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Moscow Vs St Petersburg (Expat Guide)

Moscow Vs St Petersburg (Expat Guide)

When thinking about living in Russia, you are going to come across an interesting question.

This is going to include where to live in Russia.

Most people are going to assume the best place to live in Russia will have to be Moscow. After all, this is the one place you are going to hear about more than any other.

Is this true?

During our time in Russia, we have often heard about two Russian cities more than any other. This is going to include Moscow and St Petersburg.

Moscow is the capital of Russia and the first city people associate with Russia. You will know it is going to be a massive region that is well-designed, modern, and still retains its history as a person would expect in this part of the world. While Saint Petersburg is a cultural hub for the nation with lots to offer.

We are going to look at both Russian cities to highlight which one is best for you and what each has to offer.

Living In Moscow

It’s important to start with the capital of Russia in Moscow.

Moscow is a fascinating place because it has ample history associated with it. The region wasn’t always like this and there was a time when royalty was set up in the area, but was quietly developing the region based on their needs.

This included the economic rise in Russia as time went on.

In our eyes, Moscow is a fascinating city and it is more than just a historic hub. It is a place that has some of the most welcoming people, gorgeous buildings, and a wide array of things to do. We also have to admire the sheer size of Moscow as it is one of the largest capital cities in the world.

When the weather is warm, you are going to want to spend your time in Moscow.

When you are walking around Moscow, you are going to appreciate the finer details of the architecture and how everything is set up. They have cared for these structures and made sure things don’t stand out for the wrong reasons.

We have often gone down to the downtown area, where you are going to have access to a long list of eateries and landmarks. This feels like you have walked into a history book just looking around as people walk by.

Things To Do In Moscow

Let’s assume you are thinking about living in Moscow or checking it out as a tourist. We have gone to a wide array of landmarks and attractions in Moscow, so we have a good idea of what to look out for.

Here are some of our favorites.

State Historical Museum

We found this to be one of the best museums in Moscow.

The State Historical Museum is a beautiful location, which is known for its architectural details but also the overall ambiance you are going to get to enjoy here.

It’s a charming spot and you are going to have a lovely time here as soon as you settle in. You are going to be walking through a museum that is home to a long list of exhibits and artifacts that are going to draw you in.

Saint Basil’s Cathedral

We found this to be a beautiful location for those who want to learn more about Russian history. It has been around since the 1500s, which signifies its importance as a religious symbol and also as a Russian attraction.

People will often come during the afternoon and book a ticket to tour the cathedral. It’s well worth your time.

Everything about Saint Basil’s Cathedral is designed to highlight the uniqueness of Russian architecture at the time. This is a beautiful spot where you are going to get to explore the intricacies of the structure and also meet some of the locals.

Saint Petersburg

Now, it’s time to look at the other city in this comparison.

Saint Petersburg is one of the most charming cities in Russia and it has its appeal.

This city is not as big as Moscow, but we find it to have an aesthetically appealing design that is going to work for those who like walking around. You are going to have lots to see here and it is going to look remarkable during the warmer months.

There was a time when this was the heartbeat of Russia. It was the capital at the time. Of course, this has changed now but it signifies how important Saint Petersburg is for the nation and its people.

The one thing you are going to notice will be the architecture. It is delightful to experience as everywhere you look there will be a building that is from centuries past. This elevates the historical nature of Saint Petersburg.

The Winter Palace

When you are walking around, you are often going to hear about The Winter Palace.

We like this location because it’s affordable to check out and you are going to be mesmerized by the experience of being here. It is one of those charming spots in the city that will have to be visited throughout the year.

The grand nature of this palace is what will draw you in.

Final Thoughts

Where should you go between Moscow and Saint Petersburg?

For us, both cities have their charm. Moscow is good for those who want to go to a more traditional major city that meets international standards of excellence. This includes history, lots of locals, great food, and lots of things to do.

In comparison, Saint Petersburg is great for those who want to enjoy unique architecture, ample history, and charming people.

We love both cities in Russia and recommend checking out both if you are here.