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17 Pros And Cons Of Moving To Ghana (Expat Advice)

17 Pros And Cons Of Moving To Ghana (Expat Advice)

Moving to Africa as an expat can be a fascinating experience.

It’s common for people to want to go to a place where their money is going to be worth more and they will be able to increase their quality of life.

With this in mind, you are going to want to take a look at the pros and cons of living in Ghana. This is a beautiful, refined African country that is often heralded for its natural beauty. We find it to be gorgeous and a great place to live.

Before you decide on moving to Ghana as an expat, you will want to get a better understanding of what it means to move to Ghana.

This guide will highlight the nuances of living in Ghana for expats and whether or not you should be heading down this path.

Pros Of Living In Ghana

Wonderful Culture

Let’s begin with the Ghanaian culture.

It’s a beautiful culture where the people are loving and they are always looking to have fun. When you are attempting to have a good time, you will know you are in the right place here.

The culture is unique and it is seen in all walks of life.

This includes the food, architecture, and how the people communicate. You will want to become a part of this culture to experience it the right way.

This is one of the main advantages of living in Ghana as an expat.

Beautiful Beaches

Expats moving to Ghana will know there is breathtaking natural beauty in this region.

When you go to the beach, you are going to feel like you’re in heaven. It’s a fascinating experience because they have crystal clear beaches where the water is warm and the weather is wonderful.

It’s the place to be when you want to lounge and just have a good time.

Locals Can Speak English

Whenever expats move to Africa, they are going to worry about not being able to speak the language. You will know there are going to be changes to your life while moving abroad.

Yes, just like any other place, there will be a noticeable change here too.

However, the one positive about expats living in Ghana is that you are going to be able to find locals that speak English. This is far better than other African nations where it is hard to find English speakers.

Low Cost Of Living

The cost of living is reasonable.

Even when you are in the major cities of Ghana, you are going to find it to be reasonably priced. Most people are going to go to the developed cities as that’s where the infrastructure is for this type of move.

For the most part, you are going to see your money go a long way here.

There is considerable poverty in some regions, so those who do have funds can get a lot more done here.

This is something you will notice when you are moving to Ghana.

Warm-Hearted People

The people you are going to be meeting in Ghana are going to be some of the best in your life.

There is a bubbly nature to them that is going to be seen throughout the nation. This is what makes them special and what you are going to want to be a part of too.

Why not make the most of your time in Ghana?

The people are going to be more than happy to converse with you and that’s what will add value to your experience in the country.

Beautiful Natural Attractions

The natural attractions are exemplary here.

Since it is warm throughout the year in Ghana, you are going to get to see exotic sights and wildlife here that you would not be able to in other parts of the world.

A person that is going to be coming from a European or North American nation is going to notice this right away. The natural sights are breathtaking and you are going to want to take the time to stop and see this beauty.

Good Private Education System

If you are going to be sending the kids to school in Ghana, it’s essential to be prepared for this.

Living in Ghana means you are going to have a few international schools to choose from. The international schools that are here are quite good and you will end up seeing valuable results.

It’s simply going to come down to the value you find here.

We recommend choosing one of the private schools as that is how you are going to get a good deal.

Warm Weather

The weather is something you are not going to have to worry about in Ghana. You should be able to enjoy the weather throughout the year but it does get hotter in the summer.

Most people prefer to stay indoors during the warmer months because the intense heat is quite tough on the body.

It’s best to do indoor activities when it is hot outside.


Safety is not a concern in Ghana.

Most people assume safety is going to be an issue when they come to these parts but that is simply untrue. It is one of the safer African nations in the region and you are going to feel safe regardless of the time of day.

Of course, just like any other country, some areas are safer than others. If you take the time to do your research, you will find a good place to live in.

Cons Of Living In Ghana

Too Much Traffic

Going to Ghana means you are looking at a place with heavy traffic.

There are too many cars on the road as more and more people come here. This creates a situation where the infrastructure is not able to keep up with the demand.

This is slowly being worked on but it is still a hassle for those who do want to drive in Ghana.


This is an unfortunate part of Ghana.

You are going to face corruption at the highest levels and this is going to start to filter into different aspects of your life.

You can often see this happen when you are dealing with government officials and it is not a pleasant situation to be in for those who are not used to it.

Average Transportation System

The transportation system is similar to the roads. It is congested, which means it is going to be busy and people are going to be using it heavily.

This creates a situation where anyone that moves to Ghana as an expat will want to take the time to look at getting a vehicle.

Otherwise, you are going to have to rely on a transportation system that is being used by a lot of people at the same time.

Poor Job Market

Anyone that is job hunting is not going to have an easy time in Ghana.

The job market is not strong and it is hard to find jobs that are going to be fair in terms of compensation. It is better to be a digital nomad in Ghana and/or have a job in hand before you move to Ghana.

This will save you a lot of trouble later on.

Decreasing Economy

The economy is not heading in the right direction.

This means you are going to be dealing with poverty all around you and that is not always easy to handle for the average expat.

It is important to feel secure about your income and ensure you are going to be safe if things don’t work out in Ghana.

Health Risks

This is a common concern for those who are in Ghana.

You are going to be dealing with unwanted health risks due to the environment. A good example of this would be malaria in the nation as it tends to spread throughout the region.

This is not ideal for those who want to avoid such health scares and want to stay safe.

Income Disparity In Society

This is something you are going to notice as soon as you move to Ghana and it is not easy to look past.

The divide between the rich and poor is quite extensive here.

You are going to notice people who are poor in various parts of the nation and then others who are doing well for themselves. It’s important to be aware of this to better understand how society works in Ghana.

Cultural Differences

You are going to notice cultural differences.

These differences are going to take a bit of time to get used to. Of course, this includes the food you are eating, the sights you are visiting, and even the language that’s being spoken around you.

Don’t be afraid of these things and soak it all in.

Final Thoughts

Go through these pros and cons of moving to Ghana before deciding.

Living in Ghana is quite the experience and it’s going to be life-changing for all the right reasons. This is one of the most beautiful African nations on the planet and will offer everything you want when it comes to moving to Africa.

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