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9+ Things To Do In Kavala Greece (Local Approved)

9+ Things To Do In Kavala Greece (Local Approved)

We have rated the top party islands in Greece and spent time choosing between Santorini and Mykonos.

One place that has won us over as tourists would be Kavala.

Kavala is the northern part of Greece and is a delightful place to visit. We spent a few days in Kavala to explore some of its historic sights and to interact with the locals.

It was a fascinating experience and we learned a lot about the region.

Due to us having a few days here, we took the time to create a Kavala itinerary to make sure we got to go to all of the places we wanted to.

Here are the top things to do in Kavala.

Best Things To Do In Kavala Greece

Tobacco Museum of Kavala

A lot of people might not know this but Kavala used to be known as the hub for tobacco at one point. It was heralded for its tobacco production in this part of Europe and it was common for exports to go to all parts from here.

As a result, it’s common for people to want to take a look at the history of tobacco in Kavala.

You can do this by checking out this beautiful museum. It offers various exhibits showcasing the local tobaccos including how they were processed. This is a great way to learn more about what makes tobacco special for the locals.

The Kavala Aqueduct

This is located in the city and it’s one of the more prominent parts of the region.

We found it to be a fantastic exhibition of structural work that has been done here. You can tell there was ample thought given to how it was going to be set up and it continues to maintain its shape to this day.

It has been around for hundreds of years and continues to be a prominent part of Kavala.


When people come to Kavala, they often visit Thassos too.

This is a delightful island that is not only special for tourists but also for those residing in Kavala. It’s a beautiful spot during the warmer months as you get to sit on the warm sand along the shoreline and just enjoy the Aegean Sea in all its glory.

We recommend taking a bit of food and just enjoying your time watching the water. It’s blissful.

Old Town

The local architecture in Kavala is special and it’s something you are going to fall in love with.

We had a wonderful time walking through the Old Town in Kavala and just mingling with the locals. It is not only picturesque but also designed in a way where you are going to appreciate its finer details.

We people-watched for a bit and also took the time to visit the local shops. It was a lot of fun!

Via Egnatia

There was a time when the road Via Egnatia was integral to business in this part of Greece.

Lots of goods would be transported on this road and it was integral to how the city functioned. This is why it continues to be heralded as a historic road and one that has continued to be important for Kavala.

At one point, it has also been an integral part of how battles were fought. This is why it’s essential to walk on this road and just explore it.

The Castle Of Kavala

The Castle of Kavala is a fantastic bit of architectural work and it’s a masterpiece in our eyes. You can tell the level of thought that has gone into building this castle once the Ottomans got here.

It has been through a lot and incredible work has been done to make sure it continues to last for a long time.

We took the time to walk around the area, explore the castle, and enjoy its ambiance. You are going to adore its overall elegance and it is well worth spending a few hours here.

The Imeret

We have mentioned how the Islamic civilizations spent time here, which is why you are also going to see the development of specific Islamic structures in the region.

This includes The Imeret.

The Imeret is an integral part of the Islamic community in Kavala and it is a seminary that’s been used for a long time. We loved how intricate the design was and it also has a tranquil element to it you are going to enjoy.


This has always been a prominent site in Kavala and a must-see attraction.

It is close to Kavala and you are going to adore how refined it is. You get to check out the monuments in the area because this is a site that is a big part of what makes Kavala special.

We highly recommend taking pictures here and seeing the work that’s been done by UNESCO.

Municipal Tobacco House

Tobacco is a big deal in Kavala as you are going to see when you visit the museum, but it’s also good to check out the Municipal Tobacco House.

This is a charming building that has been around for over 100 years and is a further assessment of tobacco’s role in Kavala.

You are going to love how beautifully it is designed.

Final Thoughts

These are the top things to do in Kavala Greece.

Kavala is a unique experience but one you are going to want to go through when you are in Greece.

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