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20+ Best Things To Do In Tequila Jalisco (Local Approved)

20+ Best Things To Do In Tequila Jalisco (Local Approved)

Whether you are in Puerto Vallarta or heading to Cancun, you are often going to hear about the drinking culture of Mexico.

As soon as we landed to go to Tulum, we heard about a region called Tequila in the state of Jalisco and wanted to check it out.

Since we love a drink or two, it made sense to give it a shot!

We wanted to know what the hype was all about and that included planning a trip to Tequila Jalisco in Mexico. As soon as we put things together, we had a list of things to do in Tequila Jalisco and that’s what we focused on.

Here is our take on the top things to do in Tequila as a tourist.

Best Things To Do In Tequila Jalisco

Cascada Los Azules Tequila

We will start with one of the most picturesque parts of Tequila.

The Cascada Los Azules Tequila is a delightful waterfall in Tequila that is a sight for sore eyes. It’s going to captivate you and offer beautiful photography opportunities that are going to take your breath away instantly.

We fell in love with this beautiful waterfall and enjoyed the greenery around it. This is one of those waterfalls that stands out and it is going to be well worth the visit when you are here.

Jose Cuervo Distillery

Of course, you are going to be coming to Tequila in Mexico with an eye toward drinking, and rightly so.

If you want to have fun, we are going to want you to first head straight to the Jose Cuervo Distillery because it is a more traditional spot. You are going to get to see this while you are enjoying the region and it is often heralded for its classical setup.

You can taste the drinks and have a great time here with specialists.

Magic Town of Tequila

To absorb the energy and charm of Tequila in Mexico, you are going to have to start with the Magic Town of Tequila.

This is a specific area where you are going to get to experience the general character of the area. Mexico has taken the time to design these magic towns around the nation and Tequila is one of those areas. You are going to want to experience every inch of the town and see what it has to offer.

It is going to be a great way to people-watch and also enjoy your time in the area.

Plaza Principal Tequila

There is a specific square in Tequila that tends to help people get together and it’s common for fun things to happen in this spot.

Plus, you are going to have immediate access to top-tier restaurants and coffee shops while you are here. We recommend you grab a coffee and just sit down to see what’s happening around you. It can be a tranquil experience.

The plaza is beautiful and riveting for tourists. You get to enjoy its ambiance and also observe the architecture.

Campos De Agave Jose Cuervo

Jose Cuervo is a big part of what makes Tequila special and you are going to want to learn more about the brand’s charm while you are in Tequila.

To do this, you are going to want to learn more about the agave plant.

This is going to happen when you head to the Capos De Agave Jose Cuervo. This will let you take a look at a specialized plantation that has been preserved over the years as it is home to the heartbeat of tequila.

Tequila Tours

Most tourists coming to this part of Mexico will be looking to go on a tequila tour and that’s what we did too!

A tequila tour is when you are going to be testing different drinks at different tequila distilleries to learn more about the region’s history while also getting to consume alcohol along the way. It’s a win-win for tourists who are taking the tour and we had a great time too!

Hotel Solar de Las Animas

Let’s assume you are going to want to find a place to stay in Tequila.

We had to do this and it’s common for people to head straight to the charming Hotel Solar de Las Animas. This is a fascinating hotel that is easy on the eyes, welcoming and is going to give you all of the amenities you are on the hunt for in Tequila.

We loved our stay here and the architectural intricacies of the hotel blew us away. It was serene and it had all of the qualities you would want while staying in a place such as this.

Casa Sauza

Agaves are the heartbeat of tequilas and that means you are going to get to notice their presence everywhere in the area. Of course, this also includes learning more about how they are harvested and their value for tequilas.

When we took the time to go to Tequila, we heard about the Casa Sauza.

This is a tequila distillery that is set up to help showcase how agaves are processed. It is this part of the process that’s going to impress you and showcase the level of work that goes into the production phase.

Casa Herradura

As you continue to learn more about agaves and tequila production, you are also going to want to check out the Casa Herradura.

This is a specialized factor that’s designed for tequila production.

It’s a beautiful sight because of how the agave plants are processed and everything that goes into producing top-tier drinks. You are going to also get to experience the result of this hard work as you rink a bit on-site too!

Drink At Batangas

We know you are going to be in the mood for drinking and it’s always essential to try one of the highest-rated spots in town.

This is why we recommend going to Batangas.

Batangas is the real deal for those who want a good drink and want to have a great time. You are going to get to taste some of the best tequila in the area here and it’s going to be in a place that’s welcoming too.

La Capilla del Santo Cristo de la Salud

The religious history of the town should not be overlooked as you are learning more about Tequila in Mexico.

When we were reading about Tequila and its development, we also heard about the La Capilla del Santo Cristo de la Salud.

This was a chapel that was set up centuries ago and continues to be preserved to this day. Just being able to walk around the region is always exceptional and you are going to fall in love with it.

Matices Hotel de Barricas

We have talked about one hotel already, but it’s also recommended to take a look at the Matices Hotel de Barricas. This is a specific hotel where you are going to be close to the mountain range and a tequila distillery in one go.

What more could you ever want?

Great views and quality drinks in one spot. This is the ultimate win for a tourist and you are going to get it here.

Museo Los Abuelos Familia Sauza

Museums are not common in the area, but there is one that is going to be worth checking out as a tourist in Tequila.

We loved being able to go to the Museo Los Abuelos Familia Sauza because it was a specialized museum designed around the Sauza family. This is an important family in the town of Tequila because they used to produce a tremendous amount of tequila.

You can appreciate their growth as a family and what they were able to do for the region at the museum.


While most people associate the town of Tequila with drinking and agaves, it’s also essential to look beyond this and understand the rich history of the region.

This includes one of the most precious archaeological sites the form of the Guachimontones. This specific site is a short drive from the town and is worth seeing for yourself. At this site, you are going to see beautiful structures that were put together hundreds of years ago.

It’s common for tourists to want to see these structures in person and you will want to do this as it is easy to get to and it is rare for there to be a rush of people.

Parish Church

Another important religious site in Tequila would have to be the Parish Church.

This church is an integral part of Tequila’s history as it has been around for 200+ years and remains important for the locals. You will often get to appreciate the architectural elegance of the structure and that olden style that is not easy to spot elsewhere these days.

Just the way everything has been designed including the use of color is going to impress you.

Distillery Tours

Yes, it’s still important to continue looking at the drinking opportunities in Tequila for you.

With that in mind, we would recommend taking one of the many distillery tours in town. These tours are great because it’s not just about the taste tests that take place at the various locations. Instead, you are also going to get to learn more about how the drinks are made.

This is a fascinating experience and it teaches you a lot with the help of a local guide.

Local Eateries

It is not just about drinking in Tequila Jalisco.

Instead, you are going to want to test some of the local eateries in town. These are beautiful restaurants that have extensive menus and are going to allow you to eat high-quality Mexican food in one place.

Pick and choose from the many eateries and also experience the joy of Mexican music as it plays in the background. It can be quite the vibe while you are here.

Tequila Museum

Tequila is an important part of the region’s history as a drink and of course, it is going to have a museum designed after it.

The Tequila Museum is a fun experience for those who want to learn more about the region.

You are going to want to go to this museum to not only learn about the drink but also how it intertwines with the region’s growth. The more you learn, the more you are going to get to experience the joy of what it means to live in Tequila and how it came about.

La Cofradia

La Cofradia is an underrated gem for tourists and we do believe it should be a part of your itinerary when you are in the area.

The reason we love this spot has to do with the view you are going to get. The Sierra Madre mountain range is going to be the backdrop at this location as you drink your favorite beverage. It’s quite the view and an unforgettable memory for most people.

Jose Cuervo Express Train

This is one of the most important things a person can do when they are in Tequila.

The idea is to hop on what is known as the Jose Cuervo Express Train. The train is going to allow you to view the entire valley as you are onboard and it’s going to quietly sift through the various areas allowing you to learn more about the region’s history.

It takes 3-4 hours and you are going to see all of the beautiful attractions in one go.

We had a lovely time on the train and it also took us to some of the most gorgeous attractions in the region.

Tequila Volcano

Yes, the Tequila Volcano is a breathtaking sight even though it is dormant.

You are going to take a short drive over to the volcano and then experience its size and beauty. We loved the idea of hiking around the Tequila Volcano to enjoy the view and also learn more about it.

We do recommend avid hikers to do this if they are in the area.

Local Breakfast

The last thing to do in Tequila Jalisco would be to have a hearty breakfast every day you are here.

The reason we say this is due to the quality of the breakfast joints in town. You are going to be impressed with the quality of their menus and how friendly they are early in the morning.

You will want to grab some coffee, chilaquiles, and more when you are here.

La Antigua Casona Restaurant in Hotel Solar de las Ánimas is the perfect place to enjoy a final delicious meal before heading home. The restaurant offers both indoor and outdoor seating, and the hacienda-style architecture is simply gorgeous. I enjoyed a delicious breakfast of coffee, sweet bread, and chilaquiles. The food was top-notch and one part of why I enjoyed Hotel Solars de las Ánimas.

Final Thoughts

These are the best things to do in Tequila Jalisco.

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