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Pine Island In Florida (Local Guide)

Pine Island In Florida (Local Guide)

Whether you are going to Christmas in Florida or a top Florida market, it’s common to also want to head to one of the more traditional places along the Gulf Coast.

This is where Pine Island in Florida is going to stand out.

Most tourists coming to Florida are going to be welcomed by the glitz and glam of places such as Miami. We are well aware of this and it was something we wanted to enjoy too.

There is nothing wrong with Miami, but what about traditional Florida that’s been around for hundreds of years?

This is where a place like Pine Island stands out. It’s quaint and charming.

It’s situated close to Sanibel Island and Captiva Island with people from Fort Myers often spending time here.

Going to this island is a wonderful experience and it’s something we want to share with you.

Let’s take a look at what makes Pine Island in Florida special.

About Pine Island In Florida

Pine Island gained prominence when it was set up as a fishing community.

It was common for fishermen to spend time on the island looking to catch fish and other aquatic wildlife. It is still a prominent fishing area, but there is more growth on Pine Island compared to how it was in the past.

A lot of people will remember how Pine Island was affected by the hurricane that came through the area. It is still a unique place that has been reconstructed to make sure it is up to par with how it was before.

You can still walk around and enjoy the various eateries on the island and mingle with the people. Plus, mainland Floridians will also stop at this island from time to time.

Things To Do On Pine Island In Florida

Calusa Heritage Trail

One thing a lot of tourists tend to do is enjoy the Calusa Heritage Trail.

This is a specific trail that is ideal for those who want to understand some of the historic elements associated with Pine Island.

This includes being able to check out the canals that are set up along the trail and some of the mounds. It is a unique sight and we do believe it is worth checking out if you are on the island.

Pine Forests

If you are someone who wants to explore the outdoors a bit more on Pine Island then it’s essential to check out the pine forests.

The pine forests are gorgeous along Stringfellow, which is a road on Pine Island.

We had a lovely time just observing the pine trees and how the forests were set up.

St. James City

If you are going to be on Pine Island then it’s essential to also see some of the development that has taken place on the island.

This is going to have to include the beautiful St. James City.

This is a community that has been set up along the coast. It’s gorgeous as the views from here are breathtaking and that is one of the reasons why so many houses are set up here.

We love the style of these mobile homes and they are easy on the eyes.

More and more people are coming here because of the views and how close they are to the water. We enjoyed our time speaking to the locals and it was quite the vibe.

Pineland Marina

Pineland Marina is one of those hotspots you are going to want to see once you are on Pine Island.

This is a charming spot where people are going to pass through on boats. On a warmer day when the water is still, it is common for the boats to come out.

We just liked walking around the Pineland Marina because it was calm and quiet. It is quite a peaceful experience.

Capt’n Con’s Fish House

If you speak to the locals, they are often going to mention this specific restaurant.

It is a popular hotspot and it is one you are going to enjoy. Not only is the seafood good, but you are also going to enjoy the view of the harbor. It’s a remarkable sight!

We liked the customer service and they were doing well when we went there. it’s a nice spot that’s local to the area.

Matlacha Bridge

We mentioned how fishing was integral to life on Pine Island and that’s something we are going to mention in greater detail by looking at the Matlacha Bridge.

This specific bridge was designed to connect mainland Florida to Pine Island.

It is now a bridge that is known for being a good place to go fishing too.

While it is not a booming setup as it was in the past, people do love coming to this spot for a bit of fishing. The view is great and it’s fun to be able to catch fish in your free time. This is why fishing enthusiasts enjoy their time here.

Final Thoughts

This is what you will want to learn about the beautiful Pine Island in Florida.

Pine Island is a remarkable place and one that has a lot to do. Take the time to drive over and enjoy the experience you get to have here.

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