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Lisbon Vs Porto (Expat Advice)

Lisbon Vs Porto (Expat Advice)

Whether it’s the gorgeous beach towns of Portugal or its alluring major cities, this is a vibrant nation that is home to some of the most beautiful settings on the planet.

For those who are thinking about retirement in Portugal, it is essential to compare various Portuguese cities to know what is right for your situation.

We have spent time living in Portugal and have found the experience to be illuminating. If you are looking to be a digital nomad or just want to retire here, two cities are going to stand out to you.

This is going to include Porto and Lisbon.

Here is our take on the two cities.


When you are staying in Lisbon, it’s normal to want to have a good transportation setup in place.

For the most part, the airport is good in Lisbon and it’s a breeze to manage the logistics of the process. We found the city to be world-class in this regard.

Lisbon is a major tourist destination for a reason.

They have ironed out the issues that used to plague them in the past and that does stand out as a tourist. For Porto, we felt it was not as good.

The transportation in Porto was a bit of a letdown. However, getting between Porto and Lisbon was not a hassle and you can fly between them or take the train depending on what you prefer. It does not take a long time to complete the journey.

Porto’s transportation network is not as robust as Lisbon’s.

This can become an issue for tourists.

Things To Do In Lisbon

Se Cathedral

This is one of the premier sights in all of Lisbon.

The beauty and allure of the Se Cathedral in Lisbon is hard to beat. It’s an unforgettable sight and is going to blow you away due to the intricate details of the architecture.

It’s been around for centuries and continues to be a go-to attraction for this in the city.

St. George’s Castle

It is also great to go to the St.George’s Castle.

This is a remarkable structure that is dripping with history. You are going to be mesmerized by the architectural details and how everything has been put together.

This has been around for multiple centuries and continues to be a riveting place for those who enjoy the beauty of Portugal.

Fado Museum

We found the Fado Museum to be a world-class experience.

It allows you to immerse yourself in the local history of the region due to the exhibits that are set up on-site. You also get to enjoy the overall attractiveness of the location because of how long the Fado Museum has been around for.

We enjoyed our time here and it’s a must-see for history buffs.

Costa da Caparica

The beautiful beaches of Lisbon are hard to resist.

The region has several high-quality beaches with warm sand and beautiful waves but it’s essential to also look at some of the hidden gems in the region.

This is where Costa da Caparica comes into the equation.

It’s a hidden gem that is going to be quieter and a lot of fun for those who just want to enjoy the waves on their own.

Things To Do In Porto

Praia do Carneiro

Porto is one of those places where the beaches are not crowded and you can end up enjoying hidden gems that are not always possible in other regions.

This is where Praia do Carneiro shines.

This is a beach that offers golden sand, warm water, and just a unique setting that is unlike other places in Portugal. We found it to be relaxing and it was common to see people heading into the water with their surfboards too.

Sao Bento Train Station

For those who are going to be exploring the various parts of the region, you are going to know this is one place that is a must-see.

The overall development of the Sao Bento Train Station is fascinating.

It is spread across a large space and the tiles are quite exquisite. These are the details that you are going to want to experience as you are walking through the train station.

Clerigos Church

This is one of the most intriguing churches in all of Porto.

It’s a riveting place and a historic place with ample value for those who want to experience the joys of Porto.

We found this to offer a beautiful view and it was quite the experience too.

Port Wine Tour

Are you a wine lover?

There is no better place in the region than Porto for wine lovers. We often recommend this city as being one of the pristine spots for wineries and the wine tours that you are going to see here will blow you away.

The Port Wine Tour is the real deal and it is going to allow you to enjoy the region in a way that is quite enthralling.


It’s important to think about the food in Lisbon vs. Porto.

You are going to want to eat local delicacies and it is quite easy to enjoy both cities in this regard. Both offer some of the finest food options in the world.

Lisbon is a more international city.

This is going to make it easy for you to find the type of food you are hoping for. This includes being able to eat local desserts and sandwiches at every corner.

What about Porto’s food options?

Porto is great too.

Porto has far more authentic options than Lisbon. This allows you to easily walk around the city and find food items such as egg sandwiches and more.

There is so much on offer in Porto for those who want an authentic experience.

In general, both are good in this regard and are going to win you over.

Final Thoughts

These are important details you are going to want to consider when comparing Lisbon vs. Porto in Portugal.

So, which city is better?

For those who want ample transportation, international food, and beautiful beaches, it is essential to head out to Lisbon. It’s the real deal and offers a more world-class experience than you would expect in a major city.

Porto is a far more traditional Portuguese experience, which is enthralling for a lot of people. Wine lovers should also be leaning towards Porto.

Take the time to look at both and then choose what works for you.