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12+ Safe Places To Stay In London (Local Approved)

12+ Safe Places To Stay In London (Local Approved)

When you aren’t visiting the London Eye or Big Ben, it’s important to learn more about the safest areas in London.

This is a magnificent city with a bustling population.

While it is one of the best cities in Europe, you still need to make sure to go to the right areas. These are areas where you are going to feel safe and will know it’s best to stay there to get to where you want to.

With this in mind, we took the time to do our research when finding a house in London and chose Blackheath.

Moving to a city like London means assessing your options and choosing from a wide array of neighborhoods.

Here is a list of safe areas to stay in London.

Top Safe Places To Stay In London

The City

Let’s begin with an intriguing yet compact part of London.

This is called “The City” among the locals and is appreciated for offering access to the financial district. This is a small area that is close to the Tower of London and is ideal for those who want to get a glimpse of the bustling nature of London.

It’s common to see people walking around during the day, but it does slow down at night.

We liked this area because everything was clean, crisp, and in tune with what a person would consider “safe” in a city like London.


When it comes to opulence, luxury, and sophistication, you are going to have to take a look at the beauty of Kensington.

The same goes for Chelsea.

This is a specific area in London where you are going to see some of the most expensive properties in the UK in one place. There is a sense of elegance to the area that is going to resonate with the average person including visitors.

It is clean, offers access to a range of amenities, and you are going to feel safe throughout your time there.

We also liked how it was close to the major tourist attractions for those who like getting out. You can easily get to the Kensington Palace or Hyde Park without missing a beat. We loved that about this beautiful place.

Covent Garden

Imagine being able to get to a long list of London attractions in minutes.

This is where Covent Garden stands out for tourists but also locals. You are going to be in the heart of the city and it’s ideal for a wide array of reasons.

While walking around Covent Garden, we realized it was a charming place that had loads of things to do including a collection of premier eateries. It seemed endless, which is always important for those in the area.

We also liked how you could get from one place to the next instantly. It didn’t take a lot of planning and just stepping outside was enough for you to get to where you wanted to.

East End

We know some people are not going to be looking for the most expensive property in London or a neighborhood where it’s going to cost too much to survive.

If that is you, it’s time to pay attention to London’s East End.

This is a popular part of London and we like it because it’s safe yet affordable. You are going to often see a younger crowd compared to other areas in this list but it’s still a nice place to be. We liked how it was during the day and it was easy to settle in.


This is one place most people are going to be aware of.

It is popular for a long list of reasons and it starts with being home to Big Ben and Buckingham Palace. When such tourist attractions are here, you are going to know it’s a place that’s going to be kept safe.

We loved walking about this area because there was always something to do. Most people can stay here for days without wanting to leave and we were the same.

It’s just a breathtaking part of the city that fits its vibe to a tee.

London Bridge

It’s common for families to remain in this area because it’s close to a long list of attractions and is also remarkably safe.

It is close to the River Thames and it’s a beautiful sight.

People will often come from the London Bridge and we did the same. Plus, it is set up in a way where you can easily walk around and take in the sights around you. During a warmer day, this is one of the best areas to be in.


This is an underrated area in London and one we want to point out.

Hoxton is nice because it’s diverse, welcoming, and offers a selection of artsy locations that are going to appeal to people. We loved its ambiance and just how it was set up. There aren’t too many places that are as vibrant as this one in London and that’s what we loved about it.

Plus, you are going to get to meet people from all parts of the world here. It’s just fascinating to experience and you are going to feel like you are in the thick of things when you are here.


Students are commonly going to be seen here, but it’s a safe area.

You are going to have the King’s Cross Station nearby and it’s going to be bustling during the day. Most people want to experience the general ambiance of London as it is shown on TV and it’s best to come to Bloomsbury for that experience.

You are going to find it fun to people-watch when you are here.

Plus, it’s pleasant throughout the day and you get to see a lot of architectural details when you are in the area too.


A lot of people want to be close to major tourist attractions in London and wish to find a spot that’s safe to stay in.

We often recommend Southbank as one of the options you can choose.

It has to do with being close to the bridge and also making sure you have access to things such as the London Aquarium, the London Eye, and the river itself.

This is ideal for a lot of people and it is pleasant to wake up in such a spot.


This is close to Regent’s Park and we found it to be a unique area in London.

When you are picking and choosing a safe area in London, you are going to have a list of other regions that are safer. However, we do like Marylebone because it’s nice to stay in and you can often walk around looking at the various artsy spots in town.

We loved being able to go to the various pubs in the area and it was always nice to people-watch here too.


A person who likes to have fun will want to take a look at Soho in London.

Soho is the real deal because it is home to a long list of pubs, entertainment options, and eateries. You are going to have so many things to do here and it’s always nice to pop up during the night to simply walk around this part of London.

The nightlife here is incredible and it’s something we enjoy.

King’s Cross

The last one on the list is going to be King’s Cross.

This is simply ideal for those who are going to be heading to different parts of London and want to be near the tub station. You are going to find it easy to access those different areas from this one spot and that’s where King’s Cross shines.

Plus, you are going to get to explore the area and its various attractions.

Final Thoughts

These are the best areas to stay in London.

You are going to find these areas to be safe, fun, and full of life. We loved our time in London and found these areas to be well worth it.

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