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21+ Fun Things To Do In Calgary (Local Approved)

21+ Fun Things To Do In Calgary (Local Approved)

When comparing the top Canadian cities to live in, it’s easy to understand the appeal of Calgary.

This Albertan city is the star of the show in this beautiful province and it continues to be a great option for those who are looking to have a bit of fun.

If you are in Canada during October, we often recommend coming to Calgary. It’s a beautiful place throughout the year, especially for those who love the snow in the winter.

You can enjoy the Canadian national parks here or spend time indoors doing a wide array of activities based on your interests. It’s common for people living in Edmonton to also pop over to Calgary to entertain themselves.

During our time in Calgary, we wanted to explore the gorgeous city and learn more about it.

Here are the best things to do in Calgary and why we loved it there.

Best Things To Do In Calgary

Lake Louise

Lake Louise is a breathtaking place and it’s often ignored because it’s a day trip out of Calgary.

This is a proper tourist destination and you cannot avoid it if you want to appreciate the natural beauty of this province. It will take approximately two hours to get to Lake Louise from Calgary and it’s going to be well worth it.

We adored our time in this beautiful part of the city.

The crystal clear water is breathtaking and if you go in the summer, we would recommend taking the time to settle by the water. It’s a beautiful and refreshing experience.

Calgary Stampede

If there is one thing Calgary is known for it’s the Calgary Stampede.

It’s a part of being from the region and you are going to have a wonderful time depending on what time of the year you visit Calgary.

If you are going to Calgary in July then it’s essential to go to the event. It’s a fascinating experience as you are going to be enjoying the parade and the rodeo that takes place.

It’s a charming experience and one you are not going to forget anytime soon! 

Calgary Tower

The Calgary Tower sits at 191 meters tall and is exceptional when it comes to its height and presence.

We adored how charming this tower was because it offered an aesthetically pleasing view of the surrounding area and it’s easy to see the rest of the city from this far up.

We found the observation deck to be exemplary and it offers the type of view that’s going to take your breath away.

Calaway Park

Amusement parks have been around for a long time but we do recommend checking out this world-class amusement park near Calgary.

It’s a few minutes out from the city and is noted for being a massive amusement park in Canada.

You will want to check this one out and drive to the park to see what it’s all about. We fell in love with the park whether it had to do with the fun rides, great food, or just being around the people. Some so many people went on the weekend and it was fun to be there.

Inglewood Bird Sanctuary

Are you someone who loves birdwatching?

We do know some people who are bird enthusiasts and that’s why you are going to want to check out the beautiful Inglewood Bird Sanctuary.

This is such a fascinating bird sanctuary and one that has been designed with ample care. You are going to fall in love with how beautiful this location is as it is free to check out.

We recommend walking on one of the trails and just exploring the area as much as you can. There are 250+ species of birds here and that is just the start of what you are going to get to see at the sanctuary.

Fort Calgary

Calgary has a robust history as a city.

This region was an integral part of Canadian history in the region and is also home to the robust Fort Calgary. This specific fort was designed during a time when settlements were being set up in the region and a lot of historic work was done.

As a result, you can walk around and explore the fort to see how beautiful it is.

Plus, the walk around the area is charming. It is always a fun thing to do in the summer months.

Heritage Park

Imagine being able to walk into the past.

This is what you are going to be doing as soon as you check out the revered Heritage Park. This is one of the most unique experiences you’re going to get in Canada because the level of detail they’ve gone into at the Heritage Park Historical Village is unparalleled.

We could not believe our eyes!

The horse-drawn carriages were exceptional and just being able to look at old-time architecture in one area as it would have been in the past is remarkable. This is just like time traveling.

Calgary Zoo

Going to a zoo is always going to be one of those experiences that will shed more light on the world of animals and also let you learn more about the region.

We love animals, so it was fun to pop over to the Calgary Zoo.

The zoo was great and it was not too far from where we were staying. We recommend driving out to the zoo, walking around, and eating the quality food that’s available on-site.

There are so many beautiful animals here and it’s appealing to be able to learn about them as you walk around.


Calgary tends to host what is known as the “Artwalk” in the city.

This is a way to let those who are creative show off their work to the rest of the region. This tends to take place during the fall and it is designed to allow artists to set up exhibits and tours of their works for the residents to check out.

