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22+ Best Things To Do In Guatape (Local Approved)

22+ Best Things To Do In Guatape (Local Approved)

We have mentioned visiting Jardin in Colombia and the beauty of moving to Colombia here.

It’s a fascinating nation that’s popular for its amazing food, gorgeous scenery, and old-school charm. When we came to this beautiful country, we knew it would offer some of the finest sights we have had the pleasure to see over the years and we were right.

One of those places that stood out to us was Guatape in Colombia.

Guatape is a beautiful town in Northwest Colombia and offers a long list of things to do. We took the time to prepare an itinerary for Guatape to showcase what is ideal for those who want to have fun in the town.

Here is a look at the top things to do in Guatape.

Best Things To Do In Guatape

Pablo Escobar Boat Tour

Pablo Escobar is one of the most infamous names associated with the country of Colombia.

You have seen the shows and movies over the years and his influence in the crime world is impossible to ignore. Due to this, you do have people who are curious and want to learn more about the history of the man and where he used to frequent.

This is why coming to Guatape is ideal.

You are going to get to see Pablo Escobar’s mansion as it sits close to the lake in the area. You are going to want to take one of the boat tours that will roam around the lake showcasing where the mansion is and all of the history associated with Escobar.

Plaza del Zocalo

Guatape is known for its Plaza del Zocalo.

You are going to want to come to this magical part of the town because it’s straight out of a picture book. The vibrant, colorful nature of the square is something you are going to appreciate because it resonates with the child in your heart.

We loved being able to explore the area, settle in, and just enjoy what the square had to offer. There were numerous performances taking place at the time and it’s easy to fall in love with the charm of this beautiful square right away.

ATV Tours

Are you an avid ATV lover?

ATVs are a lot of fun and being able to do it in this setting is even better!

We took the time to rent an ATV near the jungle and just ride through this part of Guatape. It’s not just the experience of getting on an ATV that’s enthralling but also the views of Guatape all around you.

It can be a captivating experience to be able to ride around in the area.

La Casuela Waterfall

The natural beauty of Guatape is hard to beat and it’s something you are going to appreciate instantly. We fell in love with the gorgeous La Casuela Waterfall because it was easy on the eyes and the hiking trail was also excellent.

We took the time to hike nearby and just explore the various water features around this part of Guatape.

It’s a compact waterfall, but it’s surrounded by beautiful greenery. You are going to be in awe of its natural beauty and it will appeal to you instantly.


When we were taking the time to appreciate various parts of Guatape, we uncovered the gorgeous Malecon.

This is a boardwalk that’s designed to allow you to get a gorgeous view of the lake. It’s an experience that’s not only enjoyed by tourists but also by the locals. You are going to love the ambiance of the waterfront boardwalk along with the stalls that are set up nearby.

It’s a fascinating experience and we do recommend spending a few hours here.

Lake Cruise

The lake is one of the most majestic parts of Guatape.

It’s a central feature of the town, so you are going to want to be around it. This is more than just enjoying the waterfront boardwalk, but also making sure you get in the water too.

To do this, a cruise tends to run through the lake offering a view of the entire town. We loved this part of the trip and feel it’s great to go on the lake cruise when you have the time to do so.

Guatape Stone

For those who love climbing rocks, it is essential to head straight to the Guatape Stone.

The Guatape Stone is magical because it’s a massive rock and it’s going to allow you to climb in a unique area. A lot of people don’t get the chance to do this, but that’s going to change when you make the most of the Guatape Stone.

Spend time here and have a great physical session out in the open too.

Guatape Town

Guatape Town is the heartbeat of the region.

You are going to have a chance to take a walking tour through this part of the region and it’s going to allow you to also mingle with the locals while you are there.

The guided tours tend to vary when it comes to their routes, but each one is unique. We do recommend signing up for one when you are here.

Parroquia Nuestra Senora Del Carmen

This is known as the Church of Our Lady Carmen and indeed it is one of the most calming parts of the town with a historic presence.

It’s been around for more than a century and continues to be a staple in the old town.

You are going to want to inspect its architecture, soak in its beauty, and just appreciate the religious significance of this building for Guatape.

Penol Rock

A lot of people are not going to realize the magical charm of the Penol Rock and that’s unfortunate because they’re missing out.

We found this to be a fun excursion when we were in the old town.

The Penol Rock lets to get to a higher point where you are going to get a new perspective of the area. This is what makes it a lot of fun.

Boutique Shopping

We always recommend going boutique shopping when you are here.

There are a few shops that are set up around town and each one is going to have local items that you can check out. We are not saying these are going to be large shops, but they are compact businesses that offer a long list of quality items.

You should buy one to take home with you!

Calle del Recuerdo

When it comes to colorful, well-maintained streets in Guatape, you are going to have to start with the Calle del Recuerdo.

This is one of the most beautiful streets in Guatape and a must-see for those who love a more traditional Colombian ambiance. You are going to love the cobblestones along with the finer details of the street that are not seen elsewhere.

San Rafael

If you are going to be taking a short trip out of Guatape then we would recommend driving over to the beautiful San Rafael.

This town is a charming part of the region and offers some of the most beautiful sights you are going to get to see.

We wanted to get closer to the mountain range, so it made sense to head to this town. The views were impressive and it felt like we were closer to nature by doing this.

Jet Skiing

If you are going to be heading to the lake, one activity that a lot of people participate in has to do with jet skiing.

You get a jet ski and you head into the lake. You should be able to rent one nearby and then it’s time to head into the water to get started. It is not going to cost a lot and you can speed around the lake without a care in the world.

Guatape River

Most people are going to think about going to the Guatape Lake, but it’s also essential to consider the gorgeous Guatape River.

This is one of those areas in Guatape where you are going to get to enjoy the rustling water along with the gorgeous views. It’s a power-packed place and you will want to check out if you want to be outdoors.

We also recommend trying some of the activities that take place in this area including ziplining.

Empanada Lady

We know most people are going to want to find high-quality food in this part of Colombia and that’s why you need to head straight to the Empanada Lady.

This is a lady that sells quality tortillas.

We love the quality of the food and it’s one of the best experiences you are going to have. Locals often rave about here and it’s a must-see option if you want good food. You can head to Cuatro Esquinas to find the shop.

La Piedra Hike

The La Piedra hike is a must for those who love hiking.

You are going to get to enjoy the area, climb, and of course, make the most of the area’s tranquility. It’s common for hikers to want to head out to this area because the hiking trails are magical and well worth your time.

We would highly recommend heading out to this area and then walking around.

Guatape Sign

Most people are going to want to find the town sign and that’s always a nice place to take photos.

We felt it was important to do this too and went straight to the Guatape sign. The sign is well-designed, and colorful, and can be found close to the lake. If you are going to be enjoying time near the lake then it makes sense to check out the sign too.

Motorbiking In Town

Most people are going to be walking around in Guatape, but it’s essential to mix things up from time to time, which can include renting a motorbike.

It’s not expensive to get a motorbike and then you can roam around Guatape with it.

You will like the experience and you are going to be able to fit into areas that you might not have been able to otherwise. Take advantage of this and see what Guatape is all about with the help of your rental.

Helicopter Ride

If you are willing to splurge then it’s time to get in the air with the help of a helicopter ride.

Yes, you can take a helicopter ride through Guatape and you are going to have the time of your life while doing this. It’s one of the most entertaining activities a person can enjoy when they are in town because the views are exceptional.

Rio Bizcocho

We would recommend taking the time to wait for good weather, so you can head out to the Rio Bizcocho.

This spot is a unique one because it’s close to Guatape and is one of the heralded swimming areas for those who want to get into the water. It is freshwater and it’s going to be easy on the eyes while you are there.

We found it to be a great place to have fun and it was not as busy too.


A lot of people are thrill-seekers and they like the idea of being able to get into the air when they are hoping to have fun.

If so, why not head out for a paragliding session with one of the local guides?

This is available for those who want to have fun and it can be exciting to do it with the Guatape views around you.

Final Thoughts

These are the best things to do in Guatape for tourists.

You can also go through our guide on traveling in Bogata for those who are going to be visiting this part of Colombia.