardin Colombia (Local Guide)

For those in Colombia, it’s common to look at specific destinations without the region to explore further.

Locals will often talk about San Andres Island in Colombia, but it’s also important to look at a relaxed destination such as the gorgeous Jardin.

We were stunned by the magnificence of this place including its historic relevance, relaxed ambiance, and natural beauty. It’s essential to travel to these parts of Colombia to appreciate its growth as a region over the years.

You can often see those historic touches when you walk through Jardin. This is seen along the major attractions of Jardin but also the streets. The age-old architecture is a throwback to different times and is an example of walking through a real-life history book of sorts.

We were impressed by this quaint place with its welcoming people.

Here is our take on Jardin in Colombia and why it’s a breath of fresh air.

Best Time To Visit Jardin

If you are thinking about coming to Jardin, the best time is when it’s not raining.

We took the time to visit in August which was in the middle of the dry season. For the most part, you are going to be good to go between July and September or between December and February. Aim for these times of the year to stay dry.

Any other time of the year is going to be rainy.

You will always want to be prepared when it comes to being in Jardin. This includes having a sweater for the cooler evenings and also making sure you have shoes that are easy to walk in. This will make it a lot easier to manage the terrain when you are on foot.

How To Get To Jardin

You are going to have to plan to get to Jardin when you are in Colombia.

For most people, they are going to start in Medellin after landing and then you are going to have to drive out to Jardin.

This is going to be approximately 2-3 hours depending on the traffic going in that direction. Most people will either take a bus or drive out there. We recommend taking the bus if you are on a budget but renting a car is an option too.

Is the drive a challenging one if you do it yourself?

No, it is quite smooth and you should be able to get to Jardin easily. We recommend doing it in the daytime so you have an easier time navigating the roads.

Please note you are going to require cash for most things in Jardin. We made sure to take out the cash from the ATM beforehand to always be prepared. This is a smaller town and cash is how they work in this part of Colombia.

Things To Do In Jardin

Cueva del Esplendor

Going to the Cueva del Esplendor is a must for those who want to understand the variety of natural sights in the region.

This is a specific cave with a waterfall and it’s quite the sight.

It’s going to take a drive out to the cave for you to explore it but it’s common for the locals to recommend it. They state the natural beauty of the waterfall along with how tranquil the experience is will make you want to see it.

It’s best to take a guided tour of the area to ensure you are safe and have a good time.

Plaza Principal

Jardin is known for its central market and it goes by the name Plaza Principal.

We found this to be the heartbeat of the town because you could meet with the locals and you opened yourself up to a wide array of eateries. It was common to see people from all walks of life walking through this central market and having a good time.

We stopped for a quick meal and also continued to grab food throughout our time at the plaza. It’s well worth spending a few hours here just to people-watch with a cup of coffee in hand.

Municipal Theater

It’s not just historical sights when you are visiting Jardin in Colombia.

When we took the time to put together an itinerary for Jardin, we realized the Municipal Theater is a must-see sight.

It’s a fascinating spot where you are going to have performances taking place throughout the week. This includes dance performances, musical performances, and even exhibits. We loved the change of pace and it was fascinating to see the level of talent in Jardin too.

Enjoy The Local Cuisine In Jardin

Whenever you are going to a new region, it’s essential to try the local cuisine and that rule applies to a place such as Jardin too.

We had a great time eating in Jardin.

You are going to get to eat filling meals that are flavorful and pack a punch. What more would a person want when it is time to eat the right way?

We took the time to eat beans, drink fruit juice, and try their chicken soup.

When you spend time at the Plaza Principal, you are going to get to eat a wide array of dishes in one place. Just go from one restaurant to the next picking out dishes that you want to try. It will be well worth your time as a foodie!

Even if you are not going to the central market, you will find eateries throughout Jardin and they are going to offer tremendous quality.

We spend time at different cafes for coffee and desserts while also being able to stop at fine dining establishments for steaks. The region has everything you can think of with a local twist.

Mi Jardin Encantado

The natural elegance of Colombia is one of its most prominent plus points.

You are going to adore the plants, wildlife, and general ambiance of Colombia as soon as you are here. For those who are in Jardin, one spot you are going to want to see for a bit of natural elegance is going to be Mi Jardin Encantado.

This is a garden that is set up in the town to help showcase local plants and wildlife.

It is a breath of fresh air and we loved spending time here just soaking in the plants and watching as the birds flew by.

Basilica Menor

This is one of the more prominent sights in Jardin and is highly appreciated for its aesthetic. It’s a stunning building that offers an intricate architectural design along with the religious nuances expected from the church.

We loved walking around the church but also exploring it from within. You are going to be in awe of the type of materials used here and how well-designed everything is.

It’s a must-see religious institution and one of the finest buildings in the town.


The one thing Colombia is known for is its coffee beans.

The temperature is perfect for harvesting coffee beans and it’s wonderful to see this come to fruition in front of you while exploring the Fincas. The term “Fincas” refers to plantations and that’s where you are going to find these all-encompassing coffee beans.

You are going to adore how intricate everything is within the setup.

They are professionals and you are going to want to take a tour of one of these plantations to see how things are done.

Final Thoughts

This is all you are going to need to know when going to Jardin in Colombia.

It’s a fun, historic town that has quite the ambiance to it. You are going to love meeting with the locals and the food is going to be exceptional.