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7+ Things To Do In Murcia (Local Spanish Murcia Guide)

7+ Things To Do In Murcia (Local Spanish Murcia Guide)

The joy of eating Spanish churros in a beautiful region of Spain is hard to beat.

We put on our favorite Spanish shoes and decided it was time to explore Murcia.

Murcia is a hidden gem of a city in southwest Spain and is heralded for its historic elegance. A lot of people don’t realize how charming this region is until they get the time to go on an adventure within its borders.

We were in this boat not too long ago and loved every moment of our time in Spanish Murcia.

Here is what we found were the top things to do in Murcia, Spain.

Best Things To Do In Murcia


When you are in Murcia, it’s essential to visit Lorca.

This is one of the most prominent regions in Spain and it is steeped in history. A lot of people don’t realize this but every inch of the city is dripping with moments from the years past including its architecture, religious buildings, and statues.

Every part of this city is a delight to check out.

When we took the time to be in this part of Spain, we knew Lorca had to be on our itinerary. This is what allowed us to check out the Lorca Castle complex, which is easy on the eyes and has so much to offer in terms of learning about Spanish history.

Museum Salzillo

The Museum Salzillo is a fascinating place to visit depending on the time of year.

Who is Salzillo?

Francisco Salzillo is one of the most important sculptors in Spanish history and is well-regarded among the masses due to his role during the 1700s. He was essential for a large number of the religious creations that were set up in Spain.

You can now see a lot of his works at the museum.

Those who are religious and/or want to learn about Spain’s history with religion need to check out Museum Salzillo. It’s a tranquil museum and it’s rare for there to be a rush here.

We highly recommend looking at these sculptures and understanding the depth of his work.

Las Delicias

If you are going to be going to Murcia in Spain then it’s essential to head to the coast.

Yes, the coastline is integral to the beauty of Murcia and that’s where we went when it was time to relax a bit.

The beaches here are incredible and just as good as any other part of Spain. We not only liked the warm sand and the beautiful views, but also the coves. There were parts of the beach that were exceptional and an experience we are not going to forget soon.

Plus, it was not as busy at the beaches, which is always nice.


Most people are going to check out the architecture in Murcia and perhaps go to the beach, but what about Bolnuevo?

We highly recommend going to Bolnuevo when you are in southwest Spain.

This is an essential part of the region and it is appreciated for its gorgeous architecture. It is a calm town and one that is close to the beach too. You can even do both things on the same day making it a more fulfilling part of your trip.

The Segura Riverbank

Sometimes, you are just going to want to have a picnic, walk a bit, and relax.

If that is what you want to do in Murcia then we would recommend going to the Segura Riverbank. This is a quaint, charming place in Murcia where there are parks. You can find various photo opportunities here and it can be a lot of fun to go with family and/or friends.

We rode a bicycle along one of its paths and also ate our lunch on the grass.

These are beautiful parks and you are also going to get a beautiful view of the water too. It’s a nice place.

Castillo de la Concepción

As we have mentioned above, there is ample history in Murcia and that is going to include the Castillo de la Concepcion.

This is a riveting castle that has been set up in Murcia and is a sight to behold. It is also dripping with religious history, which makes it important for those who want to better recognize the natural charm of the religion and previous civilizations in Spain.

The Regional Park of Las Salinas y Arenales of San Pedro de Pinatar

This is a beautiful park that is noted for its dunes.

You are going to walk and notice the dunes, which add to its uniqueness as you walk from one end to the other. It’s also a beautiful park that offers gorgeous views where wildlife is common.

We took the time to find a bench and just sit for a bit.

It was relaxing, especially if you go on a beautiful day.

Murcia Cathedral

When the Ottomans were here, it was common for Islamic buildings to be set up throughout Spain including in Murcia.

This led to the creation of mosques in Murcia, which have now been changed as time has gone on. This includes the placement of the beautiful Murcia Cathedral.

It’s a fascinating cathedral and one that’s going to capture your eye instantly. We recommend taking a tour of the place and sitting there for a while to understand its ambiance.

Final Thoughts

These are the things to see in Spanish Murcia.

Murcia in Spain is a beautiful place and one that is full of history. Take the time to soak it all in and make sure to visit the places we have mentioned in this guide.

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