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17+ Scary Secrets Of Disneyland (Our Favorites)

17+ Scary Secrets Of Disneyland (Our Favorites)

When choosing from the top vacation spots in Florida, it’s common for people to want to come to Orlando for Disneyland.

It’s a fascinating place for people of all ages.

It’s lovely to be able to come with your kids as they explore Disneyland, meet with the characters, and get to go on the fun rides that are spread throughout the area. It is a moment you are not going to forget nor are your kids!

With this in mind, it’s time to look at the best secrets of Disneyland.

There are hidden secrets in Disneyland that a lot of people are unaware of. This location has been around for generations and that has allowed it to build historic elements that often go unnoticed.

We are going to uncover these secrets of Disneyland for you once and for all!

Best Secrets Of Disneyland

Welcoming Mickey Mouse At The Train Station

When you are walking around the location, you are going to come to the charming train station right at the entrance.

It will be fascinating to see the train station in all of its grandeur.

However, we want you to take a proper look at the Mickey Mouse on the grass. You will notice the Mickey Mouse is smiling and that’s done on purpose. It’s to set a positive town, which is why it’s made of flowers and you can maintain a cheery disposition as you enter Disneyland Park.

Carnation Cafe Serves Walt’s Favorite Dish

We know you are going to want to grab a bite while having a lot of fun at Disneyland.

When you go to Carnation Cafe, we recommend asking for Walt’s chili. This particular dish was Walt Disney’s favorite meal and it is something you are going to want to try. The recipe was crafted based on his preference.

This means you are going to have the type of chili he would have loved to this day!

Captain Jack Voodoo Doll

Most people will be huge fans of the Pirates of the Caribbean like us.

This means you are going to be paying attention to the details as you get on the ride. We agree the ride is incredibly fun to be on, but you will also want to take a look at the Pieces of Eight storefront window when you are nearby.

What are you going to see?

You are going to see the hidden voodoo doll. This voodoo doll is a clear representation of Captain Jack. It is a neat detail a lot of people don’t notice.

Sleeping Beauty Castle’s Drawbridge Works

It is common to assume various elements around Disneyland Park are just for show. Well, you are in for a shocker when you get to the Sleeping Beauty Castle.

Why is this?

The drawbridge is assumed to not work but that is incorrect! Instead, it is going to be working perfectly as it would in real life. This means the drawbridge is going to do its job when it is asked to work.

Staring Cheshire Cat

When you get to Fantasyland’s Mad Hatter shop, you are going to want to look around for a mirror. This mirror is important.

You are going to notice something inside the mirror.

It’s going to be the Cheshire Cat. Yes, the Cheshire Cat is going to be looking back at you.

Matterhorn Basketball Court

When you take the time to go to the Matterhorn Bobsleds, it’s essential to pay attention to the location itself.

You will notice a specific oddity that often gets overlooked.

It’s going to be the hidden basketball court. There is a small amount of a basketball court present inside the area.

Shooting Star

Going back to the Pirates of the Caribbean, it’s time to look at a specific element that is going to add to your experience.

This is going to be the shooting star.

Where are you going to see it?

You are going to have to look at the trees. Right above the trees, the shooting star is going to be present and it will be noticeable here and there.

72 Horses Of King Arthur Carousel

Most people are going to go to the King Arthur Carousel assuming there are eighty horses. This is not the case at Disneyland.

Instead, there are 72 horses.

This is done to make sure the horses are taken care of during the week. This takes time, so they rotate the horses in and out of the carousel throughout the time Disneyland is open.

80,000 Point Target On Zurg

Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters was a lot of fun!

It is an experience that is going to bring the kid outside of you and is going to let you have a great time. However, you might not notice what can be done to score additional points!

This is when you are going to want to take a look at the Zurg in greater detail. This is where you are going to notice the letter Z on the Zurg. This is going to be on his chest.

This is an important target because it is worth more points!

Walt Disney Apartment Near Fire Station

Walt Disney was a passionate owner at Disney.

He wanted to be a part of everything and this is what made him a special person. It was an intricate part of who he was and that is why he took the time to stay at the park.

This included having an apartment above the fire station in Disneyland. You can still see where it is when you go there.

Multi-Colored Lightbulb On Main Street

Main Street is one of the most prominent parts of Disneyland and it’s where you are going to want to go to see this particular secret.

We want you to pay attention to the lightbulbs.

There is one particular lightbulb that is going to be two-colored. This means it is going to be half red and half white. This is a unique look and it is going to stand out when you find it.

Real Mining Equipment For Big Thunder Mountain

Big Thunder Mountain is a fascinating attraction at Disneyland and most people are going to assume the equipment is not real.

We thought the same.

Until we found out everything present at the Big Thunder Mountain is real. Yes, the equipment is the real deal. They wanted to make sure it was as authentic as it could be.

Morse Code At Train Station

When you are at the train station, most people are not going to be paying attention to what is happening around them.

This is why we want you to pay attention.

You are going to be looking to hear a clicking sound. This sound is going to be distinctive as long as you know what to listen for. Be patient and you are going to hear real-life Morse code at the train station.

It’s done on purpose and is Morse code for Walt Disney’s opening speech.

Alice In Wonderland Ride Is Second Ride In The Spot

The Alice in Wonderland Ride has been around for a long time but this does not mean it is the only attraction that was located on this spot.

The park has been around for a while, which means Alice in Wonderland had to be designed on top of another ride.

This ride was called Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride.

Wonky Exit Sign At Red Rose Taverne

If you go to the Red Rose Taverne, you are going to come across a specific exit sign near the door. This is a unique exit sign because it is misaligned.

This has been the case for a while.

The sign is off-center, which is going to be unique when you start looking for it. This is done because of the building’s layout, which made it difficult to keep it centered.

Old Parking Lot For Indiana Jones Ride

The Indiana Jones Ride was situated over an old parking lot.

It has been covered, but you will notice it when you start looking for it. This is due to positioning the ride in a way where it would fit properly and still be in a viable location.

This led it to be set up in the parking lot.

80+ Year Old Banyan Tree

There is a Banyan tree at the Jungle Cruise that you are going to want to be on the lookout for.

It is going to be near the hippos.

This tree is a special one with ample history. It has been around for 80+ years and is still going strong. It is a beautiful sight.

Final Thoughts

These are the top secrets in Disneyland for those who are aware of this charming attraction’s history.

We took a day trip from Tampa to Disneyland and it was a boatload of fun.

These hidden gems are only going to further add to your experience and make it ten times better!

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