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9+ Los Angeles Waterfalls (Local Approved)

9+ Los Angeles Waterfalls (Local Approved)

When it comes to the safe spots around Los Angeles or even romantic locations in LA, we often forget about the natural beauty in this magnificent city.

If you are willing to be outdoors, you are going to fall in love with the natural elements around you. This includes some of the top waterfalls in Los Angeles.

This is a breathtaking city that is home to these natural wonders.

We have taken the time to compile some of the leading waterfalls in Los Angeles and what makes them beautiful in our eyes.

Here are the best Los Angeles waterfalls based on our experience.

Best Waterfalls In Los Angeles

Black Star Canyon

When you aren’t looking at the top flower fields in Los Angeles, it’s time to head out to the gorgeous Black Star Canyon.

This is a fascinating location that offers eye-catching cliffs while also being able to notice the powerful waterfall in the area. It’s often a hidden gem for those who are in the area because it takes a bit of effort to work your way through the trail.

If you do take the time to do this, you are going to end up seeing a breathtaking waterfall.

Paradise Falls

The name justifies this location’s beauty.

It is indeed like paradise.

Paradise Falls is a tranquil natural feature that offers a breathtaking experience to those who get close to it. You are going to head into the canyon and then notice the waterfall in front of you. It’s a beautiful look that is going to appeal to you.

Solstice Canyon Falls

It’s common for people to want to take a peek at the delightful Solstice Canyon Falls in Los Angeles.

When you are hiking along the trail, you are going to be impressed by the natural beauty all around you. This is one of those trails that is going to be well worth the time exploring including being able to enjoy elements such as the oaks that have grown over the years in the area.

As you work your way down the trail, you are going to end up at the waterfall.

This is a prominent waterfall that is surrounded by gorgeous greenery.

Heart Rock Falls

This is noted for being one of the more impressive hikes in Los Angeles.

We adore this trail because it is not just about getting to the waterfall when you are here. Yes, this is one of the top waterfalls in LA, but you are also going to like the view that is accessible as you work your way through the trail.

This is going to include the greenery and the rocks in the area.

As you get to the end of the trail, you are going to see the gorgeous Heart Rock Falls in all of its glory.

Escondido Falls

The gentle Escondido Falls is always a pleasant surprise when the sun is out.

It glistens under the sunlight and it’s common for people to head out to the Santa Monica Mountain Valley when they are in the area. It is a gorgeous place to walk around and you are going to hear the natural rush of the water flowing nearby.

It can be a soothing experience and something you are going to want to enjoy while you are out and about.

The Grotto

Are you in the mood for a long hike?

The Grotto is going to be a good starting point because the hike is going to be substantial and it’s going to allow you to enjoy the natural elements all around you. We often take the time to head out to Sandstone Peak because that’s where you are going to get to see the area from a higher vantage point.

It’s also a delightful waterfall, which is going to sparkle when you are there.

Cooper Canyon Falls

The simplicity and beauty of Cooper Canyon Falls is hard to beat.

We find this to be a simple, world-class waterfall that is connected to the beautiful Burkhart Trail. It is a fascinating spot that is frequented by people of all ages and is a lot of fun when you are looking to enjoy a good hiking trail.

Trail Canyon Falls

This is one of the more substantial waterfall hikes in Los Angeles.

You are going to end up walking for a while and it is going to be complicated too. However, the reward is going to be well worth the effort as you are going to end up at the Trail Canyon Falls.

This is essential for those who want to see the refreshing waterfall that is quite riveting to look at depending on the time of year. We recommend this for those who have been hiking for a while as it is complex, but something you want to see.

Hermit Falls

Hermit Falls is one of those waterfalls that is celebrated because it has a unique design.

You are going to see a waterfall that is close to several natural features including the beautiful boulders in the area.

This can create a more immersive experience for those who are willing to take up the hike to get there. It’s common for people to want to enjoy the hiking trail and then end up at the water hole where the waterfall is.

Final Thoughts

These are the top waterfalls in Los Angeles for those who want to enjoy the overall beauty of this beautiful location.

There is a sense of charm associated with the waterfalls in this part of the city and that’s what is going to draw you in.

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