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19 Reasons To Leave The US (According To Expats)

19 Reasons To Leave The US (According To Expats)

It’s common for people to want to live abroad.

The US has long been known as one of the best nations on the planet and it is commonly seen as the place to be overseas.

However, is it all positive when it comes to living in the US?

We have seen a wide array of issues arise while residing in the US and it’s important to shed light on these concerns. These are issues that are going to impact you and it’s important to be aware of this when it comes to staying comfortable.

When we look at the pros of living in Houston or spending time in Los Angeles, we also see a list of cons associated with these regions. Just like any other part of the planet, US cities are also known for major negatives.

This comprehensive guide is going to last the reasons to leave America as soon as you can and why other nations do it better.

Top Reasons To Leave The US

Costly Healthcare

Healthcare is too expensive in the US.

The medical setup is designed in a way where the onus is on the patient to pay up. This creates a situation where you are either dealing with crippling medical bills after a routine procedure or you end up with higher premiums due to health insurance.

It doesn’t matter which path you take, you are going to be paying quite a bit to stay healthy.

This is not in line with numerous other nations around the world where healthcare is free.


It’s important to understand the role of racism in society.

It’s a common concern.

In the US, it has a noticeable history associated with racism and this continues to be a hot topic to this day. For those who are looking to live in the US, you might not feel as comfortable living in such an environment over the long haul.

This becomes a major concern for visible minorities.

Dangerous Gun Regulations

Gun regulations are different here than in other countries due to the constitutional laws.

America has stipulated regulations stating a person has the legal right to own a gun. This is their right and it cannot be infringed upon.

This is dangerous as it creates a situation where you are put into a difficult situation and you might not want to live in a society where that many guns are out in the open.

Mass Shootings

Linked to the idea of average gun regulations, it’s also important to focus on the presence of mass shootings throughout the US.

It’s not reserved for one or two states.

It’s seen in various states and America is known for a considerable number of mass shootings per year. This is a danger you are not going to want to deal with.

High Prescription Costs

Prescription costs are also linked to the idea of medical costs in the US.

The reason you are going to want to get out of the US would come down to these added costs. All of these prescription costs begin to add up to the point you are paying quite a bit to stay healthy.

This is something you can’t avoid and it puts a patient in a bad situation.

Unfortunately, this is common in the US and that’s why people run away.

Average Food Options

People wanting to live abroad are going to state the food options in the US is weak.

This is a subjective reason.

We agree some regions in the US do have good food options. We have highlighted a few good food spots in Los Angeles on this site and indeed some cities do offer a wide array of cuisines to choose from.

However, this is often reserved for a few cities around the states. Other areas don’t have a well-rounded selection of foods, which makes it much harder for foodies to have a good time.

Excessive Wealth Disparity

The rich and poor stand out in the US more than in other nations.

What does this mean?

In essence, the gap between these two income classes continues to grow each day. This is a major concern for those who don’t want to be in a situation where the rich continue to reap the rewards in America while the poor get poorer.

This is often blatant to see in the US.


Taxes are something you are going to be dealing with in America.

Some states don’t have a state income tax, but that does not mean you are going to avoid things such as sales tax, property tax, and/or federal income tax.

These are all costs that do add up and don’t allow you to earn as much as you want to.

Disconnected From The Rest Of The Planet

This is not America’s fault but more of an issue with its placement as a nation.

If you are looking to travel to the rest of the world, you are going to have to pay up. This is due to the distance between America and those nations.

It’s not easy for a person to get to where they want to be.

It’s better to stay in a situation where you are not disconnected from the rest of the planet. A good example of this would be living in Europe where you can drive to a multitude of nations.

Aggressive Politics

The political landscape in America is often aggressive.

This might not be something a person wants to deal with. Whether it is the Republicans or the Democrats, it’s easy to get perplexed by what’s happening around you.

Politics are quite noticeable in America and it is not something people want to participate in.

Costly Childcare

For those who are going to be leaving their child at a daycare service while working, the costs are going to add up.

There is little reprieve when it comes to handling childcare costs and that’s a real challenge for those who know this is going to be a fixed cost heading into the future.

It can put you in a tough financial situation, which is not ideal for those who want to earn money but also take care of their children.

Aggressive Student Loans

For students who are going to one of the better universities in America, you are going to be receiving a great education but the student loans will pile up.

Student loans are aggressive in America and there is little reprieve.

This adds up and does not give you a head start as a student that has just graduated. Instead, you get bogged down by the loans and interest rates.

Capitalist Behavior

America is a capitalist society and it is not ashamed about it.

This means a person that puts in the time to work hard is the one that is going to earn money. The goal is to earn money and grow the society and this is often seen aggressively in places such as New York City.

Wall Street has made a name for itself on this mindset.

You might not believe in this and will want to stay away from such a society where money comes first.

Poor Work-Life Balance

The work-life balance is never going to be good when you are dealing with a capitalist society.

After all, the entire purpose is to work hard and earn money.

This is a legitimate concern for those who prefer to rest at times and don’t want to grind themselves into dust while working.

Odd Lending Practices

The lending practices in America are aggressive, shady, and not well-regulated.

While things have improved over time, there are still issues with payday lenders that can put a person into a spiral of uncontrolled debt.

This is not ideal and it creates a situation that is not simple to manage.

Increasing Crime Rate In Many Cities

The crime rate is starting to rise in numerous American cities.

This is a legitimate concern for people when it comes to keeping things safe and organized. It’s not ideal to be in a situation where the crime rate is skyrocketing.

A lot of American cities have created an environment where crimes happen all over the place. This is unsafe to raise a family making it much harder to want to stay in America.

Average Parental Leave Regulations

Parental leave tends to be an option for those who want to spend time with their newborn.

This is a common option in various nations around the world.

Unfortunately, the regulations in America are not as robust. This means you are going to be back to work a lot faster than you would in other countries where the law is stronger around this idea.

Average City Parks

We find the city parks to be average in most American cities.

Some cities do have natural beauty and do spend time working on maintaining their parks. However, a lot don’t have the necessary amenities to ensure these parks hold up and that’s a legitimate concern for those who prefer to be outdoors.

These city parks disappoint and are not safe.

Not Walkable

The United States of America is a large nation.

This means there is a considerable amount of land, which makes it much harder to get to your destination without having a vehicle or using the transportation system.

It is not walkable.

This creates a situation where you will have to get a vehicle and deal with traffic issues.

Final Thoughts

These are the main reasons to leave the US.

Whether it is the high crime rate, regulations, walkability, or the average healthcare system, there are legitimate issues a person should keep in mind when living in America.

Other nations do it better when it comes to these details and that might matter to you.

You can look at nations such as living in England or living in Canada to find out more about other options on the planet.