We had a lovely time here because it does not cost a penny and you get to have a good time outside. The weather was still good, so it was a pleasant experience.

Yamnuska Wolfdog Sanctuary

Just like going to the Calgary Zoo, it’s always nice to visit the Yamnuska Wolfdog Sanctuary because of how unique the experience is.

A lot of people will have never seen a wolfdog in their lives.

This means it’s great to go to the sanctuary and see them in person. It is a wonderful moment because they are going to be running around and you are also going to get to learn about them at the sanctuary.

Mohkinstis Tour

We have noted the history of Calgary and how it is integrated with the indigenous communities that have been around forever, it’s essential to look at the Mohkinstis walking tour.

This particular tour is wonderful because it takes a look at everything to do with the Blackfoot.

Yes, this was an integral territory for the Blackfoot, this means you are going to want to learn more about their role in the region. The tour tends to be a lot of fun and intriguing for those who are history buffs wanting to learn more about the land.

Elbow River Pathway

Calgary has some of the most scenic trails on the planet.

You are not going to regret trekking along one of these trails and it’s common for people to walk around the area. Some will even take out their bikes and head down the Elbow River Pathway because of how gorgeous it is.

We highly recommend stopping along the way and taking beautiful photos.

Wonderland Structure

Imagine being in a situation where you are going to get to see an intricate sculpture out in the open.

This is what you are going to get to see with the delightful Wonderland Sculpture. It is a delightful design because of how tall it is.

You are going to be in awe of how it was constructed. Every detail is impressive and it is a great place to take a photo or two.

Glenbow Museum

Museums are always nice to check out and there are a few heralded ones in the region.

The one we decided to go to was the Glenbow Museum because it was approved by the locals as being among the best available to us.

It was fascinating to be able to enjoy the various exhibits that were on display. It was free to walk through and it was a lot of fun to experience.


Yes, there is nothing more beautiful than Banff in Alberta.

This is not only a spot for the residents to enjoy but also for worldwide tourists. We often see pictures of Banff on postcards because of how gorgeous the scenery is throughout the year. If you are taking the time to come when it’s not snowing, you are going to get to see the full charm on display here.

Whether you love hiking or just want to be near the water, Banff is the place to be.

This is simply an outstanding place.

We could not get enough of it and this is a day trip you are going to want to take when coming to Calgary. It’s going to blow you away.

Spruce Meadows

Spruce Meadows is a noteworthy place for those who love horses.

Calgary is renowned for its horses and that’s what you are going to get to see at this location. Spruce Meadows is designed in a way to make sure people get to visit the horses, see them jump, and also understand how they are cared for.

We had a lovely time coming here and just seeing the athletes perform.

West Edmonton Mall

Yes, this is not located within Calgary but it is still one of those malls you are going to want to drive out of.

What’s so special about the West Edmonton Mall?

We loved this mall because it’s noted for being one of the biggest malls on the continent. Yes, it is that big!

Why not check it out?

It takes a few hours to get to the West Edmonton Mall but it is simply amazing to visit. There are rides inside the mall and so many stores that you are going to be blown away.

Olympic Plaza

The Olympic Plaza was designed during the 1980s as a part of the Olympics and has been a heralded attraction ever since.

It’s common for people to pop over during the winter months for a quick skate.

We loved doing this and it was simply an experience where you are going to love the view and the ice is going to be cared for. You can easily go for a long skate during the winter months and have a good time while doing so.

Devonian Gardens

We have mentioned some of the natural beauty that’s available throughout Calgary and the surrounding areas, which is why you are going to want to check out the Devonian Gardens.

These gardens are amazing.

You are going to fall in love with this park because it does not cost a penny and you are going to get to see a breathtaking display of trees and plants. Plus, it has koi ponds that are quite underrated and allow you to see fish that you might not have seen in the past.

Troll Falls Hike

Hiking is always a fun thing to do in Calgary.

We wanted to be outdoors for a bit and that is when we heard about the beautiful Troll Falls hike. This hike is around two miles long and it offers access to some of the most beautiful greenery you are ever going to see during the summer.

It was simply amazing to be able to walk around here and the views were exceptional too!

Final Thoughts

These are the top things to do in Calgary.

Calgary has so much to offer and it’s simply going to come down to what you prefer. We believe all of these are fun things to do whether you are a tourist or a local.

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