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11+ Romantic Getaways In Upstate NY (Local Approved)

11+ Romantic Getaways In Upstate NY (Local Approved)

We have explored the top ski resorts in Upstate New York, but now it’s time to think romantically.

This beautiful region has a variety of beautiful romantic locations that are going to take your breath away. Whether you are planning to visit New York in the fall or one of the other months, there’s always a gorgeous place to see in this state.

Some will go to the Ausable Chasm in New York while others are going to want to see parts of Rochester New York. It simply comes down to what you are in the mood for and that’s where we come into play.

Here are the top romantic getaways in Upstate New York for couples to enjoy.

Best Romantic Getaways In Upstate New York


The Hudson River is heralded for its majestic and raw beauty.

It’s a charming place during different times of the year and we find this part of Hudson to be remarkably beautiful. We have taken the time to go on the river cruise here and it allows you to see some of the most beautiful attractions from the comfort of the water.

It is cozy, quiet, and you are going to love the views that are available in Hudson.

We had a lovely time in this part of Upstate New York and it also has historical elements that are going to draw you in. We enjoyed our time here and it was worth being able to explore to our heart’s content.


When looking for a romantic getaway in Upstate New York, it’s essential to look at the beauty of Kingston because it’s a lovely area.

Kingston is charming because it has beautiful architecture spread throughout the area. Whether it is the downtown area or the various religious buildings in Kingston, you are going to learn a lot about New York’s history by coming here.

We found this to be a gorgeous place in the warmer months because you can walk around and enjoy the layout of Kingston.


Corning is a hidden gem in our eyes.

When we planned a romantic trip to Upstate NY, we knew Corning was a place that had to be checked out. At the time, we didn’t know how fun it would be but this is a charming town that has a little bit of everything.

It’s great for those who want to enjoy a quaint town that is appealing and also warm. The people are great, you can enjoy the architecture, and the natural beauty in the summer is impressive. You can walk around along the trails and just enjoy the natural elements.

This is what makes Corning special and a great place to relax.


Beacon is one of those regions that has started to gain popularity among New Yorkers and those in the surrounding areas.

We appreciated the romantic nature of Beacon because it was welcoming, charming, and it was easy to get to once we had a plan in mind.

We took the time to walk around, check out the architecture, and also learn more about the region’s history. A lot of developmental work has been done in Beacon and it shines through when you are walking around.


Syracuse is not the same as some of the other cities on this list.

It is larger, more noticeable, and it also has a student population for parts of the year. We enjoyed our time here because it was well-rounded and there was ample space for us to plan a longer romantic getaway and not just come for the weekend.

We felt this was perfect for those who want to relax and just unwind in a bigger area.

You get to enjoy access to great eateries, beautiful cafes, and the ambiance is lovely too. There is so much to do and each couple is going to find what they like doing here. This is what makes Syracuse special as a romantic getaway in Upstate NY.


If you are going to be coming to Saugerties then we highly recommend finding a spot near the waterfalls.

This is how you are going to end up getting to experience the natural elegance of Saugerties and it’s going to help elevate how romantic you feel at that moment. Those who are looking for a romantic waterfall in New York need to come here.

The area is clean, welcoming, and the view is to die for.

You are going to enjoy every bit of it and the restaurants in the area are great too. This is one of those spots where you don’t have to think a lot and you are going to have a wonderful time for the weekend.

Watkins Glen

Watkins Glen is often listed as a top romantic getaway in Upstate New York because of Seneca Lake.

The lake view is exceptional and you are going to have a lovely time driving out to Watkins Glen for a spot close to the lake. We recommend taking the time to find accommodations close to this area as that is how you are going to enjoy the view along with the natural elements nearby.

We took the time to walk around and just be outdoors for our trip to Watkins Glen in New York.

This is ideal for those who love hiking and having fun outside.


Wolcott is another outdoorsy place that is ideal for people who don’t want to do simple things such as get couples massages or keep eating out.

Yes, there are wonderful eateries in the area, but the real value is going to be seen when you are walking through the Chimney Bluffs State Park or simply spending time outdoors. The wildlife and the greenery are beautiful in this area of New York.

If you come during the summer, you are never going to forget the beautiful views that you are going to get to see here.

Lake George

Sometimes, the only goal of a couples getaway in New York is to relax.

We know people want to unwind and it’s best to get away from the rush. For those who are in places such as Manhattan, the rush is something you are going to see all the time and that’s why it’s nice to head over to Lake George.

Lake George is a calmer romantic getaway in New York and it’s well worth your time.

The lake view is exceptional and you are going to find it beautiful to spend time in the area. This includes eating out, sitting by the water, or even hiking on one of the many trails in the area.

It’s always fun to come out here for the weekend.

Cold Spring

Cold Spring is one of those places where you are going to have a wonderful time just soaking in the views and being outdoors.

We took the time to head to the gorgeous Hudson Highlands State Park and then hiked along one of the many trails in the area. You are going to be charmed by the beautiful trees, wildlife, and the weather depending on what time of the year you go.

We recommend planning to go in the summer as that’s when all of the natural beauty is going to come to the forefront.

We had a great time here and it’s certainly not cold emotionally in Cold Spring!


The last place on our list is going to be the beautiful Owego.

Owego is a great town because it’s close to the Susquehanna River and it offers a more traditional New York aesthetic that’s always pleasant to experience. You are going to feel right at home here with the locals because of the homely cafes and the delightful restaurants.

They have been around for a while and are dripping in history.

This is what we loved about Owego. It’s quiet, charming, and you are also going to enjoy walking by the water whenever you get the chance to do so.

Final Thoughts

These are the best romantic places in Upstate New York right now.

All of these are beautiful romantic getaways in New York that are going to allow you to unwind and have a good time.

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