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Santa Monica Pier To Venice Beach (Local Advice)

Santa Monica Pier To Venice Beach (Local Advice)

The joy of drinking coffee in Venice Beach or riding a bike around Venice Beach is often a memorable experience.

While Los Angeles is large, it’s still common for people to go to key spots around the region.

This includes wanting to spend time between Santa Monica Pier and Venice Beach. We often recommend spending time here because it’s scenic, fun, and unforgettable.

With that in mind, you are going to have to learn to get from the Santa Monica Pier to Venice Beach the right way.

Here is our breakdown of what should be done to go from the Santa Monica Pier to Venice Beach.

Steps For Going From Santa Monica Pier To Venice Beach

Start At The Third Street Promenade

It’s time to focus on the Third Street Promenade.

What is this?

This is a specific spot where you are going to have loads of things to buy. The shops are wonderful and it is always nice to head out to this part of Santa Monica. It is also going to allow you to work your way through the various shops in the mall.

We love going here because it’s welcoming and you get to see various things happening on-site during the day. This includes musical performances.

You can walk around or even ride your bike nearby.

Head To Grand Boulevard

As you begin to walk around, you are going to spend time on Grand Boulevard.

This is a nice spot because it’s convenient and offers tremendous access to a long list of shops and restaurants. If you are hungry then this is the spot you are going to want to be.

It’s going to be on your way to the beach and it’s going to be full of life.

We adored our time here and it is always fun to meet people from all over in one spot. It can be a unique experience.

A lot of people will also take the time to find a dessert place while they are nearby. We don’t have one specific spot to recommend but there are quite a few that are readily open during the day. You are going to want to stop by and pick out something you prefer.

Depending on how warm it is outside, you are going to want to grab some ice cream here.

Venice Sign

Now, you are going to want to head over to the beautiful Venice Sign.

This is a sign that is set near the beach and is going to be a great way to take photos of where you are. It is common for people to take photos near the sign.

Where is the sign?

It is at Pacific and Windward.

You are going to want to head to the intersection and then find the sign. It will be easy to spot.

The Venice Boardwalk

You are now going to be taking the time to head over to The Venice Boardwalk.

What makes this a special place?

We find it to be unique because it’s comforting and you are going to get to see a wide array of sights along the way. You are going to do this by walking across The Venice Boardwalk and taking in the beauty of the area.

We find it to be colorful, vibrant, and full of life.

This alone makes it a must as you are walking around Venice Beach.

Most people are going to either rent a bike at Venice Beach or just stroll around. Both options are viable and you will get to enjoy the beautiful views of Venice Beach along the way.

Enjoy The Venice Canals

At this point, you are going to be in the right spot around Venice Beach and it’s time to begin walking around the Venice Canals.

We highly recommend this spot for those who are looking for the best views around Los Angeles.

It’s enthralling to walk around the Venice Canals, which have been inspired by Venice in Italy. You are going to adore the overall look of the canals and how they are set up. It is ideal for those who want to take photos for their social media accounts.

Final Thoughts

This is the route you are going to want to take between Santa Monica Pier and Venice Beach.

Whether you are looking to shop or sit on the beach, there is something for everyone in this itinerary and that’s what makes it perfect.

Pick and choose what works for you.