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15+ Best Places To See Nature In NYC (Local Guide)

15+ Best Places To See Nature In NYC (Local Guide)

Whether you are going out in New York City in the winter or summer, it’s important to enjoy its natural beauty.

Most people talk about the main attractions in NYC, but we wanted to also appreciate some of the hidden gems that go unnoticed. When we were exploring different areas such as Washington Heights in New York, we also wanted to appreciate the greenery all around us.

This is what led us to create a short list of natural places in New York City worth checking out. We were surprised by how many quality spots there were around town.

We are going to shed some light on this for those who want to find the top spots to see nature in New York City and why we like them.

Great Places To See Nature In New York City

Brooklyn Bridge Park

We have talked about the gorgeous Brooklyn Bridge Park and want to shed further light on this new park in Brooklyn.

It’s a riveting place because you are going to be nestled along the East River with a beautiful view of the bridge. However, the gardens here are also immaculate and during the summer it’s a beautiful place to walk around.

Riverside Park

Riverside Park is a delightful spot and one that has been appreciated by locals in Manhattan for its natural beauty.

You are not only going to be by the water when you are here, but also the picnic areas are gorgeous. It was a pleasure being able to settle in here, taking in the view of the water, and just being able to have a good time while people-watching.

We loved this spot and felt it was one of the better natural areas in the region.

Brooklyn Grange

Brooklyn Grange is a unique spot.

It’s a breathtaking spot because you are going to see two gorgeous rooftop locations that have been developed by Brooklyn Grange. They have taken the time to develop gorgeous farms on top of these roofs to help cultivate greenery.

It’s fascinating and an experience you are not going to imagine is possible in a densely populated place such as this one.

Central Park

We have talked about going to Central Park at night, but it’s one of the most delightful places when the sun is out.

It’s sparkling with so many people around and there is a spark to this place that’s hard to beat. We found it to be fascinating to walk around and just see the general energy of the park.

There is so much going on and there’s so much beauty too.

Hallett Nature Sanctuary

The Hallett Nature Sanctuary is the real deal for those who love being able to check out wildlife in New York, explore beautiful trails, and just be able to spend time outdoors.

We loved this sanctuary because it was quieter and more charming than the other places. It’s also easy on the eyes, which does elevate its appeal.

Madison Square Park

Madison Square Park is one of those spots where you are not only going to appreciate the gorgeous elegance of the setting but also the overall experience.

We took the time to grab some food and spend time at this park because of how welcoming it was. When the sun is out, this is a charming park and one that tends to have something going on throughout the week.

Carl Schurz Park

Situated close to the East River, Carl Schurz Park is a charming place that’s been around for a long time. It’s a park that has become synonymous with this part of the city and continues to be heralded for its overall appeal.

You can’t go wrong with the charm of this park and how beautiful it is.

There is a sense of appeal that comes along with it and you are going to enjoy every bit of it as soon as you settle in. This is an attraction that’s welcoming, beautiful, and just has everything you are going to ever want from a park.

Socrates Sculpture Park

Imagine being able to look at fascinating art pieces from sculptors in one place.

This is where you are going to want to go to Astoria to see the beautiful Socrates Sculpture Park. We were amazed at how refined the work was and it’s no wonder so many art enthusiasts take the time to stop by when they get the chance to do so.

It’s a park that’s been around for a while and is still just as fascinating as it was before.

The High Line Park

The High Line Park is a fantastic location because it has ample history behind it.

A lot of people don’t know but some trains were running through this part of the city for a long time and it was an integral part of the railroad route. Over time, this was not required and that is when the railroad stopped being used in the area.

As a result, the land had to be used for something else and that’s when the park came to life. Nowadays, it’s a natural delight for those who love being outdoors.

Paley Park

Paley Park is renowned for its trees and continues to stand out due to its greenery. We loved being able to stop by this park because it’s calming and it tends to welcome people of all ages throughout the day.

You will often see animals roaming around too enjoying the natural bliss of this place.

We found it to be tranquil and a good spot for those who want to be outdoors in the sun.

Bryant Park

Bryant Park is more of a community spot where you are going to have activities going on and people walking by having a good time.

A great example of this was a reading club hosting an event when we were there. It’s simply a place where people want to be because it has open spaces and tables where you can enjoy the sun and have a good time outdoors.

It’s a nice, quaint park that does things right.

Prospect Park

Prospect Park is glorious because of how well it’s been designed.

We were amazed and how beautiful the park was as we began walking around. This includes the waterways and the various bridges that are set up around the area. You are going to walk across the massive park and be mesmerized by its sheer beauty.

We also took the time to enjoy the various statues that have been set up around the park. It’s delightful and appealing for tourists too.

In our eyes, this might be among the best parks in the region.

The Elevated Acre

The Elevated Acre is a top-tier location for those who want to find a unique spot and vantage point in the city.

It’s high-up, which makes it appealing for those who want a greater view while taking photos. We loved the elevated aesthetic because it was unique and fascinating as a tourist.

For those who want to experience this, we would recommend going during the day.

Final Thoughts

These are our favorite places to see nature in New York City.

You can’t go wrong with these spots because they are beautiful, fun, and an ideal option for those who want to take good photos.

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