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Top Outfits For New York Winter – What To Wear In NY (Local Approved)

Top Outfits For New York Winter – What To Wear In NY (Local Approved)

Whether you are preparing to go to a ski resort in New York or want to enjoy a romantic trip to Upstate New York, it’s important to be aware of the conditions.

We have been to this beautiful state multiple times and that includes coming in the winter.

When you are visiting attractions in New York City, it’s essential to be prepared for the weather. Even going to a place such as the Ausable Chasm in New York can be fascinating.

Winter in New York is cold and it’s something you are going to have to wear the right outfits for. Otherwise, you are going to be freezing out in the cold as soon as you step outside!

Let’s take a look at the best outfits for New York winters and what you should have in your wardrobe beforehand.

Best Things To Wear In New York Winters

Fleece Leggings

Let’s assume you are going to a place such as Rochester New York, it’s common to want to step outside and explore the city.

We have done this in the past and one of the main things I have had to deal with includes the brisk wind that pushes through when you are out in the open. This can lead to your legs twittering in the cold and it’s not a pleasant experience!

As a result, we recommend having a pair of fleece leggings in your collection.

This will keep you warm and it’s going to work well with any type of outfit that you put on in the winter.

Sweater Dress

Women will often notice the rise of sweater dresses in New York during the winter.

This is one of the better outfits for New York winters because it will help keep the body warm as you are walking outside. You are not going to be as impacted by the wind chill when you have a sweater dress on along with a jacket.

These are also easy to dress up, which is ideal for those who are going on a date or perhaps want to look formal.


This is one of those staple pieces you are going to want to keep as a man or a woman.

You should be considering a pair of jeans that are easy to put on and will ensure you can rock a casual outfit without thinking too much.

It’s essential to do this as it is going to work not only in the winter but in the summer too. To wear proper clothes in New York winters, you are going to have to mix things up including getting a good pair of jeans.

Thermal Tights

When it starts to get too cold outside, you are going to notice how your body temperature is impacted too.

This is unpleasant and it’s something you are not going to want to face a lot.

To avoid this, we are going to have to recommend investing in thermal tights. These are flexible, easy to put on, and are going to regulate temperature better than other options. Plus, they tend to look great, which is one of the main requirements for an outfit that you put on.


This is a staple piece for outfits to put on in New York winters.

You are going to enjoy a good set of sweaters that can be rotated. We love having these in our collection because you can choose which colors work for your outfit and they are going to look season-appropriate too.

This is essential when putting together a good outfit for winter in New York.

You are going to want to choose a wide array of colors for your sweaters and make sure they can also be used as layering pieces. This is how you are going to feel toasty as soon as you put them on and they are going to work with your needs.

Winter Jacket

If you are stepping outside without a winter jacket or coat then you are going to be twittering in the cold right away.

New York winters are not warm enough for you to avoid a winter jacket. It’s simply unreasonable to do so, which means it’s essential to have a jacket or two in your collection. You are going to get good use out of the jacket throughout the winter season.

We love wearing different types of winter jackets in NY.

There are so many options and you can select one based on your stylistic preferences. Some like long coats while others want to wear a more traditional down jacket.

Waterproof Socks

It’s frustrating to walk through inches of snow in NY and then feel like your feet are getting soaked.

This is one of the worst feelings in the world!

The best option is to make sure you are investing in a pair of waterproof socks. This is how you are going to love maximizing your time in NY and it’s going to allow you to walk around in the snow without too much fuss.


We always mention the importance of boots on trips to wintry places and the same goes for outfits for winters in New York.

It’s essential to be prepared for what you are going to wear on your feet.

Whether it’s slush, snow, or ice, you need boots that can handle this type of terrain easily. Otherwise, you are going to be slipping all over the place and that can quickly become a safety risk in NY. Don’t let this happen and make sure you are wearing strong winter boots.

This can be a pair of leather boots, Tims, or anything else that is going to help keep your feet warm and cozy.


If you ever see a person who’s not wearing a hat in the winter, you are going to see how their ear tips become red and cold.

Not only does this look bad, it’s also incredibly uncomfortable to the point of being painful!

We believe it’s best to invest in a good winter hat. This is going to round out your winter outfit in New York and it’s going to look in line with what you want.

There are so many materials to choose from but the main goal is to regulate your head temperature and ensure you are not freezing your ears.


Cold hands are just uncomfortable!

It’s important to have a good pair of winter gloves that are going to gel with your outfit. This often leads people to buy leather gloves and we do recommend these for people who want a good fit.

The leather gloves can be dressed up or down without much fuss.

We would recommend comparing options and then choosing gloves that will keep your hands warm.


Some of the most beautiful winter outfits in New York are going to include scarves.

This is a classic trend that continues to stand out for those who want to look good when it’s cold outside. We recommend choosing 2 or 3 scarves that you can rotate during the winter because it’s going to elevate your overall look.

It adds a touch of sophistication, which is never a bad thing!


Do you have something to carry your items in?

This is a nice way to accessorize your outfit in the winter.

You can choose from a wide array of bags as you are walking around New York. This is a lot easier than having to carry items in your hands because you are going to want those hands protected rather than needing to carry multiple things at once.

Long Sleeved T-Shirts

A lot of people are surprised by this recommendation, but we do believe it’s essential to also round out your collection.

This includes investing in multiple long-sleeved t-shirts.

The idea is to look for quality long-sleeved t-shirts that are going to be easy to put on and use as layering pieces during the winter. It’s great to have these because they work in all seasons and you are going to feel comfortable moving around in them.

If you get the right type of shirts, they are going to keep your body warm too. We would look at fleece-based shirts.

Thermal Insoles

Thermal insoles are often ignored by people when they should not be.

New York winters are difficult to navigate but that does not mean you are going to want to be walking around with just boots. You are going to want to take a look at what is inside your shoe too. This is going to include thermal insoles.

Thermal insoles are empowering and you are going to love how they warm up your feet.

Final Thoughts

These are the best outfits for winter in New York.

We would take the time to make sure you are buying all of these items to shape up your winter collection. It’s going to make it a lot easier to feel comfortable in what you are wearing and how you are feeling